The Cut

CBS (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • The Newest Designer for Tommy Hilfiger Is ...
      Each of the final three have to design a display window for Macy's department store. Then Tommy Hilfiger makes the winner his new employee.
    • The Final Four on a Trash Barge
      It's getting down to the wire. There are only four designers left.
    • I'm About to Get Killed in the Middle of the Hood With Some Whack Mannequins
      It's three teams of two in a competition that involves bartering for clothes. Two of the designers wind up in the wrong place and fear for their lives. One of the teams gets eliminated.
    • Nothing Says New York Like Baseball and Weenies
      Teams are a thing of the past. Everyone is on their own. No finger pointing and blaming team members. Each designer gets to pick a photographer and model to make an “iconic image” that can be used in advertising. The ideas are diverse and unique. At the style council, everyone is shocked when Tommy brings designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld out to help judge the images.moreless
    • I'm A Grown-Ass Man And I Quit
      Two teams are given 500 pieces of Hilfiger merchandise to sell out of the back of a truck, but first they have to customize each garment in some way. One team repeats a mistake from earlier in the season, and both teams pricing policies are questioned. Russell Simmons helps Tommy judge.moreless
    • This Plane Should Make You Want to Have Sex
      The remaining design divas are split into two teams and assigned the task of customizing two private planes for Tommy Hilfiger. A winner gets to jet off to Miami with Tommy.
    • I Just Stabbed Myself
      How will the ten remaining contestants style two New York punk rock bands after they're divided into teams? And will one of the teams be disqualified when one member of their band disappears close to the deadline?
    • Grab People and Tell Them to Take Off All Their Clothes!
      With only 11 contestants remaining, the competition is getting tough. The group is split in to two teams to take on the challenge of not only stocking and operating a clothing store, but designing the merchandise as well. Judging the two teams are actress Jamie-Lynn DiScala and New York designer Simon Doonan. Two lucky design divas will get to attend the Sundance Film Festival with Tommy Hilfiger.moreless
    • They're Looking At Me Like I Killed Somebody
      The 12 remaining contestants are split up into two teams as they head out West to research designs for Western wear.
    • "It's Like a Flamenco Dancer Gone Wrong...
      The contestants are given 30 hours to come up with three original dress designs to be modeled at the Style Forum. Four lucky contestants are invited to a New York store’s private party.
    • You’re Gonna Set Me on Fire, but You’re the One Who’s Going to Get Burned
      The daunting task the contestants face tonight is to restore two legendary nightclubs, Studio 54 and the Cotton Club.
    • If I Don’t Win, The World Will Suffer for It
      The remaining 15 contestants are spit into two teams with the challenge of customizing two SUVs for rap star Fabolous.
    • Circus Seximus
      Circus Seximus
      Episode 1
      Meet the 16 style-savvy contestants as they compete for the ultimate prize - to design their own clothing collection under the Tommy Hilfiger label.