The Crocodile Hunter Diaries

Animal Planet (ended 2004)


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The Crocodile Hunter Diaries

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The Crocodile Hunter Diaries is a one hour show that takes you behind the scenes of the Australia Zoo, where you get a close look at the staff's everyday lives. Follow life at the zoo when crocodiles are moved from one enclosure to another, see the staff struggle to save tasmanian devils, build a Crocoseum, get new animals - like elephants - and play pranks on each other. You also get to see vets operate on endangered animals in addition to seeing wildlife rescues. All this and more in The Crocodile Hunter Diaries.
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  • the best show

    this was the best show ever,i remember watchin it when i was really little and growing up it really made me respect animals which honestly i didn't beofre seeing this and seeing steve i think it's great that it's still shown after his death so other kids can watch it and learn about the worlld and it's animals it was and still is a great great show like i said it was the best and definelty my favorite,now it's still one of my favorites that i like to watch every now and then if i get lucky and it's on.moreless
  • Impotent everyone needs to read asap

    even tho i barley watched this show i was heart brokon when i heard steve irwin died i really think that should fine a new crocodile hunter no one can replace this guy but i think we need to fine a new steave irwin sota speak we all miss steave irwin but quit saying to everyone he is died we know now come on derectors of the show find a new steave irwin and people we know satve irwin is died LETS FIND A NEW ONE come on people if we try i bet we chould make steave irwins show make a nother season quit moping around he is died get over it if we find a new crocodile hunter you can all make him your hero if your with aree to this message thanks for reading

    whitetigerswt (seaver .T.)moreless
  • This show is more of a personal journal of the interworkings of Steve and Terri Irwin's zoo.

    While this show isn't quite as entertaining as Irwin's "The Crocodile Hunter," you can't deny Irwin's charisma and this is a fun program which is appropriate for the entire family. It clearly demonstrates that Irwin and company have a difficult but very rewarding job in promoting conservation. Irwin's sense of humor is what sets his programs apart from other nature shows.
  • It's fun to watch and you learn lots.

    I am working towards becoming a zoologist, and while I will likely never work with crocs it is still fun to watch this show. Steve is very funny, and he is always getting bit by something. He has more guts then must of the people who do animal shows. Much more fun than Jeff corwin for sure.