The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 15 Episode 88

Denis Leary

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Jul 05, 2010 on Comedy Central



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    • Denis Leary: You don't want to act.
      Jon Stewart: I don't want to act but I want to be on that show (Rescue Me) .... I want...
      Denis Leary: You,... First of all, you've never said that to me. You're always complaining that you don't have enough free time and that you don't get to spend any time with your kids...
      Jon Stewart: Right...
      Denis Leary: And you got to come down...
      Jon Stewart: Right, and now I did. I got to spend some this weekend and now I want to come work again.

    • John Oliver: Do black people ever say thank you to white people for what they've done here?
      Dan Root(Activist for a separate all white nation in South Africa): Never.
      John Oliver: You are kidding me!
      Dan Root(Racist activist): I've never heard ...
      John Oliver: Bull@##t, you are kidding me!
      Dan Root(Racist activist): No, they have never actually even acknowledged the fact that they have received anything from us.
      John Oliver: Oh, excuse me!
      Dan Root(Racist activist): No, they say that we have committed a crime against humanity against them.
      John Oliver: Let me get this absolutely clear. Black people are complaining that white people have committed crimes against humanity in South Africa?
      Dan Root(Racist activist): Yes, it's just ... unfathomable.

    • John Oliver: What do white people need to do to fully earn your hate?
      Mapeete Mohale (South African Institute of Race Relations: (Laughs)I think they've done all that they can.

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