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The The Daily Buzz is a live, energized, and funny syndicated news show that has over 136 US Markets. The up-beat Anchors include Andrea Jackson and John Brown with Mitch English as the weatherman. They're motto is " The Daily Buzz, News & Weather Delivered with Personality". They live up to their saying with their many funny and informative segments including: Viewer's Calls, Movie Reviews, Water Cooler, Trash or Worth the Cash!, Shannon Burke Goes Off, House Call w/ Dr. Jimmy, Dish with Regina Lewis, Mr. Moviefone, The Fashion Guy, Mitch's World, Clayton's Reality and many more! This three hour news show with personality is worth watching!

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AIRED ON 10/27/2005

Season 1 : Episode 52

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  • hosts

    Well being a viewer everyday i can't believe whats happening! First lance then lisa now ARE YOU THINKING with this new host??? Not a

    I have been trying to watch this show on and off for the past 10 years, and was starting to warm up to it,

    when they suddenly fired all the Anchors and hired a bunch of 20 somethings to read the Hip Hop news

    that is great for the Wal-Mart crowd. The two female anchors are "air heads" and have no idea what they

    are talking about, and the two guys are male models turned news guys. Watching this "news show" makes me understand why Americans cannot even get their GED.moreless
  • WTF??????

    Listening to Lisa Spooner! What the hell is this woman on?? How freaking many times can she say "7 times??" He's a terrorist!! you Twit!!! He should have been shot 70 times!! And you say that you can't blame the Afghans for saying they will kill 100 Americans as retributation for his death?????You lady, are an Idiot! and should NOT be on any television show! Shaking my head at your Stupidity!!!!!!!!!! Wonder who you're blowing in the workplace to keep your job!!!!moreless
  • recognize bulling in all forms

    there was a segment on bulling,next you go to girl talking trash on Justin Bieber if those things were said at school or on the computer it's bulling, saying mean things about others making people laugh at someone elses expense IS BULLING yes even if they are celebs. You hear don't bully well Adults lets stop it first so the kids will too, remember they are watching YOU
  • dont agree with coanchor statement

    There was a article about a company that was serving organic chicken with president obama's face on it. We can all agree that racial sterotypes are wrong! However, one of the coanchor said thank goodness the neighborhood had some black people to point out wrong it was to remove it. He said that a all white neighborhood would be less to change it, that they would think it would be ok? That guy needs to be talked to by his supervisors! All types of people understand that racial sterotypes are wrong and try to address them, not just the people that are directly connected to the sterotype. This show used to have a more balanced crew with their outlooks!moreless