The Dan Ho Show

Discovery Channel Premiered Feb 01, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • The most clever thing you can do is KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETY (K.I.S.S.) And Dan Ho does just that! But it's not simple and dull. It is unique and interesting. He refines vast experience into original elements for busy people like me.

    SO GREAT and CLEVER. He's stylish AND deep, very unusual combination. Usually stylish people are superficial jerks. And deep people are a little on the dull side, or just not too stylin. If he had a low rating on this site, it's because his fans are busy people. It took about 10 tedious steps to sign up for this site, but I did so because Dan deserves top ratings. He covers many topics of interest to people who want to live the good life, living beautifully and healthfully all within a financial and time budget. He has distilled his many years of experience and pared down the extraneous, or frivolous aspects and balancing it all.