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Too many celebrity guests, lately!

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    [1]Aug 8, 2012
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    It seems that The Daily Show has been having a lot of celebrities and not so many politicians, journalists, authors, scientists, and other more serious guests. What is going on?

    The Daily Show has had Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Barack Obama, and many other important people in American society. I think they should be past having Jessica Biel talking about her new Total Recall movie or Tim Gunn talking about Project Runway (he was funny, though).

    I love the interviews with serious guests and I love the way Jon Stewart conducts them. Whenever they have a simple celebrity guest promoting a movie or a TV show, I feel like they've wasted the interview.

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    [2]Oct 4, 2012
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    i love the show and i hate to admit it but when he has o'reilly on i have to turn it off. it is that sterwart ,all of them are so wealthy that it does'nt matter who wins to their life. to us however it does. i resent it. may be petty.but i am bing honest...there is something differant when sterwart goes after conservatives than when joan rivers or don rickles use to go after everybody. maybe not...then we are all duped and they are laughing all the way to the bank...i'm seeing alot of back slapping behind stage etc... i don't know...
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