The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 14 Episode 118

Ricky Gervais

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Sep 16, 2009 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

President Obama speaks to Wall Street on the one-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse. Joe Wilson faces a formal resolution of disapproval from House Democrats. Lewis Black discusses the rage fad sweeping America, and Ricky Gervais knows how to help fat people lose weight.

Intro - Ricky Gervais Is Pregnant 0:52

Most people don't know that Jude Law recently impregnated Ricky Gervais.

One Year Anniversary of Lehman Brothers Collapse 2:37

President Obama takes a soft pedal approach to reform when addressing a humbled Wall Street.

Scoldplay 5:07

Joe Wilson refuses to apologize to Congress from the House floor, so Democrats rebuke him with a formal resolution of disapproval.

Back in Black - Angry Outbursts 4:42

Anger sweeps America as Joe Wilson yells at President Obama, Serena Williams threatens a line judge, and Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift.

Ricky Gervais 6:32

Ricky Gervais wants supermarkets to put the cakes through a little door so fat people can't get to them.

Moment of Zen - Marsha Blackburn Honors Gretchen Wilson 0:11

Representative Marsha Blackburn asks Congress to join her in honoring country music recording artist Gretchen Wilson.

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