The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 12 Episode 100

Matt Damon

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Aug 02, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Matt Damon
Tonight, actor and star of the new film The Bourne Ultimatum, Matt Damon. Jon begins tonight with another Dick Cheney fun fact in a segment called "You Don't Know Dick". When Dick was secretary of defense for the first President Bush, he met with King Hassan of Morocco. As the meeting started, the king put a small silver box containing a fragment of the Koran in his translator's hand and swore him to secrecy on pain of death, whereupon Cheney said, "Damn, I need one of those”. Next, Jon reports on how the presidential candidates use food in there internet clips in a segment called "Indecision v. 2.008: Food Edition". Jon shows us various clips: the Clintons eating at a Dairy Queen, dinner with Barack contest winners converse, Edwards eats at Wendy's for his 30th anniversary, and Giuliani apparently doesn't eat food, just terrorists. Finally, "Clusterf@#k to the White House" continues as Clinton v. Obama duke it out over whether they should talk to controversial foreign leaders like Castro and such. As Jon notes, the media overhype the story with some choice boxing metaphors.moreless

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      • Jon Stewart: You were nervous to be an action hero? You might not see yourself that way but the people here clearly...they like the...(audience applauds) could be a...they like that sort of thing.
        Matt Damon: In my quiet moments I remind myself of Schwarzenegger I have to admit.
        Jon Stewart: (laughs) Did you have that in your pocket, or that just came out?
        Matt Damon: No, I just uh...
        Jon Stewart: That was beautiful. Nicely done, sir.

      • Matt Damon: I did see one review on line today that just said 'Will someone get this [bleep]-ing guy a steady cam?' (laughs) So I just wanted to share that 'cause I know Paul's watching tonight so I just want him to know there's one bad review out there.
        Jon Stewart: And I don't know when Ebert got such a potty mouth.

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      • Bud Lite

        While making fun of Barack Obama's statement "I don't want Bush-Cheney Lite" a graphic with a wine glass and a beer can with the pictures of Bush and Cheney on it appears, resembling the Bud Lite can.

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