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John Stewart mocks 'rich' Romney while outpacing him in wealth

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    [1]Jun 19, 2012
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    I've always wondered, the Fortune 500 CEO's only make something $500,000 on average, all the while running incredibly productive and complex companies. Meanwhile, movie stars, celebrities like Oprah and sports figures make tens of millions (if not more) and yet they criticize the CEOs for making too much money.

    Which brings us to John Stewart. Is he also another limousine liberal? Let's see:

    Pretends to be middle class CHECK
    Mocks the rich but makes more than 300 times the median American salary CHECK
    Doesn't pay his taxes but demand everyone else pay theirs CHECK
    Owns 3 or more lavish mansions CHECK

    Here's an article detailing his mansions, income, and everything else:

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    [2]Jul 13, 2012
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    You're missing the point. Jon Stewart doesn't mock Romney for being rich, he mocks Romney for being unable to relate to average Americans because he's never had to live like an average American. Mitt Romney was born rich. Jon Stewart worked his way there.

    Now, about your "checklist":

    1. I've never heard Jon Stewart claim to be middle class. He does, however, come from very humble beginnings. He wasn't born rich, like Mitt Romney.

    2. See above. He doesn't mock the rich for being rich.

    3. The article you posted a link to makes the claim that Stewart sometimes doesn't pay his taxes, but it doesn't offer any evidence to back up the claim. This may come as news to you, but not everything you read on the Internet is true.

    4. So what if he does? As I said before, he doesn't mock the rich for being rich, he mock them for being heartless.

    Now, this thing you said about running "productive and complex companies." What about the companies responsible for starting the financial crisis that gladly accepted bail-out money, then used that money to give giant bonuses to their CEOs? These companies were clearly not productive, yet their CEOs still made out like bandits.
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    [3]Jun 12, 2013
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    Jon Stewart doesn't seem to pretend to be middle class at all, that's an rather sizeable assumption on your part. In fact, he has at timed joked about his sizeable wealth more than anything when discussing wealthy people and taxation with guests on his show, and that anecdotal evidence seems to be more solid than your comment...

    He doesn't simply mock wealthy people, he does it for other reasons, do you watch the show?

    Really the only thing about the OP's post that holds any merit is this thing about taxes, which IS what often will mock a wealthy person for (or whatever the news story is). So Jon Stewart has more than one this scandelous information? The guy has been on a very successful 4 day a week talk show for over a decade. The only reason I had to suspect he wasn't filthy rich was because, as Jon would often self deprecatingly point out, it's on cable/Comedy Central. But anyway, so OP......what is your POINT exactly? Is being a "limousine liberal" even a bad thing? Or only bad to someone who isn't aligned with liberal leanings? Outside of the possibility that he's a hypocrite at times (and really most people have their moments) I am a little confused how any of this information is relevant or a revelation.

    At the end of the day, Jon Stewart and Mitt Romeny are not really the same kinds of people, at all. Jon isn't running for political office. His job is to point out the fallacy and hypocrisy in the media and politics, and part of that, and also part of his style, is that he certainly doesn't do it from a lofty perch. Jon's a pretty self deprecating fellow all in all.
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    Exactly. People can be, and sometimes are, rich and liberal at the same time. Warren Buffett wrote an op ed in the NYT about how the very wealthy, and he was including himself, should be paying much higher taxes. He said that it's embarrassing for him that he pays a lower percentage on his income than his maid pays on hers.

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