The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 10 Episode 148

Richard Clarke

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Richard Clarke comes by for a chat with Jon about the war in Iraq.

    Jon starts off the show by talking about how an audience member asked him for a place to eat.

    Jon gets right into the news which has the Senate passing a bill requiring quarterly reports. Jon turned to the Democrats and Republicans for their opinions on the bill. Jon then moves on to the oil executives were caught lying about how they claimed not to have been at Dick Cheney's secret energy meeting. Jon then moved onto President Bush and Dick Cheney attacking their critics for their criticisms for their handling of the Iraq war. Jon then uses three of the monitors behind him and has a "slots machine" setup, where when he pulls a lever, video clips come rolling around, like on a slot machine, and land on video clips of Dick Cheney making false statements.

    Back from commercial, Jon introduces a piece from Dan Bakkedahl, who has a segment on Tom Cruise, where some seem to think Tom Cruise may be gay, and how his relationship with Katie Holmes is really all fake.

    Back from commercial, Jon welcomes tonight's guest, Richard Clarke, author of The Scorpion's Gate. They discussed Richard's new book and the Bush administration.

    Every segment in this episode was great, making for a fantastic show.