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Forget the 24 hour biased left wing news media, the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view of recent news headlines and political figures through a series of satirical monologues by Jon Stewart along with segments by "correspondents" and finally interviews with guest celebrities and political figures. Craig Kilborn (SportsCenter) was the original host until the fourth season when Jon Stewart (The Jon Stewart Show) came in to take over after Kilborn left for CBS. The Daily Show has won multiple Emmy's and other prestigious awards such as the Peabody Award. It airs Mondays-Thursdays at 11pm ET on Comedy Central. It re-airs the following day at 1am ET, 10am ET, 2pm ET, and 8pm ET on Comedy Central.

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  • Politics with a hint of humor

    But in this case, a lot. I really love Jon's comedic take on certain hilarious events which the conservatives of either side either smear or hide. Politics is in fact hilarious, Jon just makes it even more hilarious to the point where we "actually understand Overall, I really love this show and hope to see more!
  • Dennis Miller pre-9/11

    Before 9/11, Dennis Miller was a superior smart-ass who thought he was a super-genius, sneering at anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

    John Stewart is a similar pseudo-intellectual, class-baiting with similarly pretentious rambling that makes him appear intelligent to those who aren't. and using Marxist rhetoric to insult ring-wing Republicans. But at least Miller learned on 9/11 that this type of thinking was to blame for American vulnerability-- though he never apologized for it, at least he stopped.

    Stewart, not so much.... fools never learn.

  • So I needed a current event for history class....

    this is what got me an A for every week! Before, I never really found politics or current events articles or shows very interesting because they seemed so monotone and boring. It's not that I didn't CARE, it's just that the way it was always presented to me just made it sound uninteresting. It was all "suits and no smiles". Then one late night while procrastinating, I stumble upon this! I think it's a really funny show and a good way to relate current events in a way that doesn't make people feel bored. Or depressed. I like it! ~Lutarimoreless
  • Why Jon Stewart is not funny....

    Re: "Don\'t get me wrong I like John Stewart as a comedian, but when he is trying to force his opinions on me... not so much. I don\'t think he intentionally does it, but he only has one joke, and it\'s said that people\'s except one note comics. It\'s getting old we get it, your a Democrat, I remember when people used to tell jokes, and they weren\'t trying so hard to annoy other people, or put their own opinions in them. I\'m only expressing my opinons, and I\'m not saying one view is better than another, I\'m just saying if I respect your views than maybe you can respect mine. "

    Well of (typos). Plus, the guy's delivery is terrible - he over is followed by "laughs". Hurl.moreless

    stewart for potus...

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    Broad City, Walton Goggins, and Albert Tsai also get noms in this well-picked lot.


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