The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 14 Episode 118

Ricky Gervais

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Sep 16, 2009 on Comedy Central



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    • Jon Stewart: This is what's interesting about this movie (The Invention of Lying). You were insulted in almost every frame. People are saying the rudest things to you. I was thinking to myself, I was watching the movie and I'm thinking, "My god, who wrote this?" And, uh, uh, it was, it was you.
      Ricky Gervais: Well, uh yeah. I think I insult myself to get it out there before anyone else can.
      Jon Stewart: Sneak it in.
      Ricky Gervais: Exactly, yeah. It pulls the rug from underneath them. No, uhm, I, I think I like being insulted, that's funny. That's why I come on this show.
      Jon Stewart: This show just by its very nature insults your status in show business.
      Ricky Gervais: Exactly.
      Jon Stewart: It shows you're trolling.
      Ricky Gervais: I think a comedian should be the butt of the jokes. Now your problem is, you're just too handsome.
      Jon Stewart: Oh stop it... (takes Ricky's hand bashfully, then Ricky puts his second hand over their held hands).
      I knew we would get there at some point.
      Ricky Gervais:Lights out!

    • Jon Stewart: But even Obama's soft petalled "all together now" approach to reform was too much for the street (referring to Obama's speech in front of a Wall Street audience).
      Financial 'Expert' (video clip from CNBC Fast Money, Word on the Street): To me that's just cr.. , you know, painting with a very broad brush. ... to begin give me ten or fifteen minutes I can probably give you the 25 or 30 names that are basically, can account for 95% of the mess we are in.
      Jon Stewart: Wait, 25 guys brought the world economy to its knees? And that's why we don't need reform? Uh, hey, uh, you know what ey, 19 guys flew planes into buildings and suddenly everybody's got to walk through a metal detector, hey? This is bullsh...

    • Jon Stewart: Happy Anniversary, September 15th! Marking a full year since the first ace fell in the collapse of our economic house of cards. The fall of the company Lehman Brothers. A.k.a the moment we all realized we'd mailed our retirement money to a Nigerian prince.

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