The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 11 Episode 36

Clive Owen

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Great show until the interview.

    Jon starts off tonight's show by mentioning how cold it is despite today being the first day of spring, and then mentions a bottle of wine someone in the audience brought him as a gift.

    Moving on, Jon gets right into the third anniversary of the Iraq war. The commentators on the morning television shows have been busy debating whether or not there is a civil war in Iraq. On Thursday, the Iraqi parliament held their first meeting, which lasted for an entire 30 minutes. The translators for The Daily Show have a field day with some of the footage out of Iraq. For a bumper, Ed Helms takes a look at the Iraq War in a "Retro-Respective" quiz.

    Back from a commercial break, Jon turns his attention to global warming, and Jon turns to Resident Expert, John Hodgman. John insists that with the polar ice caps melting at record rates, the sea levels will rise, flooding much of the world, but the areas the Bush administration likes will be just fine: Scottsdale, Houston, and Sun Valley. Also, some 20,000 frozen cavemen, perhaps led by the famous Captain Caveman will thawed out and likely attack us.

    Back from commercial, Jon welcomes tonight's guest, Clive Owen. Jon and Clive talk about acting, something Jon's not got a lot of experience in. When Clive admits one person he's worked with was hard to work with, Jon spends most of the rest of the interview trying to figure out who it was.

    Tonight's show was good for the first half, but the interview wasn't very enjoyable. I have no interest in Clive, and the only funny parts seemed to come towards the end, when Jon talked about enjoying a bottle of wine with him. My favorite segment was John Hodgman's bit. He's really gotten better. His timing and writing are right on - he's become my favorite new correspondent, and I think they should bring him on board full time.