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Crocodile Hunter marathon on Animal Planet, Sun., Sept. 10 from 12 to 6 pm EDT

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    Be sure to watch some of the most insightful episodes of The Crocodile Hunter, including "Steve's Story," which features interviews with his father Bob, his late mother Lyn, Terri and Steve. We learn about his childhood, his first encounter with a crocodile, his love-at-first-sight meeting with Terri, the birth of their daughter Bindi and footage from early episodes of the series. Steve gives a passionate speech at the end, inviting viewers to come with him as he forges on with his mission to familiarize people with wildlife so that they will love animals the way he does. "Humans want to save things that they love."

    "Confessions of the Crocodile Hunter" shows some of Steve's accomplishments outside of the show, including his vast land purchases, which he set aside for wildlife habitats, and his rescue of an elderly diver who had been feared lost at sea. The episode, which was the last original episode of the series, also took on the controversy over the "Baby Bob incident" head-on. We see that Steve purposely chose a very old crocodile to work with. He ran around with the crocodile by himself early in the day to tire her out. He also fed her plenty of food so that she wouldn't be hungry. Though he probably shouldn't have brought Bob into the pen, the elderly crocodile was too tired and not hungry enough to be much of a threat. There were also several spotters stationed around the pen with food to distract the crocodile if she got too close to Steve. The famous photo of the scene was taken from an angle that made Steve look much closer to the croc than he actually was.

    Another episode is "Steve's Greatest Crocodile Captures".

    For the complete schedule, go to the Animal Planet page HERE.
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    Ya I saw a preview today on Anamial chanal for the marathon.
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