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CBS (ended 2005)

What inspired you to watch The Cut when it first aired?

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    How did anyone find out about The Cut when you first heard about it? My story begins when I was watching a comedy show on CBS when I happened to see a preview for The Cut shown and I thought it would be cool and when I found out that Tommy Hilfiger was gonna star in it I turned into the biggest Tommy Hilfiger fan and started having an entire Tommy Hilfiger wardrobe in my closet and I even carried a Tommy Hilfiger purse that my mother bought for me at Ross Dress For Less which I still carry sometimes and when each episode of The Cut would air I would carry my purse and I would fall in love with Tommy Hilfiger and anytime he would appear on screen my heart would beat and I thought he was really cute and when the designers would be voted off I would say the catchphrases "You Are Out Of Style" and "Step Into The Pit along with Tommy and it was so fun to watch. What a shame CBS cancelled The Cut because it was a cool show,

    How did you start liking The Cut,


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