The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 10 Episode 72

Colin Powell

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Jun 08, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Colin Powell
TONIGHT: Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell! Plus, the latest headlines!

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  • This was only an average episode. I looked forward to seeing Powell on the show, but his segment was boring because he gave the same answers that you expected him to give and has been giving about Bush's administration.moreless

    This was only an average episode. I looked forward to seeing Powell on the show, but his segment was boring because he gave the same answers that you expected him to give and has been giving about Bush's administration.

    Whenever Jon Stewart can get anyone like Powell on the show it is always a good thing, and it was good to hear it from his side (even though he didn't completely answer the questions).moreless
  • Guest Former Secretary of the State Colin Powell!

    Tonight's episode of the Daily Show was pretty good. Jon opened up with the on-going British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush relationship discussion. Many have said it seems to have gotten a little rocky. Because of Blair's stance on Iraq, he's not greated as warmly as he once was.

    Jon's handling on the African aid issue was great. Tony Blair was looking for $25 Billion, and Bush only offered $674 Million.

    The bit with Rob Corrdry was very short, although to their credit, it didn't need to go on too long. They were able to get their joke in about Bush's "English".

    The interview with Colin Powell was pretty good. Jon was able to bring a little humor every now and then. Much of the interview was fairly serious, discussing the War in Iraq, and the leading up to it.

    Overall, this was a good show, although I would have liked to have seen a "This Week in God" segment or one of their other segments.moreless

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    • Jon Stewart: (to Colin Powell) Is it true that Kim Jong Il could fit in your pocket?

    • Jon Stewart: You're here to fire me, aren't you?
      Colin Powell: Yes.

    • (about language problems with Bush and Blair)

      Jon Stewart: They both speak English.
      Rob Corddry: They both speak a version of English, Jon.

    • Jon Stewart: In practical terms Mr Prime Minister, what are you looking for?
      Tony Blair: In respect to the Africa Commission Report, we set out a figure of, uh, the doubling of aid in the 25 billion uh, dollars extra is effectively what that would mean.
      Jon Stewart: BOOM!! 25 Billion. The call is out. Mr President, what do you got?
      President Bush: I'm pleased to announce the United States will provide approvimately 674 Million Dollars.
      (Laughter in Audience of Daily Show)
      (Jon scribbles something on some paper.)
      Jon Stewart: Okayy, uh, 674 million. Not only is that less, it's less than 3% of what Blair was looking for. It will also be paid out in increments of $6.74 a year for over 100 million years.

    • Jon Stewart: (referring to George W. Bush) Does he know who I am?
      Colin Powell: (grabs Jon Stewart's hand) Jon... No.

    • "But I tell 'ya the real excitement in the audience tonight... ex-Secretary of the State, General Colin Powell's gonna be joining us here tonight. He's gonna be out here on this program. Uhhh, Four Star General, Secretary of the State. Truely one of the most important interviews that I think I'll ever do, uhh, and I hope to do it poorly, and I will do it poorly. I hope to disappoint all of you." - Jon Stewart

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