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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 11 Episode 66

Ramesh Ponnuru

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM May 17, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Ramesh Ponnuru
TONIGHT: A senior editor for National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru! Plus, Lewis Black: Back in Black.

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    Ramesh Ponnuru

    Ramesh Ponnuru


    Guest Star

    Lewis Black

    Lewis Black


    Recurring Role

    John Hodgman

    John Hodgman


    Recurring Role

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      • John Hodgman: Look at Dick Cheney. Financially he's obscenely wealthy, but he's clearly unhappy. I wouldn't be surprised if he's visited by no less than three ghosts a night.

      • Lewis Black: Hi, I'm Lewis and I'd like to talk to you for a minute about Jesus. Have you taken Him as your personal Lord and Savior? No? Then you're probably not in politics! In recent years religious fundamentalists have evolved…I'm sorry, intelligently designed themselves into a force to be reckoned with. How powerful are they? Powerful enough to make Howard Dean a temporary member of the 700 Club. Which, by the way, is the number of votes Dean got from evangelicals when he ran for President.

        [Video: Howard Dean: The truth is we have an enormous amount in common with the Christian community and particularly with the evangelical Christian community…]

        Lewis Black: Well he's on his knees, but I don't think he's praying! So how far has this one time Governor of liberal Vermont, the first state to sanction gay civil unions, willing to go in pursuit of the holy vote?

        [Video: Howard Dean: Gay marriage, the Democratic Party platform form 2004 says marriage is between a man and a woman.]

        Lewis Black: Well now you've gone and pissed off all the gay viewers of the 700 Club. Of course Dean might want to be careful. Getting the support of evangelicals is easier than keeping it. Focus on the Families James Dobson has been asking conservations: What have you done for Jesus lately?

        [Video: James Dobson: They're just ignoring those that put them in office…I think there's going to be some trouble down the road if they don't get on the ball.]

        Lewis Black: In other words: You're my brother and I love you but don't ever take sides against Focus on the Family again. That was the Jewish Godfather. Seeing Pat Robertson and James Dobson with such sway raised the question: Just how much of a religious nut to you have to be that people won't want to be seen with you? Yup, that will do it. Meet the Reverend Fred Phelps. He and his church travel the country spreading the message God hates gay people. Here they are at a Gay Pride parade, and at a college graduation and outside the Democratic Convention in 2004. They're like the Where's Waldo of gay bashing. In fact, here they are in the audience of American Idol, and at a little girl's tea party. Lately they've taken their act to a new, very tasteful location: soldier's funerals. Where they argue the soldiers deserve to die as part of God's vengeance for America's tolerance of homosexuality! Not that anyone would give them a forum to…oh I'm sorry, MSNBC, you want to put them on the air?

        Video: Fred Phelps: I'm telling you that's the only righteous message for this evil nation that has gone the way of Brokeback Mountain. God's wrath is upon this nation and He's pouring out that wrath by killing these soldiers….]

        Lewis Black: I can only pray that when he gets to Heaven, St. Peter looks like this! (Freddie Mercury from Queen)

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