The Dance Scene - Season 1

E! Premiered Apr 10, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • When Laurieann is asked to choreograph a powerful dance for The Trevor Project, it becomes a personal project for Kherington whose cousin committed suicide. Laurieann offers to dedicate the performance to her cousin's memory and hopes it will push Kherington to finally bare her soul on the dance floor. But when Kherington is forced to relive painful memories, will it be too much for her to handle? Also, Sarah and Paul come to a decision about their relationship, and Laurieann and her business partner Joe go public with their romance.moreless
  • Laurieann and Team Boom Kack head to London to prepare Six D for their first live show. But when Laurieann sees that the group isn't up to par with their performance, she fears they won't be ready to take the stage. On the night of the show, Laurieann gets into a screaming match with the stage manager and gets thrown out of the building. Will the show go on without her? Plus, Paul wants to rekindle his relationship with Sarah, sparks fly between Kherington and Kieran, and Kherington and Laurieann finally have a breakthrough.moreless
  • You Passed on Gaga
    Episode 6
    Laurieann works on a new artist showcase for a talented-yet-unsigned singer, Missy Modell. Determined to help her land a record deal, Laurieann is relying on her team of dancers to put on the perfect show--but when Sarah gets partnered with her ex Paul for the performance, emotions fly high and she quickly loses focus. Can Sarah pull herself together before she gets pulled from the number? Meanwhile, Kherington dances in a show for the first time since becoming Laurieann's assistant choreographer, and Paula goes on her first blind date.moreless
  • 5/8/11
    Laurieann transforms a British street performing crew into a pop music group and preps them for their very first music video, but she gets upset when she realizes she's dealing with an inexperienced director on the video shoot. She also notices that one of the band mates is single and would make a good match for Kherington. Although he's a bit younger, Kherington finds herself intrigued by this British dancer. Will sparks fly between them? Plus, Sarah plans to attend the "Burlesque" movie premiere but is worried about bumping into her ex Paul.moreless
  • 5/1/11
  • 4/24/11
  • I Am Full Out
    Episode 1