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  • WTF why cancel The Daily Buzz

    The Daily Buzz. Bring it back asap. I'm missing it already.
  • Daily Buzz CANCELLED!

    I seriously cannot believe the news I heard this morning, the Daily Buzz is cancelled! No more, I heard their last show is today in
  • hosts

    Well being a viewer everyday i can't believe whats happening! First lance then lisa now ARE YOU THINKING with this new host??? Not a

    I have been trying to watch this show on and off for the past 10 years, and was starting to warm up to it,

    when they suddenly fired all the Anchors and hired a bunch of 20 somethings to read the Hip Hop news

    that is great for the Wal-Mart crowd. The two female anchors are "air heads" and have no idea what they

    are talking about, and the two guys are male models turned news guys. Watching this "news show" makes me understand why Americans cannot even get their GED.
  • WTF??????

    Listening to Lisa Spooner! What the hell is this woman on?? How freaking many times can she say "7 times??" He's a terrorist!! you Twit!!! He should have been shot 70 times!! And you say that you can't blame the Afghans for saying they will kill 100 Americans as retributation for his death?????You lady, are an Idiot! and should NOT be on any television show! Shaking my head at your Stupidity!!!!!!!!!! Wonder who you're blowing in the workplace to keep your job!!!!
  • recognize bulling in all forms

    there was a segment on bulling,next you go to girl talking trash on Justin Bieber if those things were said at school or on the computer it's bulling, saying mean things about others making people laugh at someone elses expense IS BULLING yes even if they are celebs. You hear don't bully well Adults lets stop it first so the kids will too, remember they are watching YOU
  • dont agree with coanchor statement

    There was a article about a company that was serving organic chicken with president obama's face on it. We can all agree that racial sterotypes are wrong! However, one of the coanchor said thank goodness the neighborhood had some black people to point out wrong it was to remove it. He said that a all white neighborhood would be less to change it, that they would think it would be ok? That guy needs to be talked to by his supervisors! All types of people understand that racial sterotypes are wrong and try to address them, not just the people that are directly connected to the sterotype. This show used to have a more balanced crew with their outlooks!
  • Eeeew . . .just Awful!

    Yuck! This show is--and always has been---absolute garbage. What's with the thumping R&B music playing in the background while the newscaster reads stories of death & human suffering? Really? The whole show is unprofessional & cheesy. The hosts try to be witty & funny, and aren't. The lame attempts to be hip & trendy remind me of a middle-age woman dressing in spiked heels & and a mini. The whole thing falls flat. The "news" is covered superficially and all the viewing public needs is another fluff program featuring more cooking & sex/relationship tips. Only improvement over the former cast of dim losers is at least there is a bit of eye candy in Lance Smith. Theme song is cloying & awful, too!
  • OMG i cant believe that idiot

    He compared a waitress to what god has done for you. fire him. Im not saint but to say on TV god has done less than for you than the waitress is stupid. Even the other cast were looking at him like you ffing idot shutup. And he would not.
  • Who made this decision

    The old crew got me through the end of my career and at least I left home laughing until I got to work. Thank God it wasn't the new crew sending me off, watched today to try and be fair, they just don't have it and the girl is either a speed reader or on something. Where did all the old crew go?
  • Horrible Show!

    This show has really sucked since Mitch English and the gang have gone (not so much Andy Campbell...he REALLY sucked!).

    The new group of folks are uninteresting, unfunny, and woefully untalented. Itis a thoroughly horrible show!
  • Bring my people back

    So disappointed . Sorry for the new crew but they just don't flow . Too big of shoes to fill. This isn't working
  • Where are the original crew?

    Old crew's gone! Fair enough! So am I. Feel free to log me out for now on.
  • Where is the old crew??????????

    I loved watching the old crew of daily buzz. They could be themselves and that made the show. Now you have the typical people that everyone wants to be/look like nothing sets them apart. Come back andrea, kia, mitch, and andy. you guys made the show and made america laugh :)
  • What the F#ck!!!!

    Damn. I went from great coffee n favorite news channel to great coffee and pbs! I dont think the new crew is going to,make the old crew woke me up n had me in a great mood n full of laughes! I dont watch new daily buzz its not as fun or entertaining anymore! Bring the old crew back!
  • Old Crew

    I really do miss the old crew, and the brother Charles Divins used to go by the name Marcus Patrick. He stripped for gay and straight crowds and was in playgirl. He's all over youtube and google.

    Bring back the cast that were on there before ! Why did you make this change? I dont watch the show anymore! Just not as good!
  • Admit it!!!

    You made a big mistake, tried to go young and hip with attractive young hosts. But they're not personable, not witty, not funny, though they try, and the show just does not work. Is it possible to go back to the old show that we all loved? Pleeeease! Cause I'm not watching this one.
  • What in the world happened?

    I had no idea what was going on. I got done with my morning paper route, started flipping through the channels and saw these people who weren't supposed to be there on it. I started going crazy, actually talking out loud to myself.. or the tv. "Who are these people?" "What happened to the old cast?" Turns out I'm not going crazy. The flippin producers of CW have gone crazy. What are they thinking? Not everything has to make sense. If something is working don't question it. I agree with an earlier comment that these people might be excellent people, but they'll never have the chemistry the old cast had. Hell, if you take four nobel peace prize winners and put them together.. that doesn't mean they'll have a great morning show. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE RATINGS DROPPING!


    Upset in Fairborn,OH
  • Daily Buzz.......I have tried to watch just does not interest me anymore

    No chemistry to compete with the old crew, so they either need to start making adjustments to the team or stop trying to be like the old crew.

    It just doe not seem to be "clicking"....I am sure they are very wonderful people, but lacks team chemistry.

    They should just pull out old shows and run them.....that would increase the audience

    WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS??????? I can't beleive it! I am in complete shock!!! I want them back!!! Ok I thought it was a bad joke at first. I can't beleive someone would choose to destroy a completely wonderful thing. Whom ever made this decision needs to seek mental medical attention! I am done with the Daily Buzz! I will check back from time to time and see if they are back but I bet the all of them have jobs and you will never get them back! You are just complete idiots~~ FOR REAL!!!! I have never in my 50 yrs of watching TV ever witnessed someone doing something so stupid! Sorry I am angry, I have never cared enough to sign up on anything but this has driven me to leaving mean comments for that 1 person that needs to wake up and smell the coffee! That 1 person that was responsiable for the decision to commit such a stupid act!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!! GET THEM BACK!! You can correct your mistake!!!
  • The new cast sucks!

    Why in the world would you change something that was already working?! Obviously to save money, 'cuz these people look cheap, woman/grape dress color this morning looked like she just woke up from sleeping behind the guys are overshooting with this new cast selection. I won't be watching anymore. You had the demographics, now you really messed up with this intern staff!
  • The change has not set well with us.

    I use to be a big fan and made it part of my morning. I liked them on FB and followed. After they got rid of the cast over a month or so and it seemed they were just trying to go young. They were trying to fix the show when it didn't need it.

    If they feel something needed to change, why not research and make small changes. My wife and I no linger wtach this show.. We gave it a shot after the change. They relate more to 20 year olds. The majority of people watching morning shows before work are not in their 20's, but more 30's+.

  • Needs the old cast

    Pointless and boring without the old cast. That'd be odd, a TV show fixing what's not broken.
  • Chica

    I really like the show it is a great morning bond with my Hubby, I never really so the old crew and was very sick

    I do not like to hear the word Chica the young lady over uses it and it does not souund Genuine,I really like the guys and Lisa seems to be very sweet ,I am sure if the young would stop talking so ghetto it would get lots more viewers, it just does not sound real it sounds fake when she talks.
  • Change is not always good...

    Notice the rating is 4.9 right now and going down, all the 10 and high reviews are when BEFORE the cast change. All reviews after are 1.0, including mine. Not a regular morning tv watcher, I still enjoyed the Daily Buzz The cast was original, worked well together, so the head eds running everything have to think, "Hey, let's mix things up! Get fresh people! It's time for a change!" So goodbye quirky Mitch and a pretty damn good crew. Good luck with the boring generic clones you got now, I'll just watch the local news, they're more interesting...
  • The new Buzz is HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I'm so upset that they changed the Daily Buzz! The old Buzz was so refreshing to wake up to every day and always put me in a great mood to start the day. The new show is sooooo boring and just like all the rest. I miss the old and cast and format....bring them back!!!!!
  • Why wasn't the show on this week?

    I looked everywhere and couldn't find this show this week? I thought it was on every day at 6:00 a.m. and I couldn't find it anywhere. Did they just take a break this week?
  • Old Crew

    This new crew won't make it, just can't watch this anymore.
  • Upset and wanna cry

    The show i once loved to watch is now gone. I hope yall get together and make ur own news cast, im so very disappointed that yall are gone. Tried to watch the new cast, sorry... They sux! We miss our mitch,andy,kia and andrea Plzzzz come back. Wont watch until yall return and if not.... I hope they cancel this quick!!!!!!zzzzzzzzz
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