The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Season 13

Comedy Central (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Segments: - - Guest: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman talks about his new movie Doubt.

  • Don Rickles
    Don Rickles
    Episode 160

    - Blagojevich mispronunciations and multiple corruption charges including shaking down a children's hospital - Jason Jones reviews old interview footage he did with Blagojevich - John Oliver talks with Rob Riggle who will be leaving the show about his uniquely physical interview Guest:
    Comedian Don Rickles talks about his new book Rickles' Letters.

  • Gov. Mike Huckabee
    Gov. Mike Huckabee
    Episode 159

    - Illinois Governor arrested - Newspapers on the brink of bankruptcy due to the internet
    Former Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee talks about his run for the presidency in his new book Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America.

  • Matthew Alexander
    Matthew Alexander
    Episode 158

    Segments: - Canadian Prime Minister dissolves Canada's Parliament - Unemployment rates up and our two President's are on the case Guest: U.S. military intelligence officer Matthew Alexander talks about his new book How to Break a Terrorist: The U.S. InterrogatorsWho Used Brains, Not Brutality, to Take Down the Deadliest Man in Iraq

  • Ron Howard
    Ron Howard
    Episode 157

    Segments: - A cross decorated with Christmas lights reminiscent of a good ole fashioned cross burning - Big Three automakers fly together to D.C. to ask for money - Dr. Aasif Mandvi files a report about the disease called liberalism Guests: Director Ron Howard talks about his new movie Frost/Nixon

  • Arianna Huffington
    Arianna Huffington
    Episode 156

    Segments: - Indiana chapter of Planned Parenthood gift certificates - Bush's first exit interview with Charlie Gibson - John Hodgman talks about Bush's lame duck presidency Guests:
    Political blogger and author of The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, Arianna Huffington.

  • Calvin Trillin
    Calvin Trillin
    Episode 155

    Segments: - Obama's new cabinet members built of rivals - Rob Riggle reports on the new Obama members - Georgia runoff election with the Republican contender fondling his grandaughter Guests: Poet Calvin Trillin talks about his new book Deciding the Next Decider: The 2008 Presidential Race in Rhyme.

  • Anne Hathaway
    Anne Hathaway
    Episode 154

    - Black Friday deaths
    - Mumbai terrorist act with John Oliver reporting
    - New York Giants wide receiver shoots himself in the leg
    - MSNBC is bizarro FOX News

    Actress Anne Hathaway promotes her new movie Rachel Getting Married

  • Richard Belzer
    Richard Belzer
    Episode 152

    Segments: - Iraq surrenders by making a timetable for when US troops have to leave - Auto industry on the verge of bankruptcy - Pirate attacks Guest:
    Author of I Am Not a Cop! Richard Belzer

  • Jon Meacham
    Jon Meacham
    Episode 152

    Segments: - Cheney and Gonzalez Indictment in a segment called "You Don't Know Dick" - Lieberman's betrayal forgiven and Stevens conviction - Lewis Black jabs at Obama merchandise Guest:
    Newsweek editor Jon Meacham

  • Denis Leary
    Denis Leary
    Episode 150
    Segments: - Obama wants his political rivals in his cabinet - John Oliver explores the magic of CNN's touch screen Guest:
    Actor/comedian Denis Leary
  • Sir David Frost
    Sir David Frost
    Episode 149
    Segments: - Bush at the G20 summit - Election update for Alaska, Minnesota, and Georgia Guest: Political satirist Sir David Frost.
  • Bill O'Reilly
    Bill O'Reilly
    Episode 148
    Segments: Obama's victory leads to large gun purchases, media gun puns, and FOX News fear mongering Guest FOX New's Bill O'Reilly talks about his new book A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity
  • T. Boone Pickens
    T. Boone Pickens
    Episode 147
    - McCain on Leno And Palin media blitz in a segment called "The Biggest Losers"
    - Supreme Court rules on swear words

    Businessman T. Boone Pickens talks about his new book The First Billion Is the Hardest: Reflections on a Life of Comebacks and America's Energy Future.
  • Thomas Friedman
    Thomas Friedman
    Episode 146
    - Change comes to America
    - Presidential transition team
    - Bush meets Obama in a segment called "Greatness Watch: Road to Rushmore" Guest: Author Thomas Friedman talks about his new book Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America
  • Paul Rudd
    Paul Rudd
    Episode 145
    Segments: Election updates Gay marriage bans Sarah Palin stupidity Kudos to Obama from world leaders and celebrations from around the world Guest: Actor in the new movie Role Models Paul Rudd
  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace
    Episode 144
    Segments: Obama's victory Media coverage of the election and their new toys in a segment called "Why?" Jason Jones talks with Jon about Obama's speech John Oliver searches for the new White House dog in a segment called "Road to the Doghouse" Guest: FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace
  • Indecision 2008 - Americas Choice
    Live coverage of presidential election results.
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin
    Doris Kearns Goodwin
    Episode 142
    Cheney endorses McCain
    Obama's lofty promises
    McCain and Schwarzenegger campaign
    Proposition 8 in California to ban gay marriage Guest: Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.
  • Bill Kristol
    Bill Kristol
    Episode 141
    Segments: Obama's infomercial John Oliver explores the job of community organizers Editor of the The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol
  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama
    Episode 140
    Segments: News media covers white mini-van police chase for an hour Palin goes rogue and speaks for herself Joe the Plumber goes rogue too Mario Lopez gets an exclusive interview with Obama Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama appears via satellite.
  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin
    Episode 139
    Segments: Senator Ted Stevens is now a convicted felon in a segment called Meet Your New Cellmate McCain forgetful on Meet the Press and overuse of air quotes Wyatt Cenac talks with Jon about recent poll results Actor/comedian Steve Martin
  • Campbell Brown
    Campbell Brown
    Episode 138
    Segments: McCain labels Obama as a sinister socialist John Oliver talks with McCain and Obama supporters Greenspans view on the economy CNN's Campbell Brown
  • Jon Corzine
    Jon Corzine
    Episode 137
    -Political gaffes
    -Real Americans join Rob Riggle for a tour of NY New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.
  • Tom Brokaw
    Tom Brokaw
    Episode 136
    Segments: -Palin's expensive wardrobe and tastes in a segment called Project Beltway -Jason Jones explores Palin's small town hypocrisy -Who the F@#k is that Guy? News anchor Tom Brokaw.
  • Christopher Buckley
    Christopher Buckley
    Episode 135
    Segments: -Politicians pander to local sports teams -Socialist McCain is dead -John Hodgman talks about his new book Christopher Buckley discusses his book, Supreme Courtship.
  • Eugene Jarecki
    Eugene Jarecki
    Episode 134
    Segments: -Republican strategy to separate the U.S. into "real" vs. fake America -Jason Jones visits real America in Wasilla, Alaska Eugene Jarecki discusses his book, The American Way of War.
  • Robert Reich
    Robert Reich
    Episode 133
    Segments: -Coverage of the final debate in Word War III -Joe the Plumber's 15 minutes of fame and John Oliver's coverage of this blue collar debate tool -Jason Jones and Samantha Bee talk with undecided voters Former labor secretary to President Clinton, Robert Reich discusses his new book Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life
  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis
    Episode 132
    Segments: -Canadian presidential election results in a segment called Canuck the Vote -Senior Presidential Debate Analyst John Oliver reports from the final debate between Obama and McCain -Obama and McCain campaign promises on the economy -Page scandal Rep. Mark Foley's replacement Tim Mahoney cheats on his wife Comedian Richard Lewis
  • Ari Fleischer
    Ari Fleischer
    Episode 131
    Segments: -Republican smear tactics in an attempt to create fear over Obama in a segment called 10,000 McCainiacs -Senior Brown Correspondent Aasif Mandvi covers the McCain campaign -McCain's game changers and speech recycling Former press secretary to President Bush, Ari Fleischer
  • Amity Shlaes
    Amity Shlaes
    Episode 130
    Segments: -Clusterf#@k to the Poor House -Senior Financial Analyst Wyatt Cenac talks about the ups and downs of the stock market -Sarah Palins troopergate scandal in VP's Troopers & Practical Jokes Journalist and economic reporter Amity Shlaes discusses her new book The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression moreless
  • Robert DeNiro
    Robert DeNiro
    Episode 129
    Segments: Clusterf#@k to the Poor House John Oliver;s talk with the Iraqi Ambassador in Oliver's Travels Actor Robert DeNiro talks about his new movie What Just Happened?
  • Michelle Obama
    Michelle Obama
    Episode 128
    Michelle Obama stops by to talk with Jon about her husband's presidential aspirations and the state of the campaign.
  • Sarah Vowell
    Sarah Vowell
    Episode 127
    Segments: -Palin attacks Obama (Six Degrees of Desperation) -Senior Polling Analyst John Oliver -Lewis Black in Back in Black looks at campaign attack ads Sarah Vowell talks about her new book The Wordy Shipmates.
  • Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins
    Episode 126
    Segments: Vice Presidential Debate Coverage John Oliver explores the interest surrounding the debate Jason Jones visits Wasilla, Alaska Tim Robbins talks about his new movie City of Ember
  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood
    Episode 125
    Tonight, director Clint Eastwood talks about his newest movie creation, Changeling.
  • Peggy Noonan
    Peggy Noonan
    Episode 124
    Tonight, author Peggy Noonan discusses her new book Patriotic Grace: What It Is and Why We Need It Now.
  • Bill Maher
    Bill Maher
    Episode 123
    Tonight, comedian Bill Maher talks about his new movie Religulous.
  • Hooman Majd
    Hooman Majd
    Episode 122
    to be announced...
  • Bob Schieffer
    Bob Schieffer
    Episode 121
    Tonight, journalist and host of CBS's Face the Nation Bob Schieffer talks about his new book Bob Schieffer's America.
  • Aaron Eckhart
    Aaron Eckhart
    Episode 121

    Tonight, actor Aaron Eckhart discusses his role in The Dark Knight.

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton
    Episode 120

    Former President Bill Clinton stops by the show tonight to discuss the current election.

  • Tony Blair
    Tony Blair
    Episode 119

    Jon talks to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

  • Charlize Theron
    Charlize Theron
    Episode 118

    Charlize Theron talks about her new movie Battle In Seattle.

  • Ricky Gervais
    Ricky Gervais
    Episode 117

    Ricky Gervais talks about his new film, Ghost Town.

  • Barton Gellman
    Barton Gellman
    Episode 116

    Jon Stewart discusses the importance of blinking. Sarah Palin will talk to the press as soon as they stop asking her questions. Jason Jones is the only correspondent in the news team with his own spin-off. Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman discusses his book Angler about Dick Cheney's time as the vice-president.

  • RNC Coverage Concludes


  • Mike Huckabee
    Mike Huckabee
    Episode 114

    Former presidential contender Mike Huckabee voices in on the current election.

  • Newt Gingrich
    Newt Gingrich
    Episode 113

    The Daily Show News Team evaluates the Republican Convention, targeting the locale, speeches, and news coverage, especially The O'Reilly Factor. Newt Gingrich is the guest and faces difficult questions on whether Palin is qualified and ready for the vice presidential slot.

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams
    Episode 112
  • Look Who's Coming to Denver
    The Daily Show covers the last day of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.
  • Evan Bayh
    Evan Bayh
    Episode 110
    The DS team continues to cover the Democratic National Convention. Samantha Bee sounds off on the Republican Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin. Aasif Mandvi reports on Obama's acceptance speech (hours before it is given), and Stewart interviews former democractic vice presidential hopeful Evan Bayh who discusses Indiana's current political mood.
  • Howard Dean
    Howard Dean
    Episode 108
    Jon Stewart follows day two of the convention, providing humorous commentary on Hillary Clinton's speech and MSNBC footage. John Oliver, in a video, joins Hillary Clinton supporters as they "heal" after her speech. Howard Dean, via satellite, discusses the Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the upcoming election.
  • Tim Kaine
    Tim Kaine
    Episode 108
    The Daily Show is in Denver this week to cover the Democratic National Convention. The Daily Show news team references beer ads while providing coverage of Denver and the convention. Media coverage and commentary on Michelle Obama's speech is examined - FOX wants to know if she can prove she's a patriotic human being. John Oliver attempts to heal Clinton supporters with the help of a child therapist. Jon interviews Virginia's governor, Tim Kaine about being on the short list for Vice President running mate to Obama.moreless
  • Ben Stiller
    Ben Stiller
    Episode 106
    Tonight, actor and comedian Ben Stiller talks about his new movie, Tropic Thunder.
  • Philip Pan
    Philip Pan
    Episode 105
    Tonight, The Washington Post's former bureau chief in Beijing from 2001 to 2007, Philip Pan discusses his new book, Out of Mao's Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China.
  • Senator Mel Martinez
    Senator Mel Martinez
    Episode 104
    Tonight, Florida's Senator Mel Martinez talks about his new book which examines his life growing up as poor Cuban immigrant to his rise in the U.S. Senate, A Sense of Belonging: From Castro's Cuba to the U.S. Senate, One Man's Pursuit of the American Dream
  • Ron Suskind
    Ron Suskind
    Episode 103
    Tonight, journalist and author Ron Suskind talks about his new book The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism.
  • David Gregory
    David Gregory
    Episode 102
    Tonight, NBC's Chief White House Correspondent, David Gregory.
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer
    Sen. Chuck Schumer
    Episode 101
    Tonight, Senator Chuck Schumer from New York talks about his new book Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Majority One Family at a Time.
  • Seth Rogen
    Seth Rogen
    Episode 100
    Tonight, actor Seth Rogen talks about his new movie Pineapple Express.
  • Dennis Hopper
    Dennis Hopper
    Episode 99
    Tonight, actor Dennis Hopper talks about his new movie Elegy.
  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams
    Episode 98
    Jon interviews NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.
  • Ben Wattenberg
    Ben Wattenberg
    Episode 97
    Monica Goodling, ex-Dept. of Justice aide and alumni of Messiah College, admits during Congressional hearings that she crossed the line by using illegal political hiring practices to only hire Repbublicans- but she claims she "didn't mean to" do it. Jon explores CNN's "American Morning" use of music intros. Ben Wattenberg tries to explain why we invaded Iraq.moreless
  • Bill Bishop
    Bill Bishop
    Episode 96
    Senator Ted Stevens is indicted by the Justice Department for accepting house renovations from the oil industry. John McCain is uncomfortable holding hands with the Dalai Lama. John Oliver believes John McCain needs pity votes. Jon plays Wyatt Cenac's Rappers or Republicans gameshow. Bill Bishop, author of The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart discusses how people cluster with their own kind.moreless
  • Nancy Pelosi
    Nancy Pelosi
    Episode 95
    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi talks about her new book, Know Your Power: A Message To America's Daughters.
  • Geo Beach
    Geo Beach
    Episode 94
  • T.J. English
    T.J. English
    Episode 93
  • Will Ferrell
    Will Ferrell
    Episode 92
    Will Ferrell talks about his new movie, Step Brothers.
  • Richard Bitner
    Richard Bitner
    Episode 91
    Richard Bitner discusses his book Greed, Fraud & Ignorance: A Subprime Insider's Look at the Mortgage Collapse.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Episode 90
    Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal discusses her role in the movie Dark Knight.
  • Kenneth Pollack
    Kenneth Pollack
    Episode 89
    Author Kenneth Pollack discusses his new book, A Path Out Of The Desert: A Grand Strategy For America In The Middle East.
  • Pierce Brosnan
    Pierce Brosnan
    Episode 88
    Pierce Brosnan talks about his new movie Mamma Mia!
  • Andrew Ward
    Andrew Ward
    Episode 87
    Author Andrew Ward discusses his new book, The Slaves' War.
  • Ted Koppel
    Ted Koppel
    Episode 86
    Tonight, Ted Koppel talks about his new special about the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. and China on the Discovery Channel called The People's Republic of Capitalism.
  • Coldplay
    Episode 85
    Tonight, English rock band Coldplay sing a few songs from their new album, Viva La Vida.
  • James Harding
    James Harding
    Episode 84
    Tonight, the editor from The Times in London, James Harding talks about his new book Alpha Dogs: The Americans Who Turned Political Spin into a Global Business.
  • James McAvoy
    James McAvoy
    Episode 83
    Tonight, actor James McAvoy talks about his new movie with Angelina Jolie, Wanted
  • Mike Myers
    Mike Myers
    Episode 82
    Tonight, actor and comedian Mike Myers talks about his new movie The Love Guru.
  • Steve Carell
    Steve Carell
    Episode 81
    Tonight, comedian and actor Steve Carell talks about his new movie Get Smart.
  • Lara Logan
    Lara Logan
    Episode 80
    Tonight, journalist and reporter for 60 Minutes, Lara Logan.
  • David Iglesias
    David Iglesias
    Episode 79
    Tonight, former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias who was fired from the Bush administration talks about his new book In Justice: Inside the Scandal That Rocked the Bush Administration.
  • Richard Engel
    Richard Engel
    Episode 78
    Tonight, journalist Richard Engel talks about living in Iraq and his new book, War Journal: My Five Years in Iraq. Jon first reports on Bush's trip to Europe in a segment called "George Walker Bush: Still President". Senior Presidential Legalicist John Oliver offered some insight to Bush's rhetoric. Senior Presidential Legalicist John Oliver talks with Jon and gives some insight into Bush's war rhetoric. Finally, Senior Lipizzaner Correspondent Rob Corddry talks about Bush's trip to Slovenia.moreless
  • Rick Shenkman
    Rick Shenkman
    Episode 77
    Tonight, author Rick Shenkman discusses his new book "Just How Stupid Are We?: Facing the Truth About the American Voter". Jon first covers Obama's image being used to sell cars. Next, Jon reports on McCain supposedly calling his wife a c*nt after being told by her that his hair didn't look good. To quote McCain's salty Navy talk, 'At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c*nt'. Jon then reports on Obama being called elitist as well as his "hand bump" gesture with his wife. FOX News later insinuated that this was some sort of 'terrorist fist jab'. Finally, Resident Expert John Hodgeman discusses his ideas about his "Staycation/Holistay", or a vacation without ever leaving your home.moreless
  • Ralph Reed
    Ralph Reed
    Episode 76
    Tonight, Republican strategist Ralph Reed talks about his new book Dark Horse: A Political Thriller. Jon reports on the trials of the 9/11 plotters at Guantanamo in a segment called "Guantanamo Baywatch". One of the plotters, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed represented himself at trial and one of his first objections was that his courtroom sketch had his nose drawn too wide. John Oliver investigates Guantanamo by visiting Amnesty International's reenactment of the prison on the streets of Philadelphia in a segment called "Habitat for Inhumanity". Finally, Jon reports on Chuck Norris' efforts to lower gas prices by writing a scathing letter to Congress in a segment called "Gas Hysteria".moreless
  • Senator Jim Webb
    Senator Jim Webb
    Episode 75
    Tonight, Senator Jim Webb from Virginia talks about his possible chances for becoming Obama's VP and talks about his new book, A Time to Fight: Reclaiming a Fair and Just America. Obama just won the nomination and as Jon first shows us, the media can't help but ask him who his VP choice is going to be. Also, the media frenzy over the possible meeting between Obama and Clinton. Next, a look at Clinton's concession speech. Finally, the hubbub over phase two of the Senate's report over the bad intelligence that got us into the Iraq War. The big headline that made no news on the major media outlets, the Bush administration misled the public into the war.moreless
  • Adam Sandler
    Adam Sandler
    Episode 74
    Tonight, actor and comedian Adam Sandler talks about his new movie You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Jon begins the show reporting on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain talking to AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobby group in a segment called "Indecision 5768". Finally, Senior Women's Issues Commentator Kristen Schaal talks about sexism in the media against Clinton.moreless
  • Barbara Walters
    Barbara Walters
    Episode 73
    Tonight, Barbara Walters tells all about her new book Audition: A Memoir. Jon begins the show reporting on history in the making as Barack Obama becomes the presumptive nominee as the Democratic primary's come to a close. Jon brings Abraham Lincoln back from the past to get his reaction to this historic event. Also, Hillary did not choose to concede last night and spent the better half of her speech talking about herself. Next, Jon looks at Obama's victory speech and John McCain's unremarkable "change" speech. Finally, Aasif Mandvi attends a Clinton rally in a segment called "If At First You Don't Concede".moreless
  • David Sedaris
    David Sedaris
    Episode 72
    Tonight, comedian David Sedaris talks about his new book When You Are Engulfed in Flames. Jon begins the show with a report out of London as its mayor decides to ban alcohol on their subway. Senior Mass Transit Analyst John Oliver talks about the drunken protests that occured as a result of the ban in a segment called "Anarchy Under The UK". Next, the Associated Press reports on Clinton conceding the election and then taking that back saying that she won't concede after tonight's primary's. The media pounce on this report and the speculation starts flying. Clinton's spokesperson Terry McAuliffe stops by to talk wih Jon about Hillary's inevitable victory. Finally, The Daily Show's new correspondent Wyatt Cenac talks about the neverending process that was this year's Democratic primary's.moreless
  • Scott McClellan
    Scott McClellan
    Episode 71
    Tonight, former White House Press Secretary (2003-2006) for President Bush and author of the new book What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception, Scott McClellan. Jon begins the show with Fred Schneider from the B-52's reading an excerpt from Scott McClellan's new book. Finally, Jon reports on the status of the primary's conducted in Michigan and Florida and whether the DNC will seat their delegates at the convention in a segment called "MI FL Hunters".moreless
  • Richard A. Clarke
    Richard A. Clarke
    Episode 70
    Tonight, former Chief Counter-Terrorism Adviser on the US National Security Council and author of Your Government Failed You: Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters, Richard Clarke.

    Jon begins the show with a look at Obama's doctor who declared that he's in excellent health.

    Next, President Bush visits the US Air Force Academy to give the graduation speech and pose for pictures with the graduates.

    Also, Republicans disapprove of the new GI Bill in a segment called "C*A*S*H". The bills will pay soldiers who have put in three years to attend any public university in their state that they wish to attend.

    Finally, Samantha Bee talks about the recent "Sex and the City" premiere.moreless
  • Fred Burton
    Fred Burton
    Episode 69
    Tonight, foremost expert on counter-terrorism Fred Burton talks about his new book, Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent. Jon begins the show talking about McCain's fund raising campaign with Bush in the privacy of an insurance magnate's home. McCain also releases his medical records for a full three hours in a segment called "Indecision 2008: Full Release". Finally, Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks with Jon about who Obama should pick as his VP.moreless
  • Matt Taibbi
    Matt Taibbi
    Episode 68
    Tonight, journalist and author of Jon Stewart concludes the show with his interview of Matt Taibbi, author of The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire.

    Jon begins the show looking at President Bush's awesome overuse of the word awesome.

    Next, the Clinton's once played the blame game against the vast right-wing conspiracy and now have begun to sing a different tune, blaming the left-wing conspiracy of the media for her losses in a segment entitled "The War on the Clintons: The Great Delegate, Superdelegate and Popular Vote Robbery". Senior Political Correspondent John Oliver reports from Puerto Rico on Hillary's vow to continue fighting no matter what.

    Finally, Rob Riggle talks about his journey with the press pool following Barack Obama around the country in a segment called "The Spiels on the Bus".moreless
  • Denis Leary
    Denis Leary
    Episode 67
    Tonight, actor and star of the new movie Recount, Denis Leary. Jon begins the show with John Edwards endorsement of Obama. Next, Jon reports on Bush's visit to Israel and his remarks against the use of diplomacy. Bush also comments about how he's stopped playing golf out of respect for those who died in Iraq in segment called "Golf War". Senior White House Correspondent Jason Jones talks about how popularity doesn't matter to President Bush. Finally, Jon reports on the GOP's brand deficiency's and their new slogan, "The Change You Deserve".moreless
  • John Harwood
    John Harwood
    Episode 66
    Tonight, journalist and author of Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power, John Harwood.

    Jon starts the show off with coverage of Hillary's crushing victory in West Virginia's primary, perhaps due to their racist and uninformed poor white voters, in a segment called "The Long Flat Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March to the White House". Finally, Jon reports on McCain's speech on global warming in a segment called "Man on Emission".moreless
  • Bill Moyers
    Bill Moyers
    Episode 65
    Tonight, journalist and author of Moyers on Democracy, Bill Moyers. Jon begins the show talking smack about Justice Antonin Scalia's comments about The Daily Show. Next, Jon reports on the struggles the media encounter trying to report on high gas prices in a segment called "Crisis in Covering the Gas Crisis". Senior Media Analyst Aasif Mandvi talks about how reporters stole one of his signature reporting moves. Finally, Jon reports on the state of democracy in Russia and Mother Russia's new leadership in a segment called "Indecisionski '08avich: Vodka Vote".moreless
  • Douglas Feith
    Douglas Feith
    Episode 64
    Douglas Feith, former undersecretary of defense (2001-2005), discusses his new book War and Decision and the perception of the war in Iraq.

    Jon focuses on Hillary Clinton's campaign manager McAuliffe's guffaw on Meet the Press and Senior Wedding Correspondent John Oliver also discusses Jenna Bush's nuptials.
  • David Perlmutter
    David Perlmutter
    Episode 63
    Tonight, professor of journalism at the University of Kansas and author of Blogwars: The New Political Battleground, David Perlmutter.

    Jon begins the show reporting on The Today Show's Meredith Vieira visit and inside look at Dick Cheney's house in a segment called "You Don't Know Dick".

    Next, Jon reports on the media crowning Obama as the Dem's nominee and Clinton refuses to exit the race. Senior Campaign Correspondent Rob Riggle talked with Jon about how Obama can rid himself of Clinton and get some non-college educated whites to vote for him.

    Finally, Lewis Black in "Back in Black" talks about Bush's economic stimulus package.
  • Senator John McCain
    Senator John McCain
    Episode 62
    "The Long Flat Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March to the White House" continue and Jon gives us the highlights of the Indiana/North Carolina primaries & finally presidential candidate for the Republican Party John McCain, talks about his campaign and potential opponents.
  • Fareed Zakaria
    Fareed Zakaria
    Episode 61
    Tonight, journalist Fareed Zakaria talks about Iraq and the current race for President as well as his new book, The Post-American World. Jon begins the show tonight reporting on Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann and Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and the sex scandals rocking the Midwest in a segment called "Rustbelt Midwest Swing State F@#kfest". The R Kelly Impersonator also makes his third appearance on the show as he sings commentary to Jon's report on Detroit's mayor and his 14,000 text messages from a state phone to a staff member he was intimate with. Finally, John Oliver visits the award ceremony for political ad consultants in a segment called "John Ollie's Ticket to the Pollies".moreless
  • Sen. Harry Reid
    Sen. Harry Reid
    Episode 60
    Tonight, U.S. Senate Majority Leader from Nebraska and author of the new book The Good Fight, Senator Harry Reid.

    Jon begins the show tonight reporting on the 5th anniversary of Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' banner declaration. White House press secretary Dana Perino helped Bush out by saying the banner should have been more specific as to whose mission was accomplished, namely, "Mission accomplished for these sailors who are on this ship on their mission."

    Next, Indecision '08 rolls on with a report on the Guam caucuses in a segment called "The Long Flat Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March to the White House". Also, the 'Panderer's Box' is opened with Hillary pandering to the Nascar Skoal chewing tobacco crowd & Obama plays some b-ball.

    Finally, John Oliver talks with political consultants and their political ads that are up for contention in a political ad award ceremony in a segment called "John Ollie's Ticket to the Pollies".moreless
  • Howard Dean
    Howard Dean
    Episode 59
    Tonight, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean talks about the current race for the Democratic presidential nominee.

    Jon begins the show reporting on the media's coverage of the economic downturn that might or might not be a recession in a segment called "The Slowdown, Difficult Period, Rough Patch, Difficult Headwind, Tough Time Update". Senior Oil, Natural Gas & Kerosene Analyst John Oliver talks with Jon about Bush's response to the economic bad news, which is namely the use of a magic wand to cure the economy's ills.

    Finally, Jason Jones reports on Hillary Clinton's toddlerhood in a segment called "Hillary Clinton: The Scranton Summers, Age 3".moreless
  • Robert Schlesinger
    Robert Schlesinger
    Episode 58
    Tonight, reporter and author of White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters, Robert Schlesinger. Jon begins the show reporting the intense media coverage surrounding Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Obama's reaction to his former pastor in a segment called "Festival of Wrights". Resident Expert John Hodgman stops by to talk with Jon about the Wright controversy and the role of spiritual advisers to Presidents.moreless
  • Newt Gingrich
    Newt Gingrich
    Episode 57
    Tonight, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich talks about his new book Days of Infamy.
    Jon begins the show reporting on the new release of Grand Theft Auto in a segment called "Land of the Spree". Senior Virtual Correspondent Aasif Mandvi reports live from Liberty City on the state of chaos in this video game city. Next, Jon reports on Supreme Court Justice Scalia's interview on 60 Minutes in a segment called "Justice Scalia" (What? No fun puns that rhyme with "Scalia"?) Finally, Jon reports on the federal government's war against teen sex with the government spending over $1 billion for abstinence only education in a segment called "The Global War In Your Pants".moreless
  • Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter
    Episode 56
    Tonight, former President Jimmy Carter talks about his new book A Remarkable Mother. Jon begins the show with a segment called "Penis Theft Panic Update" that apparently is occurring in the Congo. Apparently, 13 suspected sorcerers are using black magic to steal and or shrink men's penises, but lucky for us, they've all been arrested. Finally, a segment called "Charismatic Black Preacher Round-Up: The Reverending Story" with Jon reporting on Reverend Jeremiah Wright's recent PBS interview & recent appearances in front of the press.moreless
  • Colin Firth
    Colin Firth
    Episode 55
    Jon starts the show off talking about how Al Qaeda just might be a U.S. ally against Iran. Then, Jon complains about the democratic race dragging on. Also, Jon talks about the food shortages happening in the world in a segment called "Dude, Where's my Carbs". Aasif Mandvi reports from East Africa about the food shortage there while Rob Riggle covers the rationing of rice at big box stores (despite the US not having a shortage). Finally, Jon reviews John McCain's interview with George Stephanopoulos. Colin Firth comes on the show to promote his new movie Then She Found Me and shares an embarrassing story.moreless
  • Howard Fineman
    Howard Fineman
    Episode 54
    Tonight, journalist and author of The Thirteen American Arguments: Enduring Debates That Define and Inspire Our Country, Howard Fineman. Jon begins the show tonight reviewing the primary results of Pennsylvania and takes a trip back into the past as he reviews Clinton's rhetoric over the course of her running for President in a segment called "Indecision 2008: The Long Flat Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March to the White House". Finally, John Oliver and Jason Jones hang out with Pennsylvanians and try to pretend they care about their opinion.moreless
  • John Waters
    John Waters
    Episode 53
    Tonight, cult film director John Waters. Jon begins the show tonight looking at the presidential candidates addressing the audience of the WWE. Next, Jon takes a look at so-called military analysts the media uses, but the Pentagon call message force multipliers in a segment called "The Less You Know". Senior Military Analyst Rob Riggle talks with Jon about the recent Pentagon report about Pakistan being a safe haven for terrorists. Finally, Samantha Bee and Larry Wilmore visit Pennsylvania and talk with some voters.moreless
  • Senator Barack Obama
    Tonight, Democratic presidential candidate from Illinois, Senator Barack Obama. Jon starts the show off by reviewing the Pope's communion day at Yankee stadium and his visit to a local synagogue. Next, Jon looks at the Democratic presidential candidates last minute push to secure some more Pennsylvania voters. Finally, Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks about whether Obama actually gave Hillary the finger or was just scratching his face.moreless
  • Uma Thurman
    Uma Thurman
    Episode 51
    Tonight, actress and star of the new movie The Life Before Her Eyes, Uma Thurman. Jon begins the show with "Indecision '08" and coverage of the Obama/Clinton Pennsylvania debate and the superfluous questions asked of them. Finally, Resident Expert John Hodgman talks with Jon about elitism and the presidential candidates.
  • Peter Steinfels
    Peter Steinfels
    Episode 50
    Tonight, NY Times religion columnist and author of A People Adrift: The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America, Peter Steinfels. Jon begins the show with an in depth look at the Pope's visit and the intense media coverage in a segment called "Pope in America: Blessed Week Ever". Senior Correspondent Samantha Bee talks about how the visit effected her. Finally, Rob Riggle reports about the paparazzi and the dangerous work they do in a segment called "Fights, Camera, Action!"moreless
  • Jack Goldsmith
    Jack Goldsmith
    Episode 49
    Tonight, the former head of the Office of Legal Counsel to President Bush, current Harvard law professor, and author of The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration, Jack Goldsmith. Jon begins the show tonight with a look at the Pope's U.S. visit. Bush was kind enough to pick him up at the airport. Next, Jon looks at the high level discussions by the top six in the Bush administration (Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Tenet) on the use of torture in a segment called "House of Pain". Finally, Jon reports on the controversy surrounding the Beijing Olympics. Special Commentator Kristen Schaal drops by to talk about this hot button issue.moreless
  • Judd Apatow
    Judd Apatow
    Episode 48
    Tonight, the director and writer of the new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Judd Apatow.

    Jon begins the show tonight with a report on Obama's bitter comments about Pennsylvanians in a segment called "Gaffe-In". Of course, the media waste no time attacking Obama and questioning whether he is an elitist. Next, Hillary goes drinking with the common man and has a few shots of Crown Royal. Jon then talks about why being an elitist isn't a bad thing.

    Finally, Jon looks at Bush's speech about the disatrous effects of pulling out of Iraq.moreless
  • Aram Roston
    Aram Roston
    Episode 47
    Tonight, journalist and author of The Man Who Pushed America to War: The Extraordinary Life, Adventures and Obsessions of Ahmad Chalabi, Aram Roston.

    Jon begins the show with a look at Wolf Blitzer's intense coverage of the Olympic torch being carried through the streets and back alley factories of San Francisco.

    Finally, Senior Political Analyst John Oliver talks with Jon about FOX News' new Bush documentary. In honor of this, John Oliver has produced his own documentary on FOX News entitled "The Meter is Running".moreless
  • Steve Coll
    Steve Coll
    Episode 46
    Tonight, journalist and author of The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century, Steve Coll.

    Jon begins the show with Gen. David Petraeus' report to Congress about the success or lack thereof of the surge in a segment called "Iraq Me Dave Petraeus Part 2". Finally, Senior Middle East Correspondent Aasif Mandvi reports from Baghdad about how the Iraqis perceived the hearing.moreless
  • Cokie Roberts
    Cokie Roberts
    Episode 45
    Tonight, political commentator and author of Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation, Cokie Roberts.

    Jon begins the show with a segment called "Dick Move of the Week" as Obama's campaign hands out free tickets to a Dave Matthews concert on the same day and on the same campus that Bill Clinton was giving a speech.

    Next, Jon talks about the recent airline groundings and repair problems in a segment called "Airplane!". Senior Washington Correspondent Jason Jones talks with Jon about the FAA's failure to inspect planes.

    Finally, Lewis Black in "Back in Black" talks about celebrity endorsements of presidential candidates.moreless
  • Nathan Lane
    Nathan Lane
    Episode 44
    Tonight, actor and star of David Mamet's new play called November, Nathan Lane. Jon begins tonight's show with the Olympic torch's trip to China which included various protesters trying to put the flame out. Luckily, the French police put the flame out themselves before any protester could. Next, the remaining presidential candidates try to separate themselves from the pack by taking advantage of Martin Luther King Jr's recent assassination anniversary in a segment called "got mlk?" Finally, Congress' hearings on the internet's virtual world environment called Second Life where apparently terrorists use to recruit and simulate terrorist acts in a segment called "Avatar Heroes".Senior Virtual Correspondent Rob Riggle reports live from this virtual environment and reports on the hearing.moreless
  • George Clooney
    George Clooney
    Episode 43
    Tonight, the star and director of the new movie Leatherheads, George Clooney. Jon begins tonight's show with a look at President Bush's recent trip to Eastern Europe to drum up support for the war in Afghanistan in a segment called "George Walker Bush: Still President". Senior Political Analyst John Oliver talks with Jon about Bush's attempt to get these countries to join NATO. Next, Jon looks at Obama's face time on various news outlets and talk shows, all except for FOX News' Chris Wallace who emphasized Obama's promise to be on his show by placing a "24" style countdown clock called Obama Watch. Finally, Jon looks at Obama's recent appearance on "Hardball with Chris Matthews".moreless
  • William Safire
    William Safire
    Episode 42
    Tonight, former political columnist for The New York Times and author of Safire's Political Dictionary, William Safire. Jon begins tonight with a segment called "Indecision 2008: Monsters of Nostalgia Tour" as John McCain attempts to reintroduce himself to the public through the media blitz covering the Dems race. Jon hits the hot spots on McCain's tour of his life by first talking with Senior Biographical Commentator Jason Jones reporting live from Annapolis where McCain was a cadet in 1954. Next, Senior Personal History Correspondent Samantha Bee reports from Gettysburg where McCain gave some water to Abraham Lincoln. Finally, Senior Life-Telling Man Rob Riggle reports from a cave in France where our human ancestors, including McCain, first drew on a cave. Jon then looks at the House of Representatives who spent a day grilling some oil executives about record gas prices. Senior Petrol Correspondent John Oliver reports from a gas station about these high prices.moreless
  • Simon LeVay
    Simon LeVay
    Episode 41
    Tonight, neuroscientist and author of When Science Goes Wrong, Simon LeVay.

    "Indecision 2008" continues with Obama's attempt to keep his campaign's momentum going with his appeal to blue collar workers in Pennsylvania by doing some of their chores, but his positive advance is suddenly halted by his poor bowling performance. Next, Jon looks at the media's reports on whether Hillary's continuing campaign is hurting the Dems' chances to get the White House.

    Finally, Jason Jones reports on a 21 year old superdelegate and what exactly a superdelegate is in a segment called "Donkey Punch".moreless
  • Sen. Chuck Hagel
    Sen. Chuck Hagel
    Episode 40
    Tonight, Republican Senator from Nebraska and co-author of America: Our Next Chapter: Tough Questions, Straight Answers , Chuck Hagel. Jon begins tonight with an Iraq update as Bush attempts to promote some good news out of Iraq even though violence is increasing in a segment called "Bless O'Potamia". Senior Baghdad Correspondent John Oliver talks with Jon about this increase in violence. Finally, President Bush takes a break from his normal presidential responsibilities and throws the opening pitch for the Washington Nationals amidst a cacophony of boo's from the crowd.moreless
  • Alex Kingsbury
    Alex Kingsbury
    Episode 39
    Tonight, an associate editor at U.S. News & World Report magazine, Alex Kingsbury.

    Jon begins the show tonight with a special report on Iraq, which marked its five year anniversary yesterday with a number of colorful protests. Next, a look at Bush's Iraq speeches over the last five years in a segment called "Iraq: The First 5 Years". Finally, Jon reports on Dick Cheney's visit to the Middle-East in a segment called "Dick Cheney: International Man of Misery".
  • Sen. Arlen Specter
    Sen. Arlen Specter
    Episode 38
    Tonight, Pennsylvania Senator and author of Never Give In: Battling Cancer in the Senate, Arlen Specter. Jon begins the show tonight reporting on yet another sexual perversion of a Alabama's governor in a segment called "The Govs Must Be Horny". Apparently, Governor Bob Riley likes banana pudding served on a Thai shemales breasts. Next, Jon reports on the low value of the U.S. dollar compared to other nations currencies and the media's attempt to figure out if we are in a recession. But according to Bush, this is no recession, only a slowdown. Resident Expert John Hodgman about whether we indeed are in a recession. Finally, "Indecision 2008" with Barack Obama's powerful speech on race and the media's intense coverage and asinine questions.moreless
  • Jeffrey Sachs
    Jeffrey Sachs
    Episode 37
    Tonight, economist and author of Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, Jeffrey Sachs.

    Jon begins tonight reporting on various governors who have had extra marital affairs in a segment called "The Govs Must Be Horny". Apparently, Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer 'gets his rocks off by rubbing against farmers at county fairs'.

    Next, Jon reports on Barack Obama's race speech in response to the media's torrent of coverage regarding his pastor Jeremiah Wright's controversial remarks. Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks with Jon about white/black race relations.

    Finally, Jason Jones hits the street of NYC on St. Patrick's Day and asks what people think of the Eliot Spitzer scandal.
  • Brian Fagan
    Brian Fagan
    Episode 36
    Tonight, archaeologist, professor of anthropology, and author of The Great Warming: Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations, Brian Fagan, Jon begins the show tonight with some bad financial news in a segment called "Broken Arrow: Crisis in the Chartland". President Bush tries to quell fears of a looming recession by promoting his economic stimulus package, but to no avail as Jon reports on the collapse of Bear Stearns. Senior Financial Analyst Aasif Mandvi reports live from his suicidal jump off a NY skyscraper. Finally, Jon reports on the New York's new governor. Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks with Jon about the new African-American governor, who also happens to be legally blind.moreless
  • Dana Perino
    Dana Perino
    Episode 35
    Tonight, the current White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino. Jon begins the show reporting on Hillary's friend Geraldine Ferraro's racist comments about Obama and later, Obama's preacher damning America in a segment called "You're Not Helping". Next, new Daily Show Special Commentator Kristin Schaal talks about Ferraro's comments and talks to the future woman president in the year 2300. Finally, an update on "Mess O'Potamia" with the U.S. military finally admitting Saddam Hussein has no connection with Al Qaeda, leaving Bush to justify the war as an act of giving freedom.moreless
  • Ronald Kessler
    Ronald Kessler
    Episode 34
    Tonight, journalist and author of The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack, Ronald Kessler. Jon begins the show with Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation and looks at the media's coverage of this event, which gave the full O.J. following the car treatment. John Oliver talks with Jon some more about Spitzer and his Achilles heel, namely his penis. Finally, "Indecision 2008" continues as Jon reports on Obama's victory in Mississippi, which came to no surprise to the media since the state is mainly African-American.moreless
  • Grover Norquist
    Grover Norquist
    Episode 33
    Tonight, president of taxpayer advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform and author of Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government's Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives , Grover Norquist. Jon begins tonight's show with a report on the media salivating all over the Governor Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. Legal Analyst Rob Riggle talks with Jon about the legal/penal implications in a segment called "Gubernatorial Malfeasance". Samantha Bee then talks with Jon about Spitzer's clichéd apology standing next to his supporting wife. Samantha also takes the time to apologize to her husband Jason Jones for the many men she slept with. Finally, Lewis Black talks about the nitty gritty details about the Spitzer scandal in a segment called "Back in Black".moreless
  • Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell
    Tonight, a U.S. officer who was chief spokesman & Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Effects for the Multi-National Force in Iraq, Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell. Jon begins tonight's show with the Eliot Spitzer prostitution ring scandal. Next, Jon covers the Wyoming Democratic caucuses and Samantha Bee talks about how Obama won Wyoming. Finally, Rob Riggle reports on a U.S. Marine Corp recruiting office in Berkeley, CA that has been asked to leave and is being protested against.moreless
  • Sen. Tom Daschle
    Sen. Tom Daschle
    Episode 31
    Tonight, former Senate Majority leader and author of Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis, Senator Tom Daschle. Jon begins tonight with a report about whether the Democratic delegates from Florida and Michigan will be counted. Next, John McCain gets a big endorsement from President Bush in a segment called "Terms of Endorsement". Jon then reviews how the price of oil has tripled within the last 7 years of the Bush presidency. Finally, Middle East Correspondent Aasif Mandvi talks with Jon about the rising gas prices.moreless
  • Martin Fletcher
    Martin Fletcher
    Episode 30
    Tonight, a correspondent from NBC news and author of Breaking News: A Stunning and Memorable Account of Reporting from Some of the Most Dangerous Places in the World, Martin Fletcher. Jon begins the show with Tuesday's primary results as Hillary Clinton clinches Ohio & Texas, John McCain wins the GOP nomination, and Huckabee's very detailed farewell speech. The ultimate winners are the media who have a few more months to play with their new technology toys. To counter the big news media oulet's, Jon unveils the new Daily Show election center room.moreless
  • Ralph Nader
    Ralph Nader
    Episode 29
    Tonight, the newest presidential candidate and author of The Seventeen Traditions, Ralph Nader. Jon begins tonights show with a report on the do or die moment that is today's primaries. Senior Political Correspondent Rob Riggle talks with Jon about the life and death struggle surrounding the primaries in a segment called "Mortal Kombat '08". Finally, a segment called "Fruits of Democracy" about the Iraq War which is turning 5 years old this month and the Iranian President's cordial visit to Iraq.moreless
  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton
    Episode 28
    Tonight, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Jon reports on a pre-super Tuesday possible "ultimate last final showdown" and highlights of Clinton/Obama's interviews and speeches in Ohio and Texas.
  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams
    Episode 27
    Tonight, the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams. Jon begins tonight's show with a look at Bush's recent presidential news conference and his trip to Africa in a segment called "Bushman of Africa". Senior White House Correspondent John Oliver was along for the ride with President Bush in Africa and talks with Jon about his experience. Finally, Expert Youth Politics Reporter on Voting Demetri Martin reports on why the youth vote is so important this election year in a segment called "Trendspotting with Demetri Martin". The TDS Street Team hits the New York City bar scene and asks young people who their voting for.moreless
  • Allen Guelzo
    Allen Guelzo
    Episode 26
    Tonight, professor and author of Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates that Defined America, Allen Guelzo. Tonight, Jon begins tonight's show with a review of the final Obama/Clinton debate in a segment called "Last Tango in Cleveland". Some of the highlights include the details surrounding their health care plans, the Louis Farrakhan Obama endorsement, and Clinton's pity plea about always getting the first and hardest questions. Senior Correspondent Samantha Bee talks with Jon about the media's bias against Clinton. Finally, Jason Jones reports on the full caffeine eclipse that occurred for 3 hours on February 26th as all Starbucks stores closed down to retrain their baristas.moreless
  • Madeleine Albright
    Madeleine Albright
    Episode 25
    Tonight, former Secretary of State and author of Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America's Reputation and Leadership, Madeleine Albright. Jon begins tonight's show with a recap of his hosting of the Oscars along with commentary from Senior Hollywood Correspondent John Oliver in a segment called "Hooray for Oscarwood!" Finally, "Indecision 2008" continues as Obama steamrolls Clinton in a number of previous primaries in the last few weeks. As Jon notes, Hillary's strategy is to be gracious one moment, only to be disdainful the next.moreless
  • Lee Siegel
    Lee Siegel
    Episode 24
    Tonight, author of Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob, Lee Siegel.

    Jon begins tonights show reporting on Roger Clemens testimony before the House Oversight Committee on the use of steroids in a segment called "Best Damn Sports Hearing Period".

    Finally, an update on Iraq with the Iraqi Parliament making steady progress by picking a new flag. Also, Al-Qaeda job applications have been found and Resident Expert John Hodgman talks with Jon about this recent discovery and how to successfully apply for an Al-Qaeda position.moreless
  • Mark Siegel
    Mark Siegel
    Episode 23
    Tonight, former adviser to Benazir Bhutto and promoting Bhutto's book Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West, Mark Siegel. A Daily Show ends and The Daily Show returns as Jon marks the return of the writers. The writing staff waste no time as Jon reports on a first ever in history using every dog pun in the book; a beagle won the Westminster dog show in a segment called "Westminster Labbey". Next, "Indecision 2008" with Jon reporting on the Potomac primaries or as some may call them, crabcake primaries. Obama and McCain were the victors for the night and as Jon notes, the media waste no time trying to hype up the contest. Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks with Jon about how Black History Month help Obama win the primary's last night. Finally, "Torture Talk" continues with Jon reporting on the investigation surrounding the CIA's destruction of videotapes of detainee interogations. But no fear, Senator Arlen Specter is on the case, not on the detsruction of the CIA tapes, but of tapes the New England Patriots used and then destroyed to spy on a competing team.moreless
  • Bill Kristol
    Bill Kristol
    Episode 22
    Tonight, the editor of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol.

    Jon begins tonight highlighting the best of the feud over who created Mike Huckabee and Jon's debt to Chuck Norris for completing his exercise gym, for his action pants, and tips on how to drive out of your own grave. Next, Jon looks at MTV's interview with Mike Huckabee and Huck's focus on religion.

    Finally, Senior Correspondent Rob Riggle reports live from The Daily Show set on the difficult times the show has faced without writers.moreless
  • Philip Shenon
    Philip Shenon
    Episode 21
    Tonight, investigative reporter for The New York Times and author of The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation, Philip Shenon. Jon begins tonight with a bit of good news regarding the writers strike as the strike may come to an end this Wednesday. Next, a segment called "Torture Talk" with Jon reporting on recent news that the administration finally admitted to committing acts of waterboarding against detainees, but still claim that this is not torture. Senior Waterboarding Analyst John Oliver discusses the subtleties hidden within the administrations definition of waterboarding and torture. Finally, an "Indecision 2008" update as Obama's audio book goes up against Bill Clinton's audio book at the Grammy's. Not only did Obama win the Grammy, but all five primaries last Saturday. Another primary is coming up this Tuesday and Jon notices how the media has such colorful nicknames for it.moreless
  • Laton McCartney
    Laton McCartney
    Episode 20
    Tonight, author of The Teapot Dome Scandal: How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country, Laton McCartney. Jon begins tonight with some breaking news as Mitt Romney suspends his run for President so that the terrorists don't win. Senior Analyst Jason Jones talks with Jon about Romney's recent decision to back out of the race and how big of a douchebag he is. Finally, an old segment called "Mass. Hysteria" from November 2005 with Ed Helms investigating the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts.moreless
  • Tom Brokaw
    Tom Brokaw
    Episode 19
    Tonight, journalist and author of Boom!: Voices of the Sixties Personal Reflections on the '60s and Today, Tom Brokaw. Jon begins tonight with a review of Super Tuesday's interesting and fascinating results. First, Clinton and Obama are in a deadheat, McCain is halfway to the GOP nomination, Huckabee did good in the South, & Romney wasted a lot of his money. Jon then looks at how the media tried to breakdown the voter demographics with fancy charts and later, different colors for each candidate's victory such as aquamarine and Carolina blue. Finally, John Oliver investigates how political polls can be wrong and how they can be corrected. The whole Daily Show correspondent crew hit the streets and poll New Yorkers before Super Tuesday and to make sure their polling numbers don't change, they threaten to maim and beat up any voter who is going to change their minds.moreless
  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace
    Episode 18
    Tonight, the host of FOX News Sunday's, Chris Wallace. Jon begins tonight with coverage of the media's over exaggeration of SUPER Duper Tsunami Monster Tuesday and Hillary Clinton's debut on the Hallmark Channel. Finally, John Oliver goes down to hang out with some of Super Tuesday voters at the New York Giants parade.moreless
  • Tim Gunn
    Tim Gunn
    Episode 17
    Tonight, fashion expert and on-air mentor to designers on Project Runway, Tim Gunn. Jon begins tonight with a few comments over the New York Giants Super Bowl win last night and a few insults against Boston. Next, Jon reviews the Obama/Clinton debate last week and the plethora of visibly concerned celebrities. Finally, just as Jon was about to talk about the commercials shown during the Super Bowl, Stephen Colbert & Conan O'Brien drop by to discuss there fued over who made Huckabee and attempt to settle it once and for all by fighting it out physically.moreless
  • Karen Tumulty
    Karen Tumulty
    Episode 16
    Tonight, a journalist from Time Magazine who recently interviewed Obama & Ted Kennedy, Karen Tumulty. Jon begins tonight's show commenting on the massive number of screens CNN's Situation Room uses and how when they were announcing John Edwards withdrawal, they had Spongebob dancing on one of them. Edwards has not endorsed anyone, but Guiliani wasted no time in endorsing John McCain. Next, Jon talks with Senior Political Correspondent Rob Riggle about how President Bush can pretty much enact any law he wants an bypass Congress entirely simply by creating signing statements. Finally, Jason Jones files a report on how sleazy political mailings are created in a segment called "Dirty Jobs: Campaign Edition".moreless
  • Peggy Noonan
    Peggy Noonan
    Episode 15
    Tonight, columnist from The Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan. Indecion 2008 continues as Jon reports on two of the big presidential candidates dropping out of the race. John Edwards delivers his goodbye speech from New Orleans and leaves us all hanging by not endorsing anyone else. Rudy Giuliani's put all of his eggs in Florida's basket and his gamble did not pay off. Next, two men enter, one man will leave, as Jon reports on the two GOP canidates left in the race, McCain and Romney. Senior Political Correspondent John Oliver reports live from Romney headquarters back in the 1950's.moreless
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin
    Tonight, presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. Jon begins tonight's show with a review of President Bush's final State of the Union address. Some of the highlights include Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush's red dress, Bush allowing us all to become deciders once again, and finally, the coup de gras, Dick Cheney smiling. Finally, the governor of Kansas provides the Democratic response which asks Bush to join them and for all of us citizens to sleep well.moreless
  • RNC Day 1 - Brian Williams
    The Daily Show covers the first day of the Republican National Convention from St. Paul, Minnesota with guest Brian Williams from the NBC Nightly News.
  • Phil Simms
    Phil Simms
    Episode 13
    Tonight, former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms. Jon begins tonight reporting on Obama's big win in the South Carolina primary and Bill Clinton's attempt to minimize this win. Obama gets another boost by getting the Kennedy's endorsement. Next, Mitt Romney let's the dogs out and passes out the bling-bling in Florida as he attempts to court the minority vote. As for the Democrats in Florida, the Democratic delagates in that state are boycotted since Florida moved up its primary on the calender. Former presidential adviser David Gergen talks with Jon over the phone about the Florida situation. Finally, another Dick-toid as we see Dick Cheney's attempts at enacting law that will allow the goverment to read everyone's email in a segment called "You Don't Know Dick".moreless
  • Gerri Willis
    Gerri Willis
    Episode 12
    Tonight, the personal finance editor for CNN and anchor on CNN's Open House, Gerri Willis. Indecision 2008 ramps up as Jon looks at the media's attempt to make the candidates look angry. Samantha Bee talks with Jon about the media's use of inserting narrative into political candidates and makes him look both angry and sensitive. Finally, an old segment from October 1, 2007 with John Oliver & Larry Wilmore investigating whether the GOP cares about minority voters.moreless
  • P.J. O'Rourke
    P.J. O'Rourke
    Episode 11
    Tonight, satirist and author of the new book On The Wealth of Nations (Books That Changed the World), P.J. O'Rourke. Indecision 2008 rolls on with Jon reporting on Fred Thompson dropping out of the presidential race. Jon then looks at the state of the economy and CNBC's use of hot ladies and bald dudes along with FOX News' fear that the economy will tank if a Democrat wins the presidency in a segment called "Very Mad Money". Finally, Jason Jones reports on his voyage to get Iceland back into the coalition of the willing in part two of "Operation: Deserter Storm".moreless
  • Jim Wallis
    Jim Wallis
    Episode 10
    Tonight, the author of the new book Independents The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith & Politics in a Post-Religious Right America, Jim Wallis. Jon begins tonight with some disappointing news about the stock market as it plummeted over 300 points recently. President Bush tried to quelm fears of a looming recession, but as Jon notes, the market didn't appear to take Bush seriously as the marker worsened after his speech. Bush riding around on a some kind of factory machine didn't help much either. Indecision 2008 continues as Jon takes a look at the Democratic debate in South Carolina. Finally, Jason Jones reports on the status of the Iraq War and attempts to bring back Iceland into the coalition of the willing in this first of a two part investigation called "Operation: Deserter Storm".moreless
  • Jon Meacham
    Jon Meacham
    Episode 9
    Tonight, the editor of Newsweek, Jon Meacham. Jon begins tonights with the Dems battle over Nevada and the media's obsession with gambling references. John Oliver reports live from Vegas on Bill Clintons adamant defense of his wife and John's discussion of the former president's politic discourse gets a little dirty. Finally, Jon looks at McCain's victory in the South Carolina primary and some more dirty politics in an effort to score some more votes.moreless
  • Allen Raymond
    Allen Raymond
    Episode 8
    Tonight, author of How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative, Allen Raymond. "Bush's Bucket List" continues as Jon reports on Bush's recent interview on ABC. In the interview, we see two sides of Bush's personality, a Woody Allen type of nervousness and the classic Bush tough guy. Next, Jon talks with John Oliver about the 10th anniversary of the Clinton & Monica Lewinsky scandal in a segment called "10 Suckin' Years". Finally, Samantha Bee's report on lobbyists who are against the Get in Line Act in a segment called "Wait and Switch".moreless
  • Jonah Goldberg
    Jonah Goldberg
    Episode 7
    Tonight, a contributing editor to National Review and author of Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, Jonah Goldberg. Jon begins tonight's shows with a review of yet another Democratic debate in Nevada and the media wastes no time with fight talk, the taking off of the gloves speak, and inciting a discussion about race and whether America is ready for Obama. Finally, Jon reports on the Michigan primary results with Romney as the runaway winner.moreless
  • Amb. John Bolton
    Amb. John Bolton
    Episode 6
    Tonight, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and author of Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations, Amb. John Bolton.

    Jon begins tonight's show with an inside look at his Jimmy Legs and the medication that exists on the market to help combat this affliction. Unfortunately, one of the many side effects of the cure is diarrhea and increased gambling.

    Finally, one year left in Bush's presidency and Jon reviews Bush's first ever trip to the Middle East in a segment called "Bush's Bucket List". Bush also takes some time to visit the troops and gives them his prediction of what will be written on the final page of history.moreless
  • Fareed Zakaria
    Fareed Zakaria
    Episode 5
    Tonight, journalist and editor of Newsweek International Fareed Zakaria. Indecision 2008 continues as Jon begins tonight's show with a look at the highlights of the Republican debate in South Carolina, which included a good ole fashioned Ronald Reaganoff. Next, Jon gives us his take on the press conference that was the Grammy Awards this year. The awards were shown on Larry King Live and as Jon notes, Larry accentuated a rather dull ceremony with some of his witty commentary. Finally, Jason Jones and Samantha Bee are hanging out in Hollywood reporting on the Golden Globe winners in a segment called "Sam & Jason Golden Globe Gargantuan Greview XIV".moreless
  • Lou Dobbs
    Lou Dobbs
    Episode 4
    Tonight, CNN talk show host and author of Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit, Lou Dobbs. Jon begins tonight's show with President Bush's assertion that Iran is still a threat due to an incident that occurred between the U.S. Navy and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. Jon then asks Aasif Mandvi and Rob Riggle to translate an Iranian videotape of the incident. Next, Bush visits the Middle East in an attempt to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians and gets serenaded by an Israeli child and his effigy burned by Palestinians. Finally, John Oliver reports on the state of his global warming film, "Our Dead Planet".moreless
  • John Zogby
    John Zogby
    Episode 3
    Tonight, political pollster John Zogby talks with Jon about the use of polls. Indecision '08 continues as Jon begins tonight's show with the results of American Gladiators and of course, the New Hampshire primary and Hillary Clinton's victory despite the media's poll results. Jon then looks at the media's attempt to analogize Clinton's comeback win along with media pundits South Carolina predictions. Finally, Jon reports on the media's use of big screen TV's and the new technologies used to report election results, including CNN's magic pie chart, FOX News' station wagon, and John Oliver's mystery machine van.moreless
  • David Frum
    David Frum
    Episode 2
    Tonight, journalist and author of the new book Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again, David Frum. Jon begins tonight's show with election updates in a segment called "Indecision 2008". First a look at celebrity endorsements as Iowa winner Mike Huckabee's is endorsed by Chuck Norris and John Mccain up's the ante with an endorsement by Wilford Brimley. Jon then looks at the candidates obsession with making change, Mitt Romney's flip floppery, Giuliani's 9/11 speak, and Hillary Clinton's alleged emotional breakdown. Finally, John Oliver reports on the writer's who are picketing outside The Daily Show studio.moreless
  • Ronald Seeber
    Ronald Seeber
    Episode 1
    Tonight, a professor of labor relations at Cornell University who shares his views on worker strikes, Ronald Seeber.

    Jon begins tonights show by sharing his statement of solidarity with the writer's strike by showcasing his unibrow. Also, the show's name has been changed until the strike is over to A Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Jon then reports on the winners of the Iowa caucus. Finally, Jon summarizes the conflict surrounding the Writers Guild strike in a segment called "Space Reserved For Clever Pun".moreless