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  • Makingfun of real issues, important issues. Sure we need relief in the world, but making fun of the real problems... uh uh.

    People love this show, and certainly almost no one will agree with this review. I like the idea of the show, I really do, but making fun of important daily events, I don't like that. Real life issues that cause people to die each day and they make fun of it on the show, no, thats not good. But anyways, the show involves fake news casts with guest stars and a funny twist on all the news, and they spin it whatever way they please, usually to the left.
    It's not meant to be a news source, but sadly many people are using it as one, and are beleiving the falseities they use to be funny. People need to get their facts straight and know this show is for fun, it's not all real. but you'd probably enjoy this show, even though I am not fond of it.