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  • An A-maze-ing show!

    Excuse the pun but it's true. This show is indeed an amazing show and probably one of the only decent shows Channel 4 have ever made besides Big Brother, yes Big Brother, call me mad but it's actually not that bad.

    The Crystal Maze focuses on a series of five contestants getting accompied by either Richard O Brien or Edward Tudor Pole (Richard hosted for 4 seasons while Edward hosted for the final two) around four zones - Medieval, Aztec, Futuristic, Ocean and Industrial. (Ocean replaced Industrial in series 4 onwards) Their objective is to collect as many crystals as possible while overcoming the perillous and genious tasks that await them inside the crystal maze. Eventually when they've accumulated 60 minuites of time they will be forced to continue onwards to the crystal dome where they will hopefully have enough time to collect even gold and silver tokens in order to win the "fabaroonie" prize. (Otherwise they go home with nothing but a lump of glass that says "I cracked the crystal maze" which generally was false as most were failiures)

    This show is no longer showing on Challenge but may return some time soon.

    Thanks for reading.
  • A team must collect crystals by solving various puzzles in a strict set of circumstances. The more crystals collected, the more time a team is given to win the final game.

    I saw this while overseas in Japan on the Star network (Star Plus/Star World). I was hooked immediately. Even back then, when gameshows were more intelligent and challenging, this show stood out. Teams had to traverse different puzzles in order to win crystals which were worth 5 seconds of time in the Crystal Dome. But if a team member failed (time limit or breaking a rule of the specific room) they were locked in the room. The team could choose to use a crystal to free them or choose to keep the 5 seconds in the dome. The Crystal Dome consisted of silver and gold tickets that were blown into the air and the team must collect 100 more gold than silver in order to win. The prizes varied, some were "vacations" and some were individual prizes. Few teams succeeded in the dome if only because of the difficulty of solving the puzzles and thereby getting time in the dome. The Crystal Maze is unforgettable because its style is very much like the old Nickelodeon game shows such as GAS, DARE, Double DARE, The Hidden Temple, Finders Keepers, etc. Very few adult gameshows showcases not only mental acuity, but physical prowess and sheer fun as well. Also, O'Brein was such an enigmatic, chaotic host (for the first four seasons) that it was impossible not to watch the show. His antics while puzzles are in progress, successes, and the failures were amazing. This show needs to be aired in the US, put onto DVD, and hell, why not just raise it from the dead and produce new seasons. In this age of scripted reality TV, this show would explode.
  • Full of smugness, madness and charm. Excellent gameshow!

    This was such a terrific show. All about enjoyment. The two presenters, Richard O'Brien first and then Ed Tudor-Pole were both terrific in my opinion. Yes, I know there are people out there who don't like Ed very much. But having seen his episodes for the first time (on Challenge) recently, I actually kind of liked Ed.

    The format for the show was simple - win crystal to gain time in the dome. Even the contestants could be a bit insane at times. I adored Mumsey and her banter with Richard. Great programme!

    Rating: 9/10
  • A good all round show, if you love solving puzzles with your mind watching those fortunate people win stuff, or even shout at the tv because they dont something wrong then SEE THIS!!! READ ME!!!

    One of my favorite shows, though I did not actually see it on channel 4. I saw it on challenge tv. It was exciting to watch because I was a 5 year old boy, and I loved shows like this. It is still on challenge tv now, infact it is broadcasted pretty commonly, even though it is around 11 years old now.

    They should of taken some sort of idea from each zone, and make it look more better, thinkk of new games for our contestants to add the extra hardness in solvong to crystal maze! Well... Even thought that new eps of this may never come, it was always a pleasure to watch and I feel that i should of said that a long time ago...
  • Channel four game show that was ahead of its time

    A fantastic example of great ideas being transfered into an excellent television show. The show was high budget, well made, and sorely missed. An hour flew by watching this show which is more than can be said for virtually any other hour long game shows in the world. It was piched perfectly for a family audience and will go down in history as a cutting edge - face paced - innovative game show
  • A quiz show that even channel 4 could be proud of.

    The Crystal maze was an incredible game show, and went even further than a game show. It was one of the best programmes on televsion in its time.

    The very recongizable themetune would attract and excite you, the way the contestants had to run through all the strange allyways, through the maze of the game. The strange, but not vulgar reality style games they had to play to get to the money.

    The show must have cosdt a fortune to film and run, the set was huge, the money given away was huge,but why was the show axed/ended.

    I'm not sure why, maybe ratings fell, maybe Channel 4 could no longer afford to purchase the programme, or maybe the channel 4 executives thought they were dumming down on 'good' television, oh, like Wife Swap, Big Brother and extreme makeover.

    I know the show is still aired on sattelite channel Challenge! (TV), but we want it back where we can all watch it, free of the illegal monopoly that is Sky.

    Bring it back!!
  • Richard O'brien's presented channel 4's quirky puzzle show, which became to students and the unemployed a cult show.

    The Crystal Maze has always been a puzzle to myself as well as others.
    A team of simpletons would be led around a enormous, cold, warehouse, type of studio. This was divided into 4 different zones, Aztec, Industrial (which was later changed into the Underwater zone), Future (also called Computer zone) and the Medieval zone. The team would then spend quarter of an hour per zone, accomplishing 3 or 4 tasks to win crystals from each zone. Some of the tasks where challeging, some were blatantly unfair and quite a few were exceedingly easy, but for some of the contestants, they may of been asked to make a Nuclear Reactor than open a can of coke !!
    Most missions were timed and failure to get out of the task area in time resulted in a lock in !
    Richard O'Brien's job descripton was to be jailer, master of the maze and mainly mocker to dimwits.
    Each crystal would be worth 5 seconds in the Crystal Dome, which was at the very centre of the Crystal Maze and was the last challenge.
    The remaining team mates would have those few collected seconds to pick up as many gold tickets inside the Dome, which where wirlwinded around by a outsized fan.
    Many A' episode have I seen, where they get to the Crystal Dome With only 2 Crystals !
    Most teams fell short of winning & left with nothing but a paper weight
    The Winners ? ? Well they pretty much got the same anyway !
    O'Brien's dry wit was the savior of the show. As it formulated some compeling viewing... but as O'Brien was replaced by Edward Tutor Pole, the show, died shortly later.
    Never the less the show still remained fun, quirky and always little kitsch !!
  • A game show in a maze to win MONEY!

    I use to like this program and i still do. Its fun! it was so great i use to do impressions being in the maze. They still show it on Challenge which is good but it is not enought. The presenters are okay but they could find better i think.
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