The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 12 Episode 42

Dennis Miller

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Mar 27, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Dennis Miller
Tonight, comedian Dennis Miller promotes his new radio show.

Jon begins with a look at the Democrats troop withdrawal bill, which passed in the House due to an overwhelming amount of pork such as $74 million for peanut storage in a segment called "Cut & Fund". Next, "Showdown at Justice" continues with Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez first claiming he had nothing to do with firing the 8 U.S. attorneys and then e-mails were discovered showing that he was involved. Finally, Rob Riggle looks at cloning the perfect steak in "Diagnosis Science".moreless

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  • It all sounds the same

    There is no entertainment that goes on, unless if you consider bashing republicans the whole time to be entertainment. It doesn't really enlighten us about anything at all, and it would be nice to have more people on there that weren't 100 percent liberal fanatics once in a while. The plot is boring and its the same thing week after week. It was a complete waste of my time to sit and watch this crap.......moreless
  • Maybe its time to have more opposing views on the show. A steady stream of Albrights and Kerrys is tiresome. Yes there are people in the blue state that can read and writemoreless

    What a relief to finally hear someone trashing the Dems instead of the Administration. Both sides of Congress need skewering. Miller had so many dead-on comments that Stewart was speechless. I think they actually respect each other. So many cheap shots go unanswered on this show, Dennis Miller is the only one I know who can talk fast enough to cover the political realm.
  • just "ehh".

    I've only missed one Daily Show (while on vacation) since I started watching over 3 years ago and nothing could get me to miss another. However, some days aren't as perfectly brillant as others.

    This episode was just "eh".

    More mocking of Congress and the Iraq invasion issues.

    More mocking of Gonzales, which is good to get the news out there but nothing too new or hilarious.

    I just can't get into Rob Reagle. His delivery just doesn't work for me. (though him pretending to get cloned was funny.) And the fact that he got someone to talk on camera about Richard Gere & gerbils was pretty impressive. Boy is that guy regretting agreeing to the interview!

    Wow Dennis Miller is a D**k.

    And did he misjudge his audience? Going on Jon Stewart to trash every Democrat?

    And I usually don't mind because Jon Stewart argues with them or just lets them be jerks.

    but in this case Jon seems friends with Miller so he just sat there and laughed and let him go on.moreless

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    • Dennis Miller: Look at Pelosi, for God's sakes. Can you take her - what is with the blinking? She always looks to me like she's signaling the Carpathia that she's hit an iceberg or something. The whistle on that train of thought is barely audible off in the distance. This woman has gone through the Peter Principal like Gene Hackman under the L tracks in "The French Connection." You know why people love her so much - the politial cartoonists can use her actual photo!

    • Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas): You know, what does throwing money at Bubba Gump, Popeye the Sailor Man, & Mr. Peanut have to do with winning a war.

    • Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia): The bill before the Senate includes a provision that would give the war a new direction, a new direction, and it points the way out, out, out.

    • Jon Stewart: Last Friday the House put yet another cherry on its trees in sundae by narrowly passing a war spending bill calling for the end of combat operations by next September, a plan Republicans immediately denounced as an admission of failure, as opposed to their plan which is failure without admission.

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