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Season 11 Episode 50

Dennis Quaid

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Dennis Quaid
TONIGHT: Actor and star of American Dreamz, Dennis Quaid!

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  • Scott McClellan resigns!

    Jon starts off tonight's show by getting right into the news about White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, who has resigned from his position. Who's a possible replacement? It may be FOX News reporter, Tony Snow according to some reports. With heavy sarcasm, Jon says that he hopes Tony Snow will be up to the job, since there seems to be very little difference in being a FOX News reporter and being the White House Press Secretary. With more on the resignation of Scott McClellan, Jon turns to Sr. White House Correspondent, Ed Helms, who is live in Washington, D.C. When Jon asks Ed about Scott, Ed doesn't seem so sure Scott is actually resigning, since the news came from Scott McClellan, who according to Ed, has been less than truthful in the past, so this may very well be another one of those half-truths. Ed goes on to explain that after Scott's resignation, he'll have to go through a lengthy detox process. Jon quickly jumps in and asks if Scott had been abusing drugs, but Ed says it has to do with the way information is filtered by Scott McClellan. Putting that much ******** into the air can't possibly be good for your body.

    Keeping on the subject of personnel changes, Jon turns his attention to President Bush's response to the continuing pressure to fire the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. President Bush is shown speaking at the White House, and he says that he is the decider in what goes on, and who goes. This prompts the guys at The Daily Show to put together a funny little comic book called "The Decider" which features President Bush in a caped costume, making terrible decisions, but he is decisive.

    Back from commercial, Jon takes a look at Iran. The leader of Iran has announced that his country has developed nuclear weapons. President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have both hit back at the reports that the U.S. is considering using tactical nuclear weapons to destroy targets within Iran. Will we invade Iran? If you look at the language Donald Rumsfeld used during the run-up to Iraq and the words he's using now, it seems quite possible.

    Back from commercial, Jon welcomes tonight's guest, actor Dennis Quaid. They talk about Dennis' new movie, American Dreamz, which is a parody of President Bush and American Idol. They also talk about Dennis' love of the gameshow, Deal Or No Deal.

    The start of tonight's show had a fair amount of sarcasm, which I just loved. Tonight's show had a lot of good material; that comic book was very funny, but the Donald Rumsfeld bit didn't get many laughs.moreless
Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid


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Ed Helms

Ed Helms


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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert


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    • Jon Stewart: Do you feel that this move is part of a real shakeup that's going on at the White House.
      Ed Helms: Yes, Jon. They read the poll numbers; they know most Americans now think their policies are failing, so they've responded (pause) by changing the person who tells us about those failures. It's quite a bold move.
      Jon Stewart: Well, it's, it's hardly a housecleaning.
      Ed Helms: Well, every housecleaning begins by changing the doormat.

    • Jon Stewart: This is a huge story, Ed. You've been down, uh, at the White House all day; in your estimation, do you believe McClellan quit or was he forced out?
      Ed Helms: Hmmmm, first of all, Jon, I wouldn't be so sure he's really stepping down.
      Jon Stewart: Now, why not?
      Ed Helms: Because the announcement was made by White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, and between you and me, that guy ain't too un-too trustworthy.

    • Jon Stewart: Whoever replaces McClellan CNN's John Roberts says that person will have a difficult task ahead of him.
      John Roberts (via video tape): If that's where the job listing were to be posted, on Monster, they would probably say, you know, be willing to take it full in the face every day.

    • Jon Stewart: There is no word yet on who will fill McClellan's shoes, although one rumored candidate is Tony Snow, correspondant of FOX News. Uhh, in other words, the White House is considering paying a FOX News reporter to tell the public what it would like them to hear. I hope he's up to the job.

    • Jon Stewart: McClellan has taken much criticism over the years for his evasiveness, his sweaty disingenious... lying, but in all fairness, he's had a pretty rough ride: Abu Gahrib, uh the scandal there, Hurricane Katrina, and perhaps most damaging, his go-to reporter turned out to be a male prostitute.

    • Jon Stewart (about Scott McClellan's resignation): Why now?
      Scott McClellan (via video tape): The White House is going through a period of transition. Change can be helpful, and this is a good time and a good position to help bring about change; and I'm ready to move on.
      Jon Stewart: Didn't it look like (President) Bush was still working his mouth?

    • Jon Stewart: You know me, I don't watch the show, I don't care for it, but TONIGHT, even I'm watchin'.

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