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  • Once a comedy sketch about politics, now only bashes right wingers

    Back when Jon Stewart began and even though it slowly went downhill, it was still pretty darned funny; but! as all politics goes, starts out funny, then it just gets more and more bothersome. Everytime I turn it on, along with the late night one with that other african american dude, it's about bashing right winged philosophies which seem to ignore the fact we have a traitor running for president who downright killed americans and probably had many killed. Nowadays it seems like it's just another show to press a liberal agenda while ignoring things that truly matter and bashing those it doesn't like with little to no logical standpoints. I miss the comedy but everytime I see this and that other show on, I simply change to another channel.

    I can't decide which is better. This show or Teen Titans Go/Uncle Grandpa. Both are a waste of brain cells.
  • Ahh yes political comedy, quite rare to find. Usually watch first 10 mins and ending, quite observant and ridiculous in a good way

    (Most ep since Feb 2015) Comedy Central
  • Jon please stay until the US election is over!

    I am from Canada but love watching you cover elections. You are one of a kind and any replacement is not going to be the same. We humans are absurd and you point it out so well.
  • Great show!

    The best!
  • Florida - Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville

    Yes, I live in Florida. The state Jon loves to make fun of. Chances are he either has a house here or has never visited to know why so many people love this state. I was born and raised in Florida and have never lived anywhere else. There are lots of reasons for that.

    In any case, there is now a very good reason to cheer Florida. In particular, the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. There has been a break through for a breast cancer vaccine thanks to our own Donna Deegan (3 time breast cancer survivor) and the Dr. at Mayo. Funds raised from a race Donna started years ago have gone towards research and it seems that it is paying off. The news first was reported on our local station where Donna used to be a news anchor and then on The Today Show: 56929697#56929697

    So, with all the silly negatives you find about Florida, at least we are making strides in the medical field to help women with breast cancer. I don't know anyone else that can say that! Quite an important break through.

    I know Jon is a comedian and needs material for his show, but enough is enough. Florida is a great state but we prefer people stay away. We are overcrowded with northerners that come down to our beautiful state to get away from the winters. Yeah, we like the money that tourism brings, but stop criticizing the very place everyone loves to visit, enjoys having a 2nd home, and retires to.

  • Politics with a hint of humor

    But in this case, a lot. I really love Jon's comedic take on certain hilarious events which the conservatives of either side either smear or hide. Politics is in fact hilarious, Jon just makes it even more hilarious to the point where we "actually understand Overall, I really love this show and hope to see more!
  • Dennis Miller pre-9/11

    Before 9/11, Dennis Miller was a superior smart-ass who thought he was a super-genius, sneering at anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

    John Stewart is a similar pseudo-intellectual, class-baiting with similarly pretentious rambling that makes him appear intelligent to those who aren't. and using Marxist rhetoric to insult ring-wing Republicans. But at least Miller learned on 9/11 that this type of thinking was to blame for American vulnerability-- though he never apologized for it, at least he stopped.

    Stewart, not so much.... fools never learn.

  • So I needed a current event for history class....

    this is what got me an A for every week! Before, I never really found politics or current events articles or shows very interesting because they seemed so monotone and boring. It's not that I didn't CARE, it's just that the way it was always presented to me just made it sound uninteresting. It was all "suits and no smiles". Then one late night while procrastinating, I stumble upon this! I think it's a really funny show and a good way to relate current events in a way that doesn't make people feel bored. Or depressed. I like it! ~Lutari
  • Why Jon Stewart is not funny....

    Re: "Don\'t get me wrong I like John Stewart as a comedian, but when he is trying to force his opinions on me... not so much. I don\'t think he intentionally does it, but he only has one joke, and it\'s said that people\'s except one note comics. It\'s getting old we get it, your a Democrat, I remember when people used to tell jokes, and they weren\'t trying so hard to annoy other people, or put their own opinions in them. I\'m only expressing my opinons, and I\'m not saying one view is better than another, I\'m just saying if I respect your views than maybe you can respect mine. "

    Well of (typos). Plus, the guy's delivery is terrible - he over is followed by "laughs". Hurl.

    stewart for potus...
  • Matt Dillon

    Dear Matt you lokk sooo YOUNG and NICE! Your Films are GOOD :)
  • Over the years The Daily Show grown a bit predictable, the biggest sin a comedy show can commit.

    The Daily Show has done a great job carving out its own niche in the comedy landscape. Jon Stewart has a great comedic face, as he goes from deadpan to mugging for the camera and back.

    Over the years The Daily Show grown a bit predictable, the biggest sin a comedy show can commit. Because it's so reliably left wing, it has more trouble being funny when mocking the Left. Partly this might be the studio audience which prefers more anti-Republican jokes, partly it's the personalities and political beliefs of the writers showing through.

    We'll see what happens going forward, hopefully The Daily Show can show a little backbone and mock everybody in power -- even their fellow left-wingers.
  • I used to watch it before John Stewart came on

    Don\'t get me wrong I like John Stewart as a comedian, but when he is trying to force his opinions on me... not so much. I don\'t think he intentionally does it, but he only has one joke, and it\'s said that people\'s except one note comics. It\'s getting old we get it, your a Democrat, I remember when people used to tell jokes, and they weren\'t trying so hard to annoy other people, or put their own opinions in them. I\'m only expressing my opinons, and I\'m not saying one view is better than another, I\'m just saying if I respect your views than maybe you can respect mine.
  • Makingfun of real issues, important issues. Sure we need relief in the world, but making fun of the real problems... uh uh.

    People love this show, and certainly almost no one will agree with this review. I like the idea of the show, I really do, but making fun of important daily events, I don't like that. Real life issues that cause people to die each day and they make fun of it on the show, no, thats not good. But anyways, the show involves fake news casts with guest stars and a funny twist on all the news, and they spin it whatever way they please, usually to the left.
    It's not meant to be a news source, but sadly many people are using it as one, and are beleiving the falseities they use to be funny. People need to get their facts straight and know this show is for fun, it's not all real. but you'd probably enjoy this show, even though I am not fond of it.
  • it gets tiring after awhile

    this show was funny once, but the best part of the show is when there is a famous actor promoting a movie. the rest of the show i really don't care much about. there are funny bits from time to time but it lacks the same impact of conan or leno, jon stewart just ain't cutting it. they seriously need to rework this show. when they make those skits, a few of them are funny, most of them just aren't as funny. at least one skit bombs each week. stewart sometimes try too hard to be funny, i'm just not falling for it.
  • The Daily Show is a daily show about political humor in the recent news. Nothing more.

    Everytime I watch this show I hope it will be funny, but I am disappointed everytime. I like John Stewart for some reason, but I cannot stand this show. He tells jokes that are just not funny. I don't know how this show amazingly stays on the air. John Stewart finds himself caught up in his words quite often and then just laughs or shakes his head and it's funny?.. Yeah, next..
  • A comedic news show. The basic format is Jon Stewart tells a story, we hear a soundbyte, Jon Stewart makes a funny face, goes to one of his lackey news reporter, commercial, another piece, commercial, guest appears, Jon Stewart sucks up, end show

    I think this show has seen better days (i.e. Even Steven segment). I just think it needs a total facelift. Jon Stewart just isn't that funny anymore. I always thought the Daily Show was funnier when Stephen Colbert was the host (Thank god for the Colbert Report!). That said the Daily Show has become too predictable for my taste, and what they should really do is do away with the Daily Show and make the Colbert Report an hour long.
  • Daily Show chose to make fun of the "N" word. Many miseducated people continue to use it. This is not a free speech issue. Too many have died over this word. It cannot be lumped together with other slurs. It's like making fun of holocost victims.

    What Were They Thinking??? I would have sent this message directly to the Daily Show, but there was no "contact us" option on their website. I was very upset by the recent show featuring Gov. Richardson. On that program a group of white and jewish men and one uncle tom black man made fun of an African American counselman from N.Y. attempting to ban the "N" word. They summed up their spoof by comparing banning the "N" word to banning other racial slurs. The counselman put forth his proposal in an attempt to discourage use of the "N" word. There is an historical context attached to that word. No other group was enslaved, lynched, tarred & feathered, physically mutilated while being subjected to racial slurs. Even the counselman understands the concept of free speech, but due to the miseducation in the schools, most Americans (especially our youth) have no idea of the degree of the cruelty that African Americans have had to endure. We act as if this is some ancient history. Have we already forgotten the dismemberment of James Bird dragged behind a car and lynching and beatings and shootings that still take place but go unreported in the news. The Daily show was then followed by the Colbert Report that continued the "let's make fun of "N" theme. After looking at the names of the writers of both shows, I think they will only understand the hurtful damage they did when someone begins to make fun of holocost victims. Those who think of this as strictly a "free speech" issue are also victims of miseducation. Race continues to be the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about or take seriously.
  • What do I think about the show and thous who watch it?

    It is all about making fun of politics and somebody would acts like that he is better then then everybody. I don't think so. That I don't like this show it is so stupid. It is making fun of politics that is trashy and not even funny. It does not even make sence. It is like other show only it is not funny because of the bad jokes and making fun of people they don't need to do.
  • Just what America and the world need

    In a time when it seems that the media has become an entertainment, and politics are getting closer to marketing scams, it's refreshing to see that we have a show that can satirize and ridicule them and make us laugh about the tragedies of this world.
    "The Daily Show" goes beyond comedy. It denounces what's wrong in the many aspects of society and it discusses the major world issues, but always with a sense of humor. A fine example of that, it's the way elections are covered. It makes them interesting and entertaining to watch, but never without losing their integrity, which actually makes it a better source than the traditional news networks.
    Bottom line, "The Daily Show", shows us that we don't have to take anything too seriously - we just have to laugh about it.
  • Have one to many facelifts plus cell phone use damaged Speaker Pelosi's ability to form a relevant thought?

    What a joy to have Speaker Pelosi display her reasoning. It's all the Republicans fault. You would think that the Republicans held a super majority the last two years, as opposed to being the minority party they are. And when Jon hit her with the tough questions on delaying any meaningful legislation her retort of "they did it first" explains why she's such a ineffective house leader. What has happened to the Democrats when the current leadership makes Tip O'Neil look like a right wing fanatic? If the Democrats really want to lose, just give Reid & Pelosi as much air time as possible. Mr Obama would do well to pay off these two before Hillary. Love the show, even when Jon looks like he's going to pee his pants, from fear, that he's on the short end of the testosterone. The only other explanation is he found her so funny there was nothing to add!
  • tv continues to not list DAILY or COLBERT as "currently airing" when they are! WHY? CBS?

    whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why whu why "where oh where has my UNDERDOG gone" ? How is it that I can watch "the DAILY SHOW" and "The COLBERT REPORT" re - run or new most every night, while my trusted servant repeatedly declares them un available? Is it something they've (JOHN or STEVE) said? Is it something I've said, or not said? Please enlighten me! Humerous Current Events May Be a Vague Anomaly For The Desired Level Of Details, But, to do otherwise , next to nothing, in fact to imply these shows no longer air is wrong (OBSTRUCTION OF TRUTH)! TV tv.COM please correct your ways!
  • Funny

    I love satirical fake shows (by fake I mean like the show is intended to be a big joke and is intentionally funny, unlike the real news) and this, along with Colbert Reporte, is the best of them. I like how Jon Stewart takes stabs at people, it's very funny how he makes fun of political figures and people in the news. The only thing I don't care for really are the interviews. I think they're sometimes boring, with it's guests and what they talk about, but thankfully, it's usually interesting. This show is very funny, and satirical, and I enjoy it alot. 10/10 A+
  • funny

    I took a satirical class and we watched this, colbert, and saturday night live, and although i like colbert more than this, this is quite a funny show too, and I like watching. I'll admit, I won't go out of my way to watch it, I may watch every now and then, but so far I have yet to see an episode that has not made me laugh hard once. It is a really funny show and I think a lot of people who have never seen it would also like it and find it funny. It gets a B because it could be funnier I think
  • such a really good show

    the daily show features news segements like little bits and pieces and john stewart makes jokes about them and its all things have been in the news each week i like it because the jokes are really funny but in the beging they are and towards the end there sorta funny but not that funny. and there is interview but there mostly joke interviews and at the end of each show john interviews gust were he learns what that person does each usuly a person that has done something good or writing a book about something or a major subject its a good show . and that is why i gave it a 8
  • Hilarious and useful supplement to your "serious" news source. Stewart deserves a Pulitzer!

    I've been a fan since before Jon Stewart was host of this wonderful news-spoof & variety show. The humor is sometimes self-consciously crass, sometimes devilishly sophisticated, and usually provokes out-loud laughter, at least in this viewer. Moreover, Stewart's interviews with guests are often genuinely thought-provoking, or, depending on the guest, startlingly off-the-wall. As a serious consumer of "left-wing" news outlets such as the PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer, NPR, and The Oregonian newspaper, I find that Stewart et al cover news that is too silly for my other sources, but that is often just as important for understanding the crazy politics of the world we live in. For which I am eternally grateful.
  • The Daily Show gives worldwide news with the comedy twist!

    This show gives everyone thier adequate daily dose of the worldwide news with a fun twist. It's fun and refreshing and makes watching the news and staying informed easy. This is where I get my information on what's going on in the world. I can learn the important stuff that I need to know and leave out all the crud that normal news shows give. I love watching this show with my family and friends, since we always have a good time. It's influential, cutting edge, and just what American needs! Jon Stewart rocks this show and his other anchors are quite hilarious.
  • Jon: Get rid of the correspondents and stop laughing at your own jokes so much!

    I really enjoy this show. Jon Stewart gives an interesting and funny perspective on current events, and most of the time I find myself agreeing with him.

    However the other cast members are incredibly unfunny. Now that the elections are over he should consider firing them all.

    The writers and Jon are going to have a really hard time making fun of an Obama Administration and an all democratic congress, not because they won't screw up, but rather because people are very touchy when it comes to the new President Elect.

    It's also worth pointing out that his is an easy job: He gets to take cheap shots at anyone but he sets no standard to himself.
  • Who says you can't think and laugh at the same time?

    Not The Daily Show for sure, and I have become utterly addicted to the the message AND the delivery: "Guess what? We're NOT going to 'spin' for you".
    It is interesting though, for a fake news show, just how informed Jon Stewart and his "reporters" really are. Its rewarding to watch guests arrive on the show with the attitude that its a comedy - variety show and not to be taken seriously, only to have Jon Stewart utterly humiliate them! I'm into carnage like that!
    The format makes you think and delve deeper, and thats always a good thing. It also regularly helps me update my reading library, by listening to the guest authors and again, wanting to know more.
    Information with a should have been this interesting...and fun!
  • Exactly what america needed!!!!

    Jon Stewart provides America just the kick in the rear it needs on a daily basis! Providing an un-abreviated yet comedic view on events past and present, as well as informing us as to what sort of good reads are out there(oprah, you and your book club can take a hike!). This show is a must watch because not only will you get the news, youll also get a split in your side. This guy is exactly hysterical because hes so true. And for the record, i dont blame him for hosting coldplay. All this guy needs is a consistent segment with Gitmo, the emotianally and physically abused puppet of Guantanamo Bay. That was one funny bit.Colbert who? Give this guy a peabody! Colbert can be quiet about it and go cry in a corner.