The Cut

CBS (ended 2005)


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  • Being truly interested in designing, I found The Cut to be refreshing and also I learned much from viewing the shows. I now realize that the show displays many human ranges of emotions. The Cut was named correctly for the way each designer CUT the other

    Each designer on the show displayed great talent. I do not think they will have any difficulty finding a nitch in the fashion world.
    I truly enjoyed viewing Elizabeth's creations, but hated her indeciveness. Princess was too busy being self centered that she missed the boat regarding the majority of society and their wallet. Chris shows great potential, his style mimics T.Hilfiger, perhaps too much! Deanna is great for the valley girls but not for the East Coastal fashion. I liked Wes and Felix and wish them the best in their design career.

    Would I watch the program again...Maybe...if it has some different twists.