The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 10 Episode 117

Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report - Day 4

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Sep 15, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Evolution week comes to an end, not a moment too soon.

    Jon starts off by stating that this is the final night, and they are going to show us what's in the future of evolution. Jon starts off with a story about scientists genetic-engineering rice and other stuffs. He then shows video of animals we've cloned. We are even shown the ridiculous robots the Japanese are working on.

    For information on the other side, Jon turns to Ed Helms, who interviews Frank Janoski, who after feeling like a minority, has made an exodus with his family to South Carolina, a place which has a rich history of tolerance with minorities. Frank isn't the one who founded this movement, but rather it was founded by Cory Cornell, who is currently not in South Carolina, but California. Ed decides to ask Cory some questions, via phone. Since they can't see him, Ed asks if they can put up a photo of him, and he agrees. After a few seconds, Ed asks if he would mind if they add a moustache. Cory gives him permission. A few seconds further into the interview, Ed asks if he could add suspenders. Once again, Cory gives him permission. Ed then asks if he could add a hat. For a second, a weird hat shows up on Cory's head, but Cory denies that request because he didn't know what kind of hat he would be wearing.

    Before the commercial, they had a "Great Moments in the Evolution Debate", (similar to the punditry clips they show) about the Scopes/Monkey Trial from 1925. The debate was between Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan.

    After commercial, Jon came back to talk about the 60th anniversary of the formation of the U.N. Jon showed a clip of Bush speaking from his prepared notes, I mean, his heart. They then showed a photograph of a note from President Bush to Condoleeza Rice, where he asked if it were possible for him to get a bathroom break.

    After the commercial, Jon brought out actress, Gwyneth Paltrow. She's starring in the new film, Proof. They start off by talking a little about the fact that she has a kid, and Jon has a kid. They then move on to talk about her husband's music and concerts in general. The interview was very short, and Jon admitted he felt a little strange, like he was back in high school, and he wanted to sit at her table.

    When wrapping up the show, Jon joked that after a week of coverage, he learned something, maybe the coverage ran long by two days. Jon went on to announce that their new correspondant, Dan Bakkedahl will appear next week.

    Ed's piece was solid, they wrote it well. The coverage of the U.N.'s anniversary was funny. I found that Bush note photo from Reuter's earlier in the day. The interview with Gwyneth Paltrow seemed a bit awkward, and Jon later admitted it in a way. When Jon remarked that the evolution coverage ran long by two days, I could have sworn that he or someone at The Daily Show had been reading my reviews. Please don't turn this into a DVD set. Work on some "Best-Of" sets instead. I was excited to see that Dan Bakkedahl will show up on the show next week. We've been discussing it on the forums a little bit for the past couple weeks. There's a lot of pressure on him, what with Steve Carrell completely gone from the show, and Stephen Colbert likely leaving entirely for his own show.