The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Season 10 Episode 69

Russell Crowe

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Jun 02, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • What happened here? Where did Russell go? Why did he disappear after the first commercial break?

    This had to be, for me, one of the more painful Daily Shows to watch. Because of the guest. I know that Russell Crowe isn't admired by all, and I believe that this was just shortly before the whole telephone throwing incident. But I thought it could still be an interesting interview, as I'm really neither here nor there on Russell Crowe.

    Unfortunately, it was not to be. When Crowe came out, his new movie (or something, I really can't remember!) was mentioned and about three people in the audience clapped, and tentatively, at that. It was a little embarassing, but Crowe seemed to be ok with that, and made the comment, "the crowd goes mild." And that's where the problems began.

    Stewart immediately went off on a tangent about cultural differences (maybe he was nervous about the lack of audience response?), and the differences in sayings and idioms. Now, I had understood that Crowe was just making a joke on the phrase "the crowd goes wild", and that the "mild" version that he used wasn't a saying or idiom. Stewart didn't seem to get that, and went on, at length, about cultural differences.

    When he finally finished, Crowe explained that it wasn't a saying or idiom in Australia, and he was just making a joke or pun on "the crowd goes wild." Score: minus one for Stewart.

    Whatever topic they moved on to didn't last very long - Crowe mentioned something else about Australia, and Stewart said that he'd never been there. And then Crowe was off on his speech - about how Americans don't travel enough; and that he'd read that 41% of Americans don't even have passports; and that if you want to have the world accept you, then you have to get out there and ~talk~ to the world. Stewart pointed out that the rest of the world doesn't really like Americans (in a joking tone) and Crowe said that "the answer to that is yourself." He said that Americans should confront the stereotypes and prove them wrong by action and example, and that required going out there into the world. Score: minus two for Stewart (and Americans in general.)

    Then they broke for commercial. There was still a second interview segment left, and I assumed they'd be coming back and talking about the movie for the remaining time. But when they came back, Russell Crowe was gone! They did some video filler, and that was the show.

    I was shocked. Where was Russell? And why did he go? Did Stewart get angry about the whole "Americans don't travel enough" speech? Or did Russell get pissed off at the unworldliness of Stewart in particular and Americans in general?

    The whole (short) interview was just one mistake after another, and was painful to watch. It might have some humour value in a "Worst Of The Worst" series, but as far as being a good host goes, it was bad; and as far as being a good guest goes, it was also bad.