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Channel 4 (ended 1995)

Favourite Zone

Favourite Zone?

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    [1]Sep 23, 2008
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    Mine is Futuristic because you don't have to play any wet games there and I liked the computer. In order from my favourite to least favourite, it is:

    1 Futuristic

    2 Industrial

    3 Ocean

    4 Aztec

    5 Medieval

    I'm sorry Medieval is my least favourite zone, but I just hate Mumsey

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    [2]Sep 21, 2010
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    1. Aztec - rooms are usually located in strange places, and rooms decoration is outstanding.

    2. Futuristic - this zone is for most complicated (usually interesting) things. A lot of hi-tech decoration.

    3. Industrial.

    4. Ocean - I like the door design. The downside is shortage of surprise in decoration and some unremarkable games (sharks etc.)

    5. Medieval - loses points because of the other medieval quest shows, and the design ideas there are less matching than in other zones.

    Though they all were not bad.

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