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Season 11 Episode 45

Studs Terkel

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Studs Terkel
TONIGHT: Broadcaster and author of "And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey", Studs Terkel! Also, Senator John McCain stops by to defend his decision to talk in front of Liberty University students.

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  • Wow, two guests on one show!

    Jon starts off tonight's show by mentioning tonight's guest, _, which Jon is really excited about.

    To the news, Jon covers Representative Tom DeLay's stepping down from congress. Tom DeLay says this announcement is because he doesn't want to allow the Democrats to take his seat in Congress, completely ignoring the fact that he's gerymandered the district to heavily, no Democrat will hold office there. DeLay isn't the only representative in the news this week. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is in the news because she got into some sort of scuffel at a security checkpoint in the capital hill. In a press conference, Congresswoman McKinney said the incident was about race, and not being an actual security threat. For more on this, Jon turns to Senior Political Correspondent, Rob Corddry. Rob insists that these two lawmakers needed to act in such a way to test the law... In the end, Rob summarizes this has all to do with accountability; when will DeLay and McKinney stand up and ask their constituents "why do you keep electing idiots like us?"

    Back from commercial, Jon welcomes Senator John McCain, who joins us via satellite for a discussion on his record. Jon shows several clips of John McCain's stump speeches, where he blasted several people, including Jerry Falwell for his stance on many issues. It seems McCain has agreed to give the commencement speech at Jerry Fallwell's Liberty University, a move Jon questions him about, since it seems odd.

    Back from commercial, Jon welcomes tonight's guest, Studs Terkel. They talked about Studs' life and work as a historian, broadcaster, and author. The interview consisted primarily of Studs sharing old stories from his life.

    Tonight's show primarily focused on three specific people, Tom DeLay, Cynthia, McKinney, and John McCain, which was surprising. There was no coverage of President Bush, no slamming of the media, and was a little disappointing in that regard. I did like seeing Senator McCain on the show, although I can't help but question some of his recent speeches, but we'll see what happens... I also enjoyed the interview with Studs, someone I had never heard of, quite frankly. His stories were both interesting and funny... I'd like to see him on again some day.moreless
  • Great political humor

    The best parts of Tuesday's episode of The Daily Show involved political issues. This is not surprising since political humor - be it dark or light, sharp or abstract - is definitely one of the stronger areas of this show. And with all the recent news stories involving politics there is plenty to talk about.

    So it was that host Jon Stewart reported on the news that Rep. Tom DeLay had announced his resignation. The crowd went crazy with applause.

    DeLay said he is leaving to avoid personal attacks from Democrats. "I refuse to allow liberal democrats an opportunity to steal this seat with a negative personal campaign," DeLay said in an announcement speech. "A negative personal campaign, like referring to Democrats as people who steal," Stewart said.

    "DeLay is not the only congressperson in hot water," Stewart went on. "Georgia Democrat Cynthia McKinney is in trouble after scuffling with a capital police officer who tried to stop her at, of all places, a security checkpoint. How dare they!"

    The officer said he asked her three times to stop and when she did not he placed a hand on her, at which point she "allegedly stabbed him with her cell phone," Stewart said. "Even worse, McKinney has the new cell phone from Motorola: The shiv!"

    McKinney, who is black, is suggesting she was stopped because of racial profiling. "This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me, a female black congresswoman," McKinney said in a news conference. "You know, I hear you," Stewart said. "I too believe in judging people not by the color of the skin but by the content of their character and you seem batshit insane."

    On a television interview McKinney was asked directly if she hit a police officer. Her response: "Before you bring on my two attorneys, let me just say for the record..." and rambled on. Stewart: "Ok, that is a 'Yes, I hit the dude."

    Stewart then brought on Rob Corddry, the show's "Senior Political Correspondent." The show hands out titles like Santa hands out presents. Stewart asked Corddry for his analysis. What happened with McKinney?

    "Racial profiling, Jon. This is a black woman, who was black, she was a woman and, as a woman, she is saying to the world, 'look at me! I'm a black woman!"

    Stewart: What about Tom DeLay? Corddry: "Racial profiling, Jon. Oh wait, I messed that up. Ask me that again."

    Stewart: "Tom DeLay?"

    Corddry: "Politics of personal destruction, Jon. A bunch of liberal Democrats so obsessed they drag a man's reputation through the mud just because he spent his entire career trying to destroy them. All the Democrats have to offer are personal attacks. And you know why, Jon? Because they are drunks. They are cheats. They gamble. I heard one of them, a congresswoman from Georgia, punched a cop.

    Stewart: "You mean Cynthia McKinney?"

    Corddry: "A black woman?"

    Stewart: "Yes, Rob."

    Corddry: "That was her.

    "What does all of this mean?"

    "Jon, it is about accountability. I think it is time for both McKinney and DeLay to look the American people in the eye and say, 'Why do you keep electing idiots like us?"

    On the show, there was also an incredibly frank, blunt exchange between Stewart and Sen. John McCain. Since McCain has been a guest on the show I was concerned Stewart would ask softball questions, of the Larry King variety.

    But Stewart straight out accused McCain of flip flopping after McCain agreed to be the commencement speaker at Liberty University. This is the same McCain, a presidential hopeful, who once called Re. Jerry Falwell "an agent of intolerance." Falwell is the university's chancellor.

    In introducing the interview Stewart said he likes McCain because he takes clear principled stands. Or he did... until now. McCain, who has criticized the Bush administration for "dirty tactics", has also been acting like a cheerleader for Bush of late, as well as hiring two top Bush advisers.

    Has John McCain's Straight Talk Express been re-routed through Bullshit Town? You know who we can ask? Sen. John McCain.""Senator, what is going on?" Stewart asked.

    "Before I bring on my two attorneys..," McCain said, quoting McKinney's statement. He also joked that he is going to Liberty so he can get in the news and be on the Daily Show again.

    McCain said he is going to give Liberty University students the same message he gives at other universities that public service is good. He invited Stewart to come sit next to Falwell when he gives the speech.

    "Is that so that if the rapture happens during the speech somebody can be there to clean up all the clothes?" Stewart asked.

    "Exactly. And you probably have lots of fans there at Liberty University," McCain said.

    "You are killing me here. I feel like it is condoning of Falwell's crazy-making to have you go down there," Stewart said.

    He is going there to speak to the students, at the request of Falwell, but his message will be the same at other places, McCain said.

    Stewart: "Is it not the kind of thing that maybe if you don't go there it helps to keep marginalizing guys like that, or do I misunderstand politics? Maybe I misunderstand things.

    Stewart: Are you freaking out on us?"

    McCain: "Just a little."

    Stewart: "I hope you know what you are doing there."

    Stewart asked McCain if he feels nausea when he sees Fallwell.

    "I will give him your love," McCain said.moreless

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    • Jon Stewart: Before we go, we're gonna check in with Stephen Colbert at the Colbert Report, Stephen!
      Stephen Colbert: Thanks Jon. Tonight, a look back at The Hammer. Could he soon find himself in the slammer? All that plus much more in the Colbert Report I mean 'on Colbert', pardon my grammar.
      Jon Stewart: Very impressive, Stephen. We'll see you in a little bit.
      Stephen Colbert: But as long as your show is still on,
      Jon Stewart: (trying to interject) -yes-
      Stephen Colbert: (continuing) I'll kill some more time 'til it's gone. La-dah-dee-dee-dah, Blah blah blah blah blah, that's all that I've got to say… Jon?
      Jon Stewart: That's nice, Stephen.

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