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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 13 Episode 87

Andrew Ward

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Jul 14, 2008 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Andrew Ward
Author Andrew Ward discusses his new book, The Slaves' War.

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      • John Oliver: Jon, listen to me! Listen... listen to me Jon, fo...(suppresses a laugh) Jon, fo...
        Jon Stewart: I am listening!
        John Oliver: .. focus on me, not on your vagina!

      • Andrew Ward: ...you say you were surprised that I was white and, um, so was I.

      • Jon Stewart: Why not soldiers? There is no ah histories from slaves who were also soldiers who also fought, all civilian.
        Andrew Ward: Right, well, that's right. Well, partly because there are a great many very very good books on the African American experience in the military in the Civil War ...
        Jon Stewart: Several of which you have written!
        Andrew Ward: Several of which, ah, thank you, I have written. But laughs and I am sure you read!
        Jon Stewart: Y..yeah.
        Andrew Ward: Yeah!
        Jon Stewart: Or at least saw the movie.

      • Andrew Ward: This is a civilian eye view of the war.
        Jon Stewart: Were you surprised? What struck me is that it is not homogenous. You would think it would just be a kind of a long diatribe against slavery in the South. It's very complex...
        Andrew Ward: Yeah.
        Jon Stewart: ... their feelings about slavery and nuanced. I didn' care for it!
        Andrew Ward: laughs
        Jon Stewart: Were you surprised at the nuance of their mindset?
        Andrew Ward: laughsYeah, I was surprised... a little more surprised about you're not caring for it!

      • Jon Stewart: We're back, baby, and we're better than ever! Well, better than ever . . . we're not better than ever, but we're better than, you know, repeats. Let's just say we're back.

      • Jesse Jackson:(whispering on air on another show) See, Barack been, um, talking down to black people on this faith based ... I wanna cut his nuts off.
        Jon Stewart: Yes it turns out if you are in a television studio and you are miked and cameras are pointed at you and you don't want anybody to hear what you say (lowering his voice) all you have to do is whisper.

      • Jon Stewart: In the case of senator John McCain, his surrogate's job: to ease voters' concerns over traditional Republican weak spots, like the economy. When people are suffering, the GOP can occasionally appear callous, dismissive of real people's needs while seemingly unwilling to lend a helping hand to regular folk because, ah, they're too busy, ah, cupping Exxon' balls.

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      • Jon Stewart: Stay classy, San Diego!

        In the movie Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) would use this catchphrase to close out his newscasts.

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