The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Season 9

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Episode Guide

  • Katie Couric
    Katie Couric
    Episode 75
    Guest: Katie Couric (Author, The Blue Ribbon Day)

    Segments: President Of Catholic League Claims Hollywood Run By Secular Jews Who Hate Christianity Administration Claims Nothing Wrong With Economy At Summit This Week In God (French Government Cracks Down On Hezbullah TV Channel After Broadcast Of Anti-Semitic Series, Israeli Bank Issues Credit Card That Doesn't Work On Sabbath, Pat Robertson Bashes Kwanza, New Mexico Church Serves Hallucinogenic Tea) Great Moments In Punditry As Read By Children ("Scarborough Country", MSNBC | November 8th, 2004)moreless
  • Billy Connolly
    Billy Connolly
    Episode 74
    Guest: Billy Connolly (Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events)

    Segments: Administration's Abstinence Program Filled With False Information Homeland's New Database Of Potential Targets Recieves Backlash Bob Wiltfong (Things To Do During The Holidays To Prevent A Terrorist Attack) Back In Black (Dangerous And Expensive Toys)
  • Dore Gold
    Dore Gold
    Episode 73
    Guest: Dore Gold (Author, Tower Of Babble: How The United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos)

    Segments: Mess O' Potamia (George Tenet And Paul Bremer Get Medal Of Honor Despite Their Huge Failures In Iraq) Rob Corddry (Man Sues Charity For Refusing To Pay His Reward) International Pamphlet (Locusts)
  • Kevin Spacey
    Kevin Spacey
    Episode 72
    Guest: Kevin Spacey (Beyond The Sea)

    Segments: Homeland Security Secretary Nominee Withdraws After It Turns Out He Employed Illegal Alien As Housekeeper Viktor Yushchenko Confirmed To Have Been Poisoned Stephen Colbert (The Commercialization Of Hanukkah) (Rerun from December 19, 2001)
  • Kate Bosworth
    Kate Bosworth
    Episode 71
    Guest: Kate Bosworth (Beyond The Sea)

    Segments: Army Calls Up Long Retired Reservists And Extends Tours Of Soldiers Rumsfeld Fumbles, Facing Tough Crowd Of Soldiers In Kuwait, For As We Know, He Prefers A Self-Q&A Ed Helms (Student Not Allowed On Swimming Team Because He's An Online Student)
  • Seth Mnookin
    Seth Mnookin
    Episode 70
    Guest: Seth Mnookin (Author, Hard News: The Scandals At The New York Times And Their Meaning For American Media)

    Segments: Bush Visits Troops In California Congress Approves Bill To Reorganize Intelligence Community Samantha Bee (Man Uses Camera-Mounted Rifle To Allow Disabled People Go Hunting) Egyptian Government Charging Museums $10M For King Tut Exibit while Ramses II Tumb Unearthed Great Moments in Punditry As Read By Children ("Hannity & Colmes", FOX News, July 20th 2004)moreless
  • Paul O'Neill
    Paul O'Neill
    Episode 69
    Guest: Paul O'Neill (Former Treasury Secretary)

    Segments: Karzai Sworn In Health And Human Services Secretary Resigns Rumsfeld Staying Despite Unsuccessful Term Back In Black (Recent Doping Scandals)
  • Isabella Rossellini
    Isabella Rossellini
    Episode 68
    Guest: Isabella Rossellini (Earthsea)

    Segments: Mess O' Potamia (U.S. Raises Number Of Troops In Iraq while Musharraf Calls Invasion "Mistake" Only To Recant It Later) Bob Wiltfong (Company Provides Image Restoring Techniques For Evil Corporations) Mark Your Calendar (Christmas)
  • Stephen King
    Stephen King
    Episode 67
    Guest: Stephen King (Co-Author, Faithful: The Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle The Historic 2004 Season)

    Segments: Bush In Canada
    Ed Helms ("Cooters" Festival Receives Criticism For Its Name) (Rerun from Sept 15, 2004)
  • Christopher Hitchens
    Guest: Christopher Hitchens (Author, Love, Poverty, And War: Journeys And Essays)

    Segments: Tom Ridge Resignation Press Conference This Week In God (Religious Pharmacists Refusing To Fill Birth Control Pill Prescriptions, Ramadan In A Demi-Minute, Jerry Falwell)
  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams
    Episode 65
    Guest: Brian Williams (Anchor-To-Be, NBC Nightly News)

    Segments: Julia Roberts Has Twins
    NBC's New Lady Diana Documentary
    Back In Black (Artest Suspension, NASCAR Allows Liquor Ads, Afghani Golf Ban Lifted)
  • Jude Law
    Jude Law
    Episode 64
    Guest: Jude Law (Closer)

    Segments: Black Friday Review
    Post-Election Crisis In Ukraine
    Samantha Bee (Conservative Canadians Wanting To Become U.S. Citizens)
  • Woody Harrelson
    Woody Harrelson
    Episode 63
    Guest: Woody Harrelson (After The Sunset)

    Segments: Clinton Presidential Library Opens Republicans Repeal Rule Barring Republicans Under Indictment From Holding Committee Chairmanship To Open Way For Tom DeLay Ed Helms (Group Registers Univerisity Of Pennsylvania Students As Republicans By Making Them Think They're Signing Petition To Legalize Marijuana) Maritime Salvage (Claims Of Discovery Of Atlantis, Titanic Discoverer Claims Ship Being "Loved To Death")moreless
  • Thomas Frank
    Thomas Frank
    Episode 62
    Guest: Thomas Frank (Author, What's The Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won The Heart Of America)

    Segments: CIA Leak Scandal Prompts Shakeup Faith The Nation (Bob Jones' Letter To Bush, Group Holds Prayer In Protest Of Arlen Specter, Kinsey and Saving Private Ryan Protested)
  • Tom Brokaw
    Tom Brokaw
    Episode 61
    Guest: Tom Brokaw (Anchor, NBC Nightly News)

    Segments: Condoleezza Rice Appointed As Secretary Of State Groups Takes Out Ads To Make Arnold Eligible For Presidency Rob Corddry (The Fight For The Right To Publish South Jersey's Regional Magazine)
  • Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
    Guest: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Author, American Heroines: The Spirited Women Who Shaped Our Country)

    Segments: Four More Cabinet Secteraries Resign, Including Colin Powell Dr. Phil Calls The Divide "Finest Hour" Democrats To Choose Chairman Between Two Losers
  • Kenneth Pollack
    Kenneth Pollack
    Episode 59
    Guest: Kenneth Pollack (Author, The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran And America)
    Segments: Yasser Arafat's Death And The Israeli Reaction Rob Corddry (Elk Mountain Resort Offers Spa Treatments, Massage Therapy, etc. plus Anti-Terrorism Training) (Rerun from Sept 28th, 2004) Sen. Arlen Specter Receives Backlash From Own Party After Moderate Messagesmoreless
  • Tom Wolfe
    Tom Wolfe
    Episode 58
    Guest: Tom Wolfe (Author, I Am Charlotte Simmons)

    Segments: John Ashcroft's Record
    Ed Helms (Florida's Retarded Voter Problem) Science Scope (18,000-Year-Old Human Ancestor Found In Indonesia, Temprature Rise In Arctic Threaten US)
  • Richard Branson
    Richard Branson
    Episode 57
    Guest: Richard Branson (The Rebel Billionaire)
    Segments: (Mess O' Potamia (US Troops Attact Fallujah Ghost Town, Rumsfeld Praises US Soldiers, Iraq To Go Under Martial Law) Back In Black (New Republicans Senators Representing The Christian Right)
  • Bill Kristol
    Bill Kristol
    Episode 56
    Guest: Bill Kristol (Editor, The Weekly Standard)

    Segments: Reaction To Bush's Reelection (Blair Congratulates Bush, Daily Mirror's Strong Headline, Philippines Protests Against Bush, Iraqi Reaction)
    Bush Press Conference
    Arafat Appparently Not Dead
    Back In Black (Ballot Initiatives)
    Rob Corddry (Witch Business At A Crossroads In Salem)
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer
    Sen. Chuck Schumer
    Episode 55
    Guest: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
    Segments: Kerry's Concession Speech Election Night On News Channels Bush's Victory Speech
  • Indecision 2004: Prelude to a Recount
    Live 1-Hour Election Coverage

    Guests: Rev. Al Sharpton & Gov. William Weld
  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace
    Episode 53
    Guest: Chris Wallace (Author, Character: Profiles In Presidential Courage)

    Segments: Bush & Kerry Respond To New Bin Laden Tape
    Indecision 2004 (Cheney In Hawaii where Lynn Cheney Uses Granddaughter To Bash Kerry, Chelsea Clinton Pledges Support For Kerry & Edwards, Bruce Springsteen Rocks The Crowd In Wisconsin, Arnold Uses "Pump You Up" Line Again!, Ohio vs. Florida In Race For Worst Swing State Race)moreless
  • John Zogby
    John Zogby
    Episode 52
    Guest: John Zogby (President, Zogby International)d
    Segments: Bush and Kerry Exchange Jabs On Missing Explosives Scandal while Giuliani Blames The Troops! Pennsylvania Diner Patrons Share Thoughts On Election This Week In God w/ Stephen Colbert (RNC Mails Flyer Claiming Kerry Would Ban Bible, Christian Publishing House Releases Bridget-Jones-Like Novel, NJ Theme Park Holds "The Great Muslim Adventure Day")moreless
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson
    Rev. Jesse Jackson
    Episode 51
    Guest: Rev. Jesse Jackson (President, Rainbow/Push Coalition)

    Segments: Election 2004: Fiasco Preview (Claims Of Fraud In Ohio, Nevada)
    Samantha Bee ("Americans For 527 Ads")
    Back In Black (The Undecideds)
  • Bob Kerrey
    Bob Kerrey
    Episode 50
    Guest: Sen. Bob Kerrey (President, New School University)

    Segments: Mess O' Potamia (377 Tons Of High-Powered Explosives Vanish From Iraqi Storage Depot)
    Bush & Kerry Woo Hispanics
    Bush Reveals He's Not Against States Deciding On Gay Marriage
    Iran Declares Support For Bush while Pakistani Children March For Kerry
    Election 2004: Fiasco Preview (Problems On First Day Of Early Voting, Al Gore's Robocall)moreless
  • Madeleine Albright
    Madeleine Albright
    Episode 49
    Guest: Madeleine Albright (Former Secretary Of State)

    Segments: Bush & Clinton On GMA, Kerry & Cheney On Today Show
    Bob Wiltfong (Man Not Happy After Winning Car From Oprah)
  • Billy Crudup
    Billy Crudup
    Episode 48
    Guest: Billy Crudup (Stage Beauty)

    Segments: Red Sox Win ALCS
    Flu Vaccine Shortage
    Ed Helms Takes A Look At Senate Races
    Wal-Mart Opens Store On Archeological Site In Mexico, As Well As An Ancient Native Burial Ground In Hawaii)
  • Fareed Zakaria
    Fareed Zakaria
    Episode 47
    Guest: Fareed Zakaria (Editor, Newsweek International)

    Segments: Indecision 2004 (Bush & Kerry Exchange Jabs)
    Ed Helms (Ed At The Presidential Debate)
    P. Diddy Launches "Vote Or Die!"
  • Marisa Tomei
    Marisa Tomei
    Episode 46
    Guest: Marisa Tomei (Alfie)

    Segments: Mess O' Potamia (Iraq's Tourism Chief Has One Job To Do: Keep Tourists Away, US Soldiers Refuse To Go On Assignment, Calling It "Suicide Mission")
    Bush Mistakenly Says, "We Will NOT Have An All Volunteer Army"
    Ed Helms (Presidential Candidates For Prohibition)
    Back In Black (Alaska Governor Asks Anti-Terror Funds To Be Used For A Private Jet, TSA's $500,000 Party, FCC Fines Fox $1.2M For Obscenities In "Married By America")moreless
  • Ed Koch
    Ed Koch
    Episode 45
    Guest: Ed Koch (Author, Eddie: Harold's Little Brother)

    Segment: Jon Talks About His Appearance On "Crossfire"
    2nd Presidential Debate
    Rob Corddry (Is The Curse Of The Bambino Going Be Over This Year?)
  • Bill O'Reilly
    Bill O'Reilly
    Episode 44
    Guest: Bill O'Reilly (Author, The O'Reilly Factor For Kids: A Survival Guide For America's Families)

    Segments: Bush's Poor Debate Performance Recovery Speech
    The Kerrys On Dr. Phil
  • Bob Schieffer
    Bob Schieffer
    Episode 43
    Guest: Bob Schieffer (Author, Face The Nation)

    Segments: Vice Presidential Debate
    Back In Black (New Airport Security Measures)
  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton
    Episode 42
    Guest: Billy Bob Thornton (Friday Night Lights)

    Segments: Washington Volcano About To Erupt
    Former US Administrator Paul Bremer
    Poland Starting To Pull Troops In Iraq
    Kerry's Words Taken Out Of Context By Republicans
    SpaceShipOne Makes 2nd Successful Manned Flight
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Guest: Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Author, God Has A Dream A Vision Of Hope For Our Time) Segments: The Aftermath Of The 1st Debate The Bushes On Dr. Phil Bob Wiltfong (Dr. Phil Adopts A Small Town In Texas) Gaywatch (Missouri Bans Gay Marriage, Gay TV Channel Opens In France)
  • The Bush-Kerry Debate: The Squabble in Coral Gables
    Guest: Gen. Wesley Clark & Rudolph Giuliani Segments: Live 1st Presidential Debate Coverage Samantha Bee (Some Voters Still Inexplicably Undecided In Pennsylvania)
  • Seymour Hersh
    Seymour Hersh
    Episode 39
    Guest: Seymour Hersh (Author, Chain Of Command: The Road From 9/11 To Abu Ghraib) Segments: UPenn Study Reveals TDS Viewers More Well-Versed In Current Events Than People Who Only Watch News Networks) Bush Sits Down With Bill O'Reilly while Kerry Gives Diane Sawyer An Interview as Both Prepare For Tomorrow's Debate Back In Black (Exporting American Culture Overseas)moreless
  • Ralph Reed
    Ralph Reed
    Episode 38
    Guest: Ralph Reed (Southeast Region Chairman, Bush/Cheney '04) Segments: Indecision 2004 (Bush Jabs At Kerry Flipflops, Debate Strategies, Edwards' Addiction To Running, Cheney's Fear Mongering) Rob Corddry (Elk Mountain Resort Offers Spa Treatments, Massage Therapy, etc. plus Anti-Terrorism Training) DEA Anti-Drug Exhibit Hits Times Square
  • Rosie Perez
    Rosie Perez
    Episode 37
    Guest: Rosie Perez (Reckless)

    Segments: Mess O' Potamia - Indecision 2005 (Allawi Promises On-Time Elections while Rumsfeld Has Doubts)
    Samantha Bee (SC State Representative Tries To Amend Constitution To Allow Free-Pour Bottles In Bars)
  • Matthew Broderick
    Matthew Broderick
    Episode 36
    Guest: Matthew Broderick (The Last Shot) Segments: (Escape From) Mess O' Potamia (Allawi Speaks At Joint Session In Congress, Bush/Allawi Press Conference) 32-Page Presidential Debate Rules Unveiled Samantha Bee (Gay Penguins In Central Park Zoo) (Re-run from March 11th 2004
  • Marc Racicot
    Marc Racicot
    Episode 35
    Guest: Marc Racicot (Chairman, Bush/Cheney '04) Segments: Plane Carrying Cat Stevens Makes Emergency Landing Bush Ducks Question About Criticism From The Republicans Kerry On Regis & Kelly Madonna In Jerusalem
  • Richard Clarke
    Richard Clarke
    Episode 34
    Guest: Richard Clarke (Author, Against All Enemies: Inside America's War On Terror)

    Segments: Dan Rather Apologizes
    Bob Wiltfong (Republican Senator Claims John Kerry Saved His Life)
    Protests Against Ban On Fox Hunting In England
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Episode 33
    Guest: Gwyneth Paltrow (Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow)
    Segments: Hurricane Ivan Hits Alabama Indecision 2004 (Bush Documents at CBS Under Scrutiny while Bush Speaks To National Guard in Las Vegas) This Week in God w Stephen Colbert (Child's First Communion Declared Invalid Because Her Special Gluten-Free Wafer Did Not Contain Wheat, Jerry Falwell's University To Open Law School, Ellen DeGeneres To Play God in "Oh, God!" Remake, Controversial "Jews for Jesus" Radio Ad) This Week in Justice (First Lesbian Divorce in Canada, Bid to Decriminalize Prostitution in Berkeley, Necrophilia Banned in California, Audio Recording Reveals Anti Gay Marriage Republican Congressman Is Gay)moreless
  • Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin
    Episode 32
    Guest: Alec Baldwin (The Last Shot)
    Segments: Mess O' Potamia (Some Cities In Iraq Too Dangerous For U.S. Troops To Enter) Rumsfeld Confuses Saddam and Bin Laden U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Concludes There Is No Evidence Saddam Ever Developed Unpiloted Drones Ed Helms ("Cooters" Festival Receives Criticism For Its Name) Four New Planets Discovered Close To Solar System "Genesis" Returns To Earthmoreless
  • Pat Buchanan
    Pat Buchanan
    Episode 31
    Guest: Pat Buchanan (Author, Where The Right Went Wrong)
    Segments: Oprah Gives Everyone In Her Studio Audience A Car Ban On Assault Weapons Allowed To Expire Back in Black ("Patriot Day" Specials on Internet)
  • Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore
    Episode 30
    Guest: Drew Barrymore (Producer & Director, The Best Place To Start)
    Segments: Man In Batman Costume Climbs Buckingham Palace In Protest Indecision 2004 (Documents Reveal Bush Received Special Treatment During Vietnam, Dan Rather Does Not Want Validity of Documents Questioned, Robert Novak Calls Documents Fake) Ed Helms (Web Site Offers Online Divorce)moreless
  • Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews
    Episode 29
    Republican National Convention, Day 4
    Guest: Chris Matthews (Anchor, MSNBC's Hardball)
    Segments: Stephen Colbert Report From The Convention Floor Pataki Speech Bush Video Bush Speech Rob Corddry (A Look Back At The Convention) Back in Black (Protests in New York City)
  • Sen. John McCain
    Sen. John McCain
    Episode 28
    Guest: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
    Segments: Lynn Cheney on "Dick" Dick Cheney Praises Soldiers Democratic Senator Zell Miller Blasts Kerry, Then Goes on MSNBC and Says He Wishes He Could Challenge Chris Matthews To A Duel Ed Helms & Samantha Bee (The Administration's Handling Of The Media at the RNC)
  • Dan Bartlett
    Dan Bartlett
    Episode 27
    Guest: Dan Bartlett (White House Communications Director)
    Segments: Schwarzenegger Speech Laura Bush Speech George Prescott Bush Speech Minorities at the RNC The Daily Show's Sneak Preview of the RNC "War On Terror" Movie
  • Ted Koppel
    Ted Koppel
    Episode 26
    Republican National Convention, Day 1
    Guest: Ted Koppel (Anchor, Nightline)
    Segments: McCain Bashes Michael Moore Giuliani's "September 11th"idis Stephen Colbert (Why The GOP Chose New York)
  • Ed Gillespie
    Ed Gillespie
    Episode 25
    Guest: Ed Gillespie (Chairman, Republican National Committee)
    Segments: RNC Protesters Not Allowed in Central Park Samantha Bee (Man with Broken Sewage Line Takes Dump in City Hall Everyday in Protest) Back in Black (New York City Prepares For The RNC)
  • John Kerry
    John Kerry
    Episode 24
    Guest: Sen. John Kerry (D-MA; Presidential Candidate)
    Segments: Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Defends Decisions on "Face The Nation" Stephen Colbert (Gas Station Lowers Price of Gas by 30 Cents)
  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith
    Episode 23
    Guest: Robert Smith (Author, The Rest Of The Iceberg)
    Segments: Indecision 2004: Flashback Edition (Kerry's Military Record) Painting "The Scream" Stolen
  • Seth Green
    Seth Green
    Episode 22
    Guest: Seth Green (Without A Paddle)
    Segments: Indecision 2004 (New York Mayor Announces Discounts for "Peaceful Protesters", FBI Questions Anarchist Who Put Diagrams of Rail Tunnels and Gas Lines Leading to MSG on Internet, Woman's House Denied of Porch Chat with Kerry because of "Too Many Registered Republicans" in Neighborhood, Crowd in Bush Rally Coached by Staffers) Back in Black (Iranian Judoka Drops Out Citing He Won't Fight An Israeli, Bush Democracy Ad, Events Poorly Attended In Olympics)moreless
  • Burt Reynolds
    Burt Reynolds
    Episode 21
    Guest: Burt Reynolds (Without A Paddle)
    Segments: George W & Laura Bush Attacks Stem Cell Research Proponents Ed Helms (Arizona State Legislator Wants To Allow Guns In Bars) (repeat from May 12, 2004) Archaeologists Believe They Have Excavated The Site Of Baptisms Performed by John The Baptist
  • Norm Coleman
    Norm Coleman
    Episode 20
    Guest: Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN; Deputy Co-Chair, RNC)
    Segments: NJ Governor Resignation Rob Corddry (Don't Mess With "Don't Mess With Texas")
  • Bryan Keefer
    Bryan Keefer
    Episode 19
    Guest: Bryan Keefer (Co-Author, All The President's Spin)
    Segments: New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey Resigns, Declaring He's Gay and Had an Extramarital Affair Kerry Not Clear On Whether He Would Have Voted For The War Had He Known What He Knows Now Cheney Bashes Kerry on His Promise of a More "Sensitive" War on Terror Mess O' Potamia (Coalition Forces Trying to Capture Al-Sadr, Iraqi Government Shuts Down Baghdad Offices of Al-Jazeera For A Month, Claiming Network Was Inciting Violence) Bush Uses The Word "Sensitive", The Day After Kerry Does Back in Black (L.A. Based "Fear Factor"-Type Reality Show Gives Illegal Immigrants Chance at Green Card)moreless
  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise
    Episode 18
    Guest: Tom Cruise (Collateral)
    Segments: Porter Goss Appointed as Head of CIA Las Vegas Police Reportedly Ignored Warning by FBI About Al-Qaeda Being in Town Ed Helms (Republicans Try To Get Nader On Ballot to Help Bush) This Week in God w Stephen Colbert (Pope Releases Negative Document on Feminism, Mecca Cola on Shelves, Chris Noth Named Unofficial Tourism Ambassador)moreless
  • Maureen Dowd
    Maureen Dowd
    Episode 17
    Guest: Maureen Dowd (Author, Bushworld)
    Segments: Novak Defends "Veterans Against Kerry" Indecision 2004 (Kerry in Missouri, Bush on Outdoor Life Network) Republican Party Declares Alan Keyes, A Maryland Resident, To Run Against Obama Digital Watch w Ed Helms (Cell Phone Games & Ringtones)
  • President Bill Clinton
    Guest: Pres. Bill Clinton (Author, My Life)
    Segments: Swift Boat Veterans Attack Kerry Stephen Colbert (Minorities In The Democratic Party)
  • Natalie Portman
    Natalie Portman
    Episode 15
    Guest: Natalie Portman (Garden State)
    Segments: Tiger Gets Loose From Circus, Beetles Invade, and Child Attacked by Helper Monkey, All in New York City Bob Wiltfong (Strip Clubs Overbooked during Republican National Convention) Back in Black (Moore Show Fahrenheit 9/11 in Crawford, TX Parking Lot Alabama Judge Who Refused to Remove 10 Commandments, Takes It On Tour Robbie Knievel Jumps Over Row of Fighter-Planes)moreless
  • Aaron Eckhart
    Aaron Eckhart
    Episode 14
    Guest: Aaron Eckhart (Suspect Zero)
    Segments: Bush and Kerry Both in Davenport, Iowa ...And Three Banks Get Robbed! Oil Hits Record Price SEC Fines Halliburton, Cheney Not Implicated Cheney Blames Kerry and Edwards for National Energy Policy Not Passing Senate RNC Required Audience Members in Cheney Rally To Sign Oath of Loyalty to Bush-Cheney '04 Before Being Allowed In Mark Your Calendar w Samantha Bee (Signing of DoI & Voting Rights Act; Fall of Rome, Aztecs & Inkas; State Fairs; RNC; Burning Man Festival)moreless
  • Spike Lee
    Spike Lee
    Episode 13
    Guest: Spike Lee (Director, She Hate Me)
    Segments: Bush Ask Congress To Create The Position "National Intelligence Director" Kerry: "We Need Leadership, Not Followship" Statue Of Liberty Reopens For First Time Since 9/11 ...with Extreme Security Checks Jon Interviews Tom Brokaw Stephen Colbert (Last Day of the Convention) (repeat from July 30, 2004)moreless
  • Rep. Henry Bonilla
    Rep. Henry Bonilla
    Episode 12
    Guest: Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX)
    Segments: Just After The DNC, Homeland Security Informs Public of an "Unusually Specific Information About Where Al-Qaeda Would Like To Attack" Indecision 2004 (Bush Says About Jobs, Terror, "Results Matter" Bush Uses The Phrase "We're Turning The Corner" 23 Times in 5 Speeches) Kerry's Strong(!) Answer To Bush) Samantha Bee (Ed Heeney, The Friendly Republican ...against Gays) Maritime Salvage Update (World War II Era German Submarine Discovered)moreless
  • No Guest
    No Guest
    Episode 11
    Guest: No Guest
    Segments: Stephen Colbert (Last Day of the Convention) Biden's Slip of the Tongue Kerry Girls Tell Weird Stories Kerry Speech Correspondent Wrap-Up Back in Black (Now That's What I Don't Call Music)
  • No Guest
    No Guest
    Episode 10
    Guest: No Guest
    Segments: Stephen Colbert Reports from Convention Floor John Edwards Speech "John Kerry: He's Not George W. Bush" Dennis Kucinich and Jennifer Granholm Speeches Rev. Al Sharpton Goes Off-Script, News Media Bashes Him "Partisan Politics" at the Convention
  • Sen. Joe Biden
    Sen. Joe Biden
    Episode 9
    Democratic National Convention, Day 2 Guest: Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE)
    Segments: Ron Reagan, Jr. Gives Speech on Stem Cell Research Maya Angelou & Howard Dean Speeches Rising Star Barack Obama Gives Passionate Speech Kerry's Wife Demonstrates Language Skills The Humble Origins
  • Gov. Bill Richardson
    Democratic National Convention, Day 1 Guest: Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM; Permanent Chair, DNC)
    Segments: Stephen Colbert (Primemory Lane) Al Gore, Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton Speeches ... and Dance Party! Rob Corddry's Boston
  • Sacha Baron Cohen
    Sacha Baron Cohen
    Episode 7
    Guest: Sacha Baron Cohen (Da Ali G Show)
    Segments: Slim-Fast Drops Whoopi Goldberg As A Spokesman After Her Comments About Bush Indecision 2004 (Preparations for the DNC) Ed Helms (City of Boston Designate Free Speech Zone for Protesters) Kerry & Edwards Are "Out Of The Mainstream" According To News Media
  • Sarah Vowell
    Sarah Vowell
    Episode 6
    Guest: Sarah Vowell (Author, The Partly Cloudy Patriot)
    Segments: Magazine Covers on Mary-Kate Olsen Senate Republicans on Gay Marriage Rob Corddry (Former Congressman Tries Raising Funds for Counter-Clinton Library) NASA Probe Begins Exploration of Saturn
  • Michael Isikoff
    Michael Isikoff
    Episode 5
    Michael Isikoff
  • Wolf Blitzer
    Wolf Blitzer
    Episode 4
    Guest: Wolf Blitzer (CNN)
    Segments: Indecision 2004 (Whoopi Goldberg Remarks Anger Sen. Lindsey Graham, Kerry on Bike) Bob Wiltfong (Women Arrested by Federal Agents for Leaving Packet of Marsmallows in Park) Senate Intelligence Committee Report Says Errors Were Made by CIA on Pre-War Intelligence)
  • Christina Applegate
    Guest: Christina Applegate (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)
    Segments: Tom Ridge Talks Of A New Terror Threat, A Day After Kerry Names His Running Mate Former Enron CEO Ken Lay Turns Himself In Mess O' Potamia (Military Plans to Call Up Soldiers Who Left Service, Including Army Musicians Iraqi Prime Minister Signs Bill Allowing Government to Declare Martial Law in Event of Emergency) Mark Your Calendar w Samantha Bee (Canada Day, Baseball All-Star Game, DNC, Soap Box Derby)moreless
  • Will Ferrell
    Will Ferrell
    Episode 2
    Guest: Will Ferrell (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)
    Segments: Kerry and Edwards' Appearance Together Samantha Bee (Anti-Michael Moore Film)
  • Ralph Nader
    Ralph Nader
    Episode 1
    Guest: Ralph Nader (Independent Presidential Candidate; Author, The Good Fight)
    Segments: Indecision 2004 (Kerry Names Edwards as Running Mate) Saddam Hussein in Courta You, Your Health & You (The Leeches Are Back!, First Aphrodisiac Pill for Women Tested on Lab Rats)
  • Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular
    Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular
    Guest: No Guest
    Segments: John Kerry: The Long Road From Awkward To Uncomfortable George W. Bush: Fighting Words The Vice Presidential Candidates The Voters