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  • Tommy Hilfiger's first TV show was superb but needed more promotion

    In a attempt to break into the reality show world Tommy Hilfiger tried to press his luck with his first reality show in 2005 named The Cut. At first glance The Cut may seem like a 60 minute advertisement for Tommy Hilfiger clothing and home furnishings but is actually a fun show that will make you wear Tommy Hilfiger clothing when you see it. Much like Bravo's Project Runway The Cut is a excellent and superb show but in my eyes CBS should have promoted it more and it should've had a second successful season but due to it's low promotion CBS cancelled it with no warning but I do wish CBS would put The Cut on DVD because it truly was a great summer hit for 2005
  • Tommy Hilfiger is nothing more than a g******n cliche!!!

    First off, I never liked his friggin' label. Forgive me if I get harsh in this review, but the guy literally stinks. In my opinion, I'm surprised he didn't sink two careers at once: as a designer and as a reality TV star. This so-called trendsetter is crying and begging for attention by starting a reality TV show and having to use that media to hire new designers. That would be okay if he wasn't trying to be Donald or Martha. He needs to drop the friggin' "You're out of style! Hit the runway!" catch phrase. In short, the guy sucks.
  • I was hooked from the first show!

    The show was entertaining to watch. The contestants were great competitors, and knowledgeable. They all brought a different style. However, I was rooting for Chris the whole time with his poetic vision and passion. He has a special knowing that no one else had - and something that the Hilfiger brand needs.
  • Being truly interested in designing, I found The Cut to be refreshing and also I learned much from viewing the shows. I now realize that the show displays many human ranges of emotions. The Cut was named correctly for the way each designer CUT the other

    Each designer on the show displayed great talent. I do not think they will have any difficulty finding a nitch in the fashion world.
    I truly enjoyed viewing Elizabeth's creations, but hated her indeciveness. Princess was too busy being self centered that she missed the boat regarding the majority of society and their wallet. Chris shows great potential, his style mimics T.Hilfiger, perhaps too much! Deanna is great for the valley girls but not for the East Coastal fashion. I liked Wes and Felix and wish them the best in their design career.

    Would I watch the program again...Maybe...if it has some different twists.
  • I enjoy the show.

    I enjoy the show very much and believe that it was wonderful of Mr. Hilfinger to put his reputation on the line in order to help other to expand their visions. He is trying to help them grow both the world of society and business.

    I agree with him in many of his decision. The do not show a lot of creativity in many of their designs.
  • Tommy Hilfiger takes on some crazy "interns", so to speak, and finds one, through it all, who can come out on top, with , or without bleeding fingers from poking themselves with needles.haha!

    The Cut could be better, but that is probbaly b/c of the outspoken contestants. My personal fave is Wes, he's sooooo funny,yay, and i think that he's strait, bigger yay!But, elizabeth is o-kay too, the dress that she designed a lil while back needed to be thrown into the sredder, though. haha. sorry if you liked it. princess is awesome too! she just needs to work on her ppl skills.
  • I admit, when i first saw this show I was hardly impressed, but now I am becoming more interested by the episode. Once you sit down and watch it is is quite interesting.

    The thing that makes this show interesting is that it not only deals with the designer part of the clothing world. It also deals with the social, marketing, and other parts of it as well. Some may think that it is a copycat of the Apprentice but I believe that that is wrong. The character and aura (if that makes sense) is different making The Cut a pretty good show.
  • “The Cut” is an Apprentice rip-off show that actually works.

    “The Cut” is an Apprentice rip-off show that actually works. The group of “designers” are such a crazy assortment of misfits that they make the show fun to watch.

    Some of these shows try to steal too much from “Big Brother”. Like them, “The Cut” is at its weakest when the contestants are shown sitting around whining and sniping at one another. Once the challenges start and Mr. Hilfiger sets them to work, the show is at its best.

    Judging the competitions, Tommy Hilfiger seems interested in the individuals, but does not give anything away. Unfortunately some of his choices for who gets tossed out onto the street are shrouded in mystery.

    I can’t imagine many of the contestants lasting more than a day on other shows, but this is fashion – at least until they are told to hit the runway.
  • A cheap knock-off of the designer label “The Apprentice”

    Mark Burnett is the reality show designer with the most respected brand name. After participating in this knock-off show, Tommy Hilfiger has no right to ever complain about anyone ripping off his designs and ideas ever again.

    The eccentric group of contestants is what makes this show watchable. Hilfiger appears to be really interested in which one of these characters wins (whom he’s then obligated to hire). Unfortunately his choices are not explained and episodes often end with the most incompetent person sticking around and little reason given for why the person rejected is leaving.

    Many of the brilliant ideas that the contestants come up with are laughable and watching selected cast members make boobs of themselves at high brow events is always enjoyable and keeps me coming back every week.

    While this show may not be a keeper, it’s worth watching.
  • The show that never goes out of style.

    Why is Tommy Hilfiger dreaming of this show? Is it because of the tagline to inspire Donald Trump's firing line? It's because of the fashion and the industry that made Tommy Hilfiger a legend and this show proved that "The Cut" can never go out of style. Even Faye Dunaway wants to inspire that, too.
  • The true reality show for the fashion conscience.

    Not being into fashion design myself, I thought this show would be a big "ho hum". But I've been mildly interested each week and find myself tuning in to see what the cast is up to. It's not as good as most of the reality "game" shows, but it's decent enough to keep you interested.
  • I am watching this series simply to fill time in the very lacking summer schedule. However I am starting to feel like this show is not even worth that.

    I am watching this series simply to fill time in the very lacking summer schedule. However I am starting to feel like this show is not even worth that.

    I thought the show was awful the first episode but thought I would give it a chance, maybe they were just trying to find thier footing. They should have thier footing by now and it is still awful. The challenges have not been interesting. And the uninspired tasks the teams are asked to do are done with such lack of talent and originality. This specific task was to make a dress. A dress how exciting can that be for a show all about design, how original and inspiring! Brother... Project runway did a whole seasons of only clothing and the whole season with the same project every week was less dull then this one show.

    And these social challenges are a joke. This week the Tommy Hilfiger had a party and asked 4 of the members to come. Well I can tell you if I was hiring people to help with my life long career, it would be much more important for me to know if people could work in a work atmosphere. I don't think I would test their social skills, unless I was hiring a friend to hang out with on the weekends. But with as still and dramatic as Mr. Hilfiger has come off on this show, he may very well have to do that now and then.
  • I have found myself becoming quite hooked on this show. Dont want to miss and episode.

    Every review that i have read so far about this show has mentioned that this is in some way a cheap rip off of The Apprentice. Although it is quite a coincidence that this show is themed quite the same as The Apprentice and was probably inspired by The Apprentice, The Cut is a great show and if you gave it a chance you would probably become midly as hooked as i have become to this show.

    I think that the way Tommy Hilfiger has produced this show is much healthier than that of Donald Trump in The Apprentice. Seeing Tommy in the cut usually makes you smile, and makes me anxious because i usually know that when he enters, i am going to learn something new or he is going to add a twist to the game that makes the show all that bit more interesting.

    The concepts may be similar but The Cut is quite abit different than The Apprentice due to the fact that its basis is Fashion Design. There are 16 individuals -and i mean individuals-, they are all quite different and are all very interesting people. The selection of these people is very interesting, and watching them bond together and work together is quite intriguing. I must admit that i have found myself waiting for the next episode, and not many shows can do this to me.

    If you have an interest in fashion than i reconmed this show for you, and if you dont have an interest in fashion, i recomend you give this show a try anyway. Donald Trump, your out of style.
  • BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    BOO!!! If the end result of this show is a chance to design a full line, why the hell are the contestants creating billboards and reconstructing clubs of old?!?

    This show is just a cheap knock off of Project Runway w/ a touch of Apprentice and in 2 words: IT SUCKS!
  • I don't see what it is that some people have against the show personally. I think it's original...well for those who love fashion and are aspiring to become designers. CBS, if you're smart, then DON'T cancel it. There are SOME people who like it.

    I've seen this show twice already and I still don't understand what everybody's complaining about. I admit that this show isn't everybody's forte, but if you do like fashion or Tommy Hilfiger, then this show's interesting. This show is a cross between The Apprentice and Project Runway. I can understand where some wouldn't see what creating a billboard has to do with fashion, but that's what makes it original. Well, it does to me anyway. I guess it boils down to different strokes for different folks when it comes to this show.

    However, I think this show's interesting.
  • Stop IT! let it DIE!!!

    Why oh WHy must they keep putting these shows on air. For the love of God let them die. Every reality show starting from survivor to this have been crap. This Shadows The Apprentice soo much its like a mini me. Please do it a favor and kill it. Its begging you! Every moment it lives it's in pain.

  • Yet another cheap "The Apprentice" knockoff, and by far the worst and most shameless of them all.

    Face it, ripping off NBC's hit reality show "The Apprentice" starring the face of big business and bucks himself, Donald Trump, is in vogue these days. So far, very few have been of any quality, and some (like CBS's previous failure, Wickedly Perfect) have been downright atrocious. However, CBS seeks to stoop to lows never before seen with "The Cut" in which fashion mogul Tommy Hillfiger steps in the Donald's place. And, no matter how much he may try, Donald Trump he is not.

    The premise seems innocent enough; take 16 contestants, some who have a design background while others are simply fashionable shoppers. Split 'em up into two teams and have them complete design-related tasks to please Mr. Hillfiger, who will choose the best and "fire" one member of the losing team.

    That's right. Not one idea listed in the above paragraph hasn't been done on "The Apprentice" before. But, my friends, it gets far, far worse. Though it is hard to find any truth in reality TV these days, the most sophisticated of them, like "America's Next Top Model", "The Runway", and even "The Apprentice" have some basic premise that's apparent from the start. "The Cut" can't even fulfill this simple task. Like most of CBS's reality shows, its contestants consist mainly of power-hungry limelight divas who have taken more than their fair share of acting classes prior to appearing on the show. Like Tommy says, "The fashion industry stretches far beyond just clothes", but when you take that away, all you're left with is sixteen numbskulls bickering with each other.

    Fight the urge to say "You're Fired", Tommy. Stick with your God-awful "You're Out of Style" catch-phrase. 'Cause when this giant, stretched-out billboard of a show winds up in the same trash heap as "Wickedly Perfect" and "The Will", I bet you'll realize how much of a waste of time this all really was.

    I, on the other hand, shall be watching something else, thank you very much.
  • The famous Tommy Hilfiger( I think i spelt it right) picks one of the 16 contestents to design a collection under his name. And the 16 people spilt into to two teams and design things together and whatever team loses the challenge has to go to the elmina

    Personally I like the show! But there are many shows like this BUT this is one of the best kind of these shows. I think it will get better and better as it proceeds but right now it is a 6.5 but i gave it a 8 cause i now it will get better futher in the competetion.
  • A mix between Project Runway and the Apprentice, but not a good premiere.

    The Cut premiere last night was underwhelming. The idea is so unoriginal. Why put these people into teams? If they were going to copy a show, they should've copied Project: Runway. Individual competitions work best with these type of reality-TV shows. There are some dull people on this show. If you're planning to do another season, fire the people that hired some of these idiots.

    Do some more original challenges, too.

    This show has some potential, though.
  • Possibly the most annoying cast of characters for a reality show.

    I caught about 30 minutes of this last night, it was a train wreck ( I couldn't look away ).

    I actually thought that for the few minutes of air time Tommy Hilfinger got he wasn't bad, he's actually likeable, if not odd looking.

    The problem with the show is the incredibly annoying vapid contestants who make the cast of The Apprentice look like braniacs. What was with all the crying (literally)?

    We've seen this show already anyway -- The Apprentice OR Rebel Billionaire -- couldn't they come up with something original? I mean at least Branson took his cast across the world and made them compete in dangerous stunts.

    Couldn't they get any mature and stable contestants to become the next Hilfinger designer (someone we could actually look up to)?

  • There are planty of shows like this one. Maybe you should watch them instead.

    I going to be brutally honest, this show did not appeal to me at all. It seems to me this is another mogul in his field who happened to see the Apprentice and decided he should do a show. Richard Branson did it, Paris Hilton's mother is doing it, and Tommy Hillfiger tried as well. To me, the idea behind the show is shaky at best. If you win, we give you a job. Heard it all before. This is all about the fashion world, which dangerously limits your audience from the get go. Then you throw in the contestants, most of which are sniveling little jerks who you'd love to throttle, which further diminishes the show. Add in the all the tasks they must perform to win, which just weren't interesting, and it all adds up to a seriously lacking show. I don't forsee this one returning, which would suit me to a tee.