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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 11 Episode 70

Bonnie Hunt

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Jun 07, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Bonnie Hunt
TONIGHT: Actress Bonnie Hunt from the movie Cars. Plus, Lewis Black reports in Back in Black!

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  • This was a pretty hilarious interview with Bonny Hunt

    The best part was how they barely even got to talking about the movie. It reminded me of when people like Richard Lewis or Scott Thompson go on Conan, they just talk about nothing and it's highly hilarious.

    Bonny gave John such a rouse over coming during lunch time by accident that he bowled over in his chair and eventually fell to the ground anime style. The news stories as usual were good, with the "slow news day" stuff and the David Lee Roth interview on Fox news where he was incessantly smiling was pretty funny.

    And of course a great Daily Show episode and interview wouldnt be usually complete without Lewis Black doing his thing as well. Hurray!moreless

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    • Lewis Black: There's an old saying: Good fences make good neighbors. By that logic, Mexico's about to become the best neighbor in history. In the latest low point in the immigration debate, Congress is now serious considering putting 370 more miles of triple layer fencing on the border. In case you're wondering how those layers break down, the first is reinforced steel, the second is razor wire and the third is dust kicked up by the people walking around it. This week, National Guard troops began work on another stretch of fence using military bulldozers. Because if there's one way of keeping Mexicans away from the border is making it look like a construction site! But for some people, and extra 400 miles of fence isn't enough. Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo told Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes that he wants to wall off the entire border.

      [Video: Ed Bradley: So you would recommend sealing off the entire border, building fences all along the border?
      Tancredo: Absolutely.
      Bradley: How much more should we spend?
      Tancredo: Whatever it takes.
      Bradley: Billions more?
      Tancredo: Billions more, billions more. Ed, why not? It is our job…]

      Lewis Black: Yeah, why not!? If fact, let's build the fence out of money! Take away the middle man! Other leaders think technology can keep our country immigrant free. Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to spend 5 million dollars to use web cams to monitor the border so that anyone can report illegals from the comfort of their own home. I tried out a test version of the border cam and I have to say it's actually kind of fun. [Video: They're making a run for it. Hey Rick, put down fifty on the guy with the oranges. He's got amnesty written all over him.] Another new piece of awe inspiring, Mexican fighting technology is this thing: A $14 million surveillance drone. It's unmanned, but I know a guy named Pedro who will fly it for two bucks an hour! But it's the wall everyone is pinning their hopes on, and there's the problem: Walls don't work. The last wall that actually kept out unwanted immigrants was built 2000 years ago and since then they haven't worked. They didn't work for the Soviets, they didn't even work for Pink Floyd. So go ahead, build your wall, and the Mexicans will have one simple response: Hey Kool Aid! Mira aqui. [Hey Kool Aid Man!]

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