The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 12 Episode 27

Jake Gyllenhaal

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Jake Gyllenhaal
Tonight actor and star of Zodiac, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jon starts off with a story about a hepatitis exposure scare at a Sports Illustrated party for the latest swimsuit issue. Jon then talks about Vice President Cheney's recent trips overseas with John Oliver, Senior Cheney Chaser. Finally, Lewis Black in Back in Black.moreless

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  • Stewart takes apart the Vice President while Lewis Black pokes fun at the racist KKK mob.

    Funny show. I don't tune in as much as I used to for this show but I'am glad I did yesterday. Stewart takes apart the contradictory Vice President. In the latest news for Iraq, the British troops pulled out of the war. Stewart plays a clip from September 2006 where Cheney says pulling out troops is a sign of weakness and a help to the terrorist. So does he go in the air and says the Brits are cowards?

    Of course not instead he says this makes the war on terror look stronger and makes the war on Iraq look successful!!! This is what makes Cheney such a laughable target. Stewart can do all the jokes he wants but at the end of the day all they have to do is go through an archive and show these politicians choking on their words while still lying to the public. One of the new correspondents makes fun of Cheney's mind set and says that Cheney isn't really a person but a group of cyborgs. He goes on to say that the real decent Cheney prototype was killed of by the other evil cyborgs. Really funny stuff.

    Lewis Black does a segment about racist losers. He targets the KKK which are still spewing out their racially intolerant giberish to anyone who will listen. You gotta love Black for doing this especially that joke about "Mexicans being the new black". Of course poking fun at KKK themselves. Jake Gyllenhall was the special guest. I didn't stick around for this because I've seen Jake talk before. Anyhow, this is a funny episode to check out.moreless
John Oliver (II)

John Oliver (II)


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Lewis Black

Lewis Black


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Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal


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    • Lewis Black: As a performer I know sometimes you need to change your image. Shake things up a little. Lord knows I won't be able to live off my cornpone folksiness forever. The same holds true for Daniel Radcliffe who's run as Harry Potter is about to come to an end. But Radcliffe's sexy new image as a horse %$@ in Equus is raising some eyebrows.

      [Video: Brooke Anderson: I gotta tell you, at our morning editorial meeting one of our producers, the fabulous Tammy Ruiz, she said she had her television on this morning and her young son saw these pictures televised and he was really confused. Isn't there a danger here…"]

      Lewis: Oh, there's a danger here! Hey, the fabulous Tammy Ruiz, if your kids' confused by the pictures, tell his it was a scene from the film version of Harry Potter and the Streakers of Azkaban. Boy wizards aren't the only ones keeping up with the times. There's also Imperial Wizards. The KKK is experiencing a boom in membership thank to the discovery of a new enemy.

      [Video: Klan leader: Illegal immigrants is bringing us far more members that we did when we were just totally against any ethnic group.]

      Lewis: That's right! When it comes to hate, Mexican really is the new Black! And another thing! I thought you were a secret organization! Why are you appearing on national television with your face uncovered? Show some pride! Mask your face! Oh well, at least it covers up the real embarrassing part. [Afro] For our last story we move from a secret society based on fear and hate to a sorority! Specifically Delta Zeta, their national office recently overhauled its DePaul University chapter by allegedly kicking out 23 girls it deemed insufficiently attractive. Seems the house had earned itself a nickname.

      [Video: Girl: The doghouse.
      Interviewer: The doghouse?
      Girl: Yeah, that's the biggest one.
      Interviewer: That you're a bunch of ugly women?]

      Lewis: Oh, he is so not getting any. The unfairness of the situation wasn't lost on another exclusive girls club.

      [Video: Barbara Walters: The women who were asked to leave were mostly women who were overweight and also the only Black, Korean and Vietnamese member.]

      Lewis: In response, Delta Zeta issues this statement: [Rosie] To fat, [Barbara] to old, [Joy] to ethnic, [Elizabeth] you're in! What a shame! All that trouble to make a sorority more attractive. I don't know why the national office tried to force what beer is supposed to do naturally.

    • Jon (to Jake Gyllenhaal): Is it weird being on the show? When you look at me, is it like looking in a mirror?

    • Jon: For those of you who live in Washington, you may have noticed a subtle difference this week in D.C. The air, a little crisper. The food, a little more tasty. Homeless people weren't being discovered drained of blood. It can only mean one thing, Vice President Dick Cheney was out of town.

    • Jon: Speaking for all the masturbaters of America, we're with you and I'll tell you why. It's not hepatit-u, it's hepatit-us!

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