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Season 10 Episode 118

Alan Alda

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Alan Alda
TONIGHT: Author of "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed," Alan Alda! Plus, new correspondent Dan Bakkedahl reports on "Bumvertising."

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  • New Daily Show correspondant, Dan Bakkedahl, files his first report.

    Jon starts off the show by talking about the Emmy awards the show received the other night. Jon mentioned the fact that now that he's won these, they'll be phoning in their work from now on. He said the same thing last year, and frankly, I thought the week or so after winning, the show did seem to drop in quality. We'll see what happens this year.

    Jon wanted to get an update on what's going on with Hurricane Rita, so he went to Senior Meteorologist, Rob Corddry, who is in Key West, FL, or he was supposed to be. He's actually in a room with a with televisions showing radar and satellite images. Rob tries to explain the location, by saying he was tired of the hurricane thing, and would rather just report on it from a studio. He didn't like being asked about why there were so many hurricanes, so he claims "God is just being kind of a dick." Rob went on to assure people that the government is now prepared for more hurricanes; they're all set to blame the local government, whereever it may be. There was a donation program, so families donated several babies, and were spread around the United States, so that President Bush could fly around in his helicopter to save a baby.

    Up next was new Daily Show correspondant, Dan Bakkedahl, filing his first report for the show. He investigated "bum-vertising", which involves a young man trying to attract business to his poker website, attaching a small card-board sign to the signs homeless people hold up, looking for food, jobs, money, etc. It ends up being a pretty solid piece from Dan, and I'm looking forward to him getting more experience. He's not exactly of Setphen Colbert-quality, but I have a good feeling about this guy.

    After the commercial, Jon talks about the damage from Hurricane Katrina, and talks about all of the environmental damage done, especially with all of the toxic sludge everywhere. Jon sarcastically states that he feels sorry for the sludge; you never hear about the non-toxic sludge. Jon then shows a clip of FOX News' Sean Hannity who questions whether or not environmentalists are to blame for the flooding in Louisiana. Jon ponders whether or not if environmentalists were to be found guilty for the disappearance of Natalie Halloway, would Sean Hannity's penis explode.

    After the commercial, Jon welcomes legendary TV actor, Alan Alda. They talked a little about Alan's father who was a "tit-singer", which was surprising. They went on to talk a little about The West Wing and the Emmy's. It was a fun interview, they both seemed to have a good time.

    Jon ended the show by saying thanks to the fans of the show for their support. He said that he and the staff had a great time at the Emmys.

    The show as a whole was pretty solid. I really can't say there was a really low-point, as Dan's piece was pretty good considering it's his first time on the show. The Alan Alda interview was a welcomed surprise, I thought it was rather entertaining.moreless
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Host (Season 4+)

Dan Bakkedahl

Dan Bakkedahl

Correspondent (Season 10+)

Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry

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    • about Alan Alda's childhood watching his father sing on stage together with strippers
      Jon Stewart: Is that what ... was that the catalyst for your normalcy? Did you, in sort of growing up in chaos, did you find solice then in structure? Is that how you came out ... being ... not as neurotic as perhaps you should be?
      Alan Alda: No, i take pills.

    • (about God creating so many hurricanes)
      Rob Corddry: He just took out New Orleans, a city known for it's great music and food, and also Key West, a city known for its gay sex and ceramic parrots.

    • (about reason for so many hurricanes this year)
      Rob Corddry: ... God is just being kind of a dick.

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