The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 14 Episode 88

Dr. Oliver Sacks

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Jun 29, 2009 on Comedy Central
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Dr. Oliver Sacks
- Mark Sanford doesn't resign as governor because of King David
- A coup in Honduras
- CIA recruits Wall Street - Bernie Madoff's 150 year sentence
Author of Musicophilia: Tales of Musicand the Brain, Revised and Expanded Edition neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks comes on the show and talks about how music influences the brain.

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      • Jon Stewart: I'm not sure how I feel about this. In the past two weeks we've had the stirring pro-democratic revolution in Iran and a military junta seizing control in Central America. And our CIA has seemingly had nothing to do with either! Or are they just that good?
        Reuters' Fred Katayama (news clip): The CIA apparently wants you! The spy agency is starting advertising jobs to recruit investment bankers, top analysts, and hedge fund hotshots.
        Jon Stewart: Okay, apparently they're not that good. Why would the CIA want the investment guys? The CIA specializes in taking calm stable countries and causing them to collapse. Why would they want people who ran ... Brilliant!

      • Jon Stewart: What about a musician's brain? Is that different than ... I cannot play music or sing. Would my brain reflect that?
        Dr. Oliver Sacks: Oh, I'm afraid so.

      • Jon Stewart: But why would your brain, is that anything you like hits that orange center? And that's why it lights up?
        Dr. Oliver Sacks: Yeah, it could be candy, it could be drugs, it could be Bach, it could be all kinds of ...those are the rewards centers of the brain.
        Jon Stewart: What do you like more?
        Dr. Oliver Sacks: I like them all together.

      • Jon Stewart: Not a good weekend, uhm, folks. I'm not gonna lie to you. Apparently everyone who ever meant anything to anyone passed away this weekend. Fortunately, a shame, ... (acknowledges a burst of applause) yeah. We are apparently ... alone. Left with no cultural touchstones and only questions. Can I complain about the media overload? Of course. Is it unusual to see a story where the analysis, an insight of Quincy Jones is given equal weight to that of Corey Feldman? Yes.

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