The Daffy Duck Show (1978)

Season 1 Episode 12

Show #12

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jan 24, 1979 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • What's Opera, Doc? is widely regarded not only as Chuck Jones' greatest masterpiece, but many film critics, animation fans, and filmmakers consider this to be the greatest animation achievement of all the cartoons Warner Bros. released since this medium arose in 1930. It has topped many Top Ten lists of the greatest animated cartoons of all time. It was inducted by the Library of Congress in 1992 for the National Film Registry, presently preserving the 500 most important films of all time, and is the only short cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny on the list.

    • In 1994, What's Opera, Doc? was voted #1 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by 1000 members of the animation field.

    • In Conrad the Sailor, Conrad is voiced by Pinto Colvig, who uses his characterization of the Walt Disney character Goofy.

  • Quotes

    • Tweety: This is da city. Twee miwwion people. Twee hundwed thousand puddy tats. Dat's where I come in. I'm a wittle bird. I live in a cage. My name... Tweety.

  • Notes

    • On ABC, the entire minefield sequence from Tree Cornered Tweety was cut, leaving an abrupt jump from the skiing sequence, which was also edited on ABC to remove the shot of Sylvester crashing into a tree, though the sound was left intact and superimposed over a shot of Tweety running as Sylvester's snowshoes pass him, to the bridge sequence.

    • Tree Cornered Tweety is 7 minutes long.

    • Tree Cornered Tweety was released on May 19, 1956.

    • In addition to its appearance in The Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Movie, What's Opera, Doc? is also included on disc four of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2 DVD box-set, supplemented with two audio commentaries, optional music-only and voice-only audio tracks, and accompanied by a making-of documentary entitled Wagnerian Wabbit.

    • What's Opera, Doc? required about six times as much work and expense as any of the other 6-minute cartoons the Warner Bros. production unit was turning out at the time.

    • What's Opera, Doc? is 6 minutes 49 seconds long.

    • What's Opera, Doc? was released on July 6, 1957.

    • Conrad The Sailor is 7 minutes 8 seconds long.

    • Conrad The Sailor was released on February 28, 1942.

  • Allusions

    • What's Opera, Doc? - Plot

      What's Opera, Doc? is a parody of 19th century classical composer Richard Wagner's operas, particularly "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (The Ring of the Nibelung).

    • Tree Cornered Tweety - Plot

      Tree Cornered Tweety is a parody of Dragnet (1951-2004), with Tweety narrating the short in the style of Joe Friday.