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  • he was great

    steve irwin was the best i still can't believe he's dead,i actually cried,he made me want to be a zoo-ologist he was the greatest,no one can replace he made the world better and now that he's not here anymore it's like people don't care anymore either but their will always be people that will remeber what he did and how well he did it,and notonly was he a g r e a t convesvationist but he also made his shows and what he does fun with normally it would be very boring to watch but with steve it was always fun R.I.P mate.
  • The Crocodile Hunter is a show about who else-The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.In it Steve Irwin travels the globe exploring animals!Unfortunately he is now dead and the show doesn't make any new episodes anymore!!!

    The Crocodile Hunter is a classic. Steve Irwin is a legend making this show a legend as well! It is so original and informative! It is fascinating how Steve deals with dangerous animals easily but also extremely carefully! For example venomous snakes, crocodiles, tazmaniam devils, sharks,big birds, poisonous fish, venomous spides and insects, etc... He is a 'beast' !!! Unfortunateley, Steve Irwin got killed by an animal no one expected would kill him: a stingray!!! Come on now a stingray. What happened to a crocodile, or a cobra, or a shark?A stingray?The most gentle, calm, and unnoticed animal? Steve Irwin will always be remembered as a legend but most of all, as The Crocodile Hunter!!!!
  • Steve Irwin was a great man... His memory will live on forever!

    Stephen Robert Irwin, also known as just Steve Irwin or The Crocodile Hunter, was a pioneer and a incredible man...
    I looked around on youtube and when I searched for "Steve Irwin tribute" I got about 1600 hits... It's incredible that so many people got so sad... It's like Australias Prime Minister John Howard said: "Australia has lost a wonderful and colourful son." It makes u kinda sad actually... That he could move a whole world with his passion for animals and the environment... And all of his appearances on Jay Leno, among other talk shows, is just hilarious, BUT at the same time you learn and remembers almost everything he says...

    Rest In Peace, MATE =)
  • Steve Irwin the great man. GREAT SHOW

    This is a great show, steve irwin was such a great guy with his love of animals of all shapes and sizes anf his love for his family, its such a shame that he died doin what he loved but the memory of steve will live on and least we have his great shows to remember him by. Shocked me he lasted so long though doin the job he was doing.
    The show is great and makes your heart jump from time to time thinking wow how can he do that. watch this space as im sure once his daughter is abit older she will be the next crocodile hunter.
  • Steve is wrestling crocs and exploring other animals through the outback.

    It was sad to hear about the croc hunters untimely death. He really put Animal Planet on the map. When the show first cmae out, I was enthrawled! He was actually like " I'm gonna wrestle this croc, mate! then I'm gonna hug her!" Life was great. Then something happened, the public didn't lose intrest in Steve, they just got tired of seeing his show. His zoo work was very vital and his show was the perfect backdrop for getting animal causes out in the public. This show would have continued being broadcast for years to come, so let's hope theres enough to keep his memory from fading.
  • this show rocks!!

    it is a great show steve Irwin is very very cool. and for mother-sparrow's information he did not try to feed his baby to the crocs. this show is way cooler then family guy waaaaaaaay cooler. this show rocks my socks!! it is awesome really awesome. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • this show rules. (R.I.P. Crocodile Hunter)

    People first watch because they can't believe that this guy is messing with such dangerous animals, but then you start learning stuff about the animals. People who normall wouldn't care about that kind of stuff were suddenly interested in wildlife, and of course he taught conservation of wildlife. He was like a Hippy only he had a job. He taught us alot about reptiles, as well as animals of Australia, such as the Kangaroo & Koala. He taught us about Komodo Dragons, Monitor lizzards, and of course Crocs. He was like a kid in a candy store on those shows, you could tell he was truly excited about interacting and showing people about the anmials. He will me missed by many.
  • I loved this show as a kid, but now, not soo much. Its still worth checking out.

    The Crocodile Hunter is a show that teaches you all about animals in captivity or in the wild. It also shows the Australia zoo team saving the lives of injured animals. This show was good until we all grew up and forgot about it, but its still worth a watch if you haven't seen many episodes.
  • I liked it when I was a little kid, but then he endorsed too many products.

    It got realy bad as soon as he tried to feed his baby to one of his pet crocs.The Crocodile Hunter was realy good when it came out because he would catch snakes and crocs and other assorted critters. Like I said, him trying to feed his baby to the insanly huge crocodile that he has was simply career suicide.