The Danny Kaye Show - Season 1

CBS (ended 1967)




Episode Guide

  • April 29, 1964
    April 29, 1964
    Episode 32
    Danny's guests are comedienne Pat Carroll and pianists Ferrante and Teicher. Highlights: In sketch, Danny and Pat demonstrate the reactions of people in Germany, France and Italy when a wife smashes up the family car. Danny and Pat do another sketch where Danny plays a male nurse to Pat's wealthy hypochondriac patient in a hospital. Ferrante and Teicher perform "Brazil".moreless
  • April 22, 1964
    April 22, 1964
    Episode 31
    Danny's guests are Vincent Price, Shari Lewis with Lambchop and Howard Morris. Highlights: Shari and her puppet Lambchop sing a French favorite with Danny. In a skit Vincent, an art collector and critic explains art to Danny who has stopped into the gallery only to get out of the rain. Danny, Howard & Vincent do a sketch about a fancy restaurant with Vincent playing the snotty Maitre'd and Danny as the pain-in-the-neck customer.moreless
  • April 15, 1964
    April 15, 1964
    Episode 30
    Danny's guests are Mary Tyler Moore, Harvey Korman and singing group, The Youngfolk. Highlights: Mary plays 'Queen of the Jungle' in one sketch with Danny. In another sketch, Mary plays an Irish colleen whose pub-owner father (Harvey Korman) feels that no man in Ireland is good enough for his daughter, even wandering folk singer Danny who is unlucky enough to capture her heart.moreless
  • April 8, 1964
    April 8, 1964
    Episode 29
    Danny's guests are Jim Nabors and Bea Benaderet with a special guest appearance by Andy Griffith. Highlights: Danny Kaye and Bea Benaderet do a comedy sketch set in the Deep South titled "The Long, Hot Supper". Jim Nabors plays the weak son of Fat Daddy (Kaye), a ruthless tyrant. Bea plays Fat Daddy's wife, a 'genteel' woman who lives in the past. Andy Griffith makes a brief appearance in the sketch. Jim Nabors sings "I Ain't Down Yet". All join in a song for the finale.moreless
  • April 1, 1964
    April 1, 1964
    Episode 28
    Danny's guests are Dorothy Collins, Howard Morris and dancer Laurie Ichino. Highlights: Danny sings "Gigi". Danny portrays the part of a wallflower whose friend persuades him to attend a Lonely Hearts dance. Danny plays a skillful matador in a sketch. Danny & Laurie perform "Change Partners".
  • March 25, 1964
    March 25, 1964
    Episode 27
    Danny's guests are Tony Bennett and Howard Morris. Highlights: Tony sings "When Joanna Loved Me" and "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie". Danny & Tony duet with a Blues medley. Tony Charmoli's dancers and Earl Brown's singers are featured in a production number titled "The Music Stopped". Danny and Howard cut up in two sketches. There's a British spy case, a take-off on James Bond, Danny plays James Blonde to Howard's Dr. Yes. In an Italian village postman Vittorio Scampi (Howard) reads a letter to an old tailor, Giovanni (Danny) who cannot read the letter from his son in America, giving him a chance to put his idea of Italian on display.moreless
  • March 18, 1964
    March 18, 1964
    Episode 26
    Danny's guests are Nancy Walker, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, Folk singers Joe and Eddie. Highlights: Danny & Nancy play a poor London couple (Rudy & Agnes) in a sketch. Joe and Eddie perform "The Surfers". The Kinderspiel Light Opera Company presents "Sheiks in Toyland" with Danny playing a terrible sheik and Nancy as a French captive woman. Stiller and Meara play a bickering couple in a sketch.moreless
  • March 11, 1964
    March 11, 1964
    Episode 25
    Danny's guest is Diahann Carroll, who returns for her second visit. Highlights: Danny starts off the show with a modernized "Old MacDonald". Danny & Diahann duet on "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah". Danny & Diahann, cast members and the Tony Charmoli dancers pay tribute to the clocks in our everyday lives in a comedy-song production number titled "The Clock". Danny plays an interpreter at a banquet translating the French and English of two men who get along until they start comparing grandson pictures. A little boy's first haircut is another comedy sketch.moreless
  • March 4, 1964
    March 4, 1964
    Episode 24
    Danny's guests are Art Carney, Harvey Korman and The Maori Dancers. Highlights: Art returns for his third guest appearance the Maori Dancers make their second appearance on the show. In the opening sketch, Art portrays a prospective son-in-law who makes his marriage pitch to the girl's father, (Danny). Art portrays Big Mike, a tough con planning a prison break, Harvey Korman plays the Prison Warden and Danny the prisoner who's been in solitary for 11 years. Danny & Art team up for a song-and-dance number.moreless
  • February 26, 1964
    February 26, 1964
    Episode 23
    Danny's guests are Buddy Ebsen, Howard Morris, Marilyn Lovell and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Buddy and Danny do a light-hearted song-and-dance to "Call Me Plain Folk". Back in character Buddy plays a hillbilly Pa with two sons - Danny (who went get a wife and came back with a ba'r instead) and Howard Morris with Harvey Korman as the folk song researcher who wants to preserve their rendition of "Mountain Stew". Another skit has Danny as a party host and Howard Morris as the obnoxious guest he tries to get rid of by such devices as putting a turkey in a piano. Danny sings "Hey, Look Me Over". Marilyn & Danny duet with "Mommy, I Wanna Drink of Water".moreless
  • February 19, 1964
    February 19, 1964
    Episode 22
    Danny's guests are John Mills and his daughter Hayley Mills and folksingers Joe & Eddie (Joe Gilbert and Eddie Brown). Highlights: Danny backed by the show's dancers perform "Shine on Your Shoes". Hayley joins Danny in an opening sketch in which Danny gives a hilarious portrayal of a father suddenly realizing his daughter is growing into maturity. John Mills and Danny take the spotlight with a clever "Mutiny on the Bounty" satire. Danny, John and Hayley team up for a sketch about a French customs inspector. Joe & Eddie sing "The Ox Driver's Song".moreless
  • February 12, 1964
    February 12, 1964
    Episode 21
    Danny's guests are Peter Falk, Clarinestist Pete Fountain and Michele Lee. Highlights: Peter Falk plays Danny's paranoid roommate in a hospital in one skit. In another skit Peter as Sheik Ben Khasee gives British secret agent Kaye a bad time. Jazzman Pete Fountain and Danny Kaye do a rousing version of "When the Saints Go Marching In". Michele Lee sings some Broadway tunes.moreless
  • February 5, 1964
    February 5, 1964
    Episode 20
    Danny Kaye's guests include Imogene Coca, dancer Laurie Ichino and folksingers Joe and Eddie. Also appearing is regular Harvey Korman. Highlights: Danny and Imogene play a game camed "The Competitors" based on Monopoly that starts out as fun but ends up as anything but. The Tony Charmoli Dancers perform a "Can-Can" number. Imogene & Danny team up for a song and dance impression of great show business combinations of the past. (Astaire & Rogers) The cast takes part in the operetta, "Die Fledermountie". Danny & Laurie perform to "Shall We Dance?". Danny & Imogene team up for "Swiss Ambassadors". Joe and Eddie perform "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine".moreless
  • January 29, 1964
    January 29, 1964
    Episode 19
    Danny's guests are Diahann Carroll and Harvey Korman. Highlights: In a sketch Danny plays an excited new father seeing his infant son for the first time in the maternity ward, Diahann plays the nurse who shows him his new heir. And in "I'll Cry Tamale" Danny plays the part of a Mexican hero. Diahann sings "Johnny One Note" and "In Love, In Vain". Diahann and Danny duet on some nonsense songs. Danny does a solo dance pantomime illustrating the problem of a tipsy man paying his bill and leaving a saloon. Harvey Korman and Danny appear in a comedy version of a late-night television show "The Hundred Dollar Movie".moreless
  • January 22, 1964
    January 22, 1964
    Episode 18
    Danny's guests are Art Carney, Rod Serling, Folk singers Joe & Eddie (Joe Gilbert and Eddie Brown). Highlights: Art plays a bumbling know-it-all electrician who disrupts Danny's preparations for a surprise birthday party. Art joins Danny and Rod for a takeoff on "Twlight Zone" called "Safety Zone" in which Rod Serling spouts scientific lingo and Art parachutes into a land ruled by a 400-year-old man (Danny).moreless
  • January 15, 1964
    January 15, 1964
    Episode 17
    Danny's guests are Dorothy Collins, Jackie Cooper, Marilyn Lovell and The Clinger Sisters. Highlights: Danny and Jackie Cooper review a movie star's career in one sketch and Danny portrays a marriage counselor with a heavy accent in another. Danny sings "Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane".
  • January 8, 1964
    January 8, 1964
    Episode 16
    Danny's guests are Terry-Thomas, Marilyn Lovell and The Maori Dancers. Highlights: Marilyn, Danny and Terry-Thomas perform "Tea For Two". Terry-Thomas plays a stuffy Captain of an English liner and has served notice to a bumbling novice waiter played by Danny. Danny and Terry-Thomas team up for a sketch, a satire on escapes from prisoner-of-war camps with the craziest escape plan ever invented.moreless
  • January 1, 1964
    January 1, 1964
    Episode 15
    Danny's guests are Jack Weston, Nita Talbot, The Clinger Sisters and Esquivel and His Mexican Group. Highlights: Esquivel and His Mexican Group perform a big "Lawrence of Arabia dance number. Other songs include "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails", "Granada" and "Jalousie". Jack West and Nita Talbot team up for a sketch as a barber and a manicurits in a lovers' quarrel. Danny portrays Mme. Schmeckenvasser, a school teacher who conducts a Dingle Dangle TV School for kiddies.moreless
  • December 25, 1963
    December 25, 1963
    Episode 14
    Danny's guests include vocalist Nat "King" Cole, Mary Tyler Moore, and singers the Clinger Sisters. Sketches include a takeoff on The Student Price, and Danny and Mary play socialites.
  • December 18, 1963
    December 18, 1963
    Episode 13
    Danny's guests are Andy Williams, Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke. Highlights: Danny opens the show with "You Meet the Nicest People Around Christmas Time". Danny & Dick team up for a song and dance to "Puttin' On the Ritz". Dick and Danny play a bridegroom and best man in a comedy skit. In another skit Dick plays a flamboyant prosecutor to America's oldest and sloppiest defense lawyer (Danny) during a murder trial where the TV cameras in the courtroom bring out the ham in the foes.moreless
  • December 11, 1963
    December 11, 1963
    Episode 12
    Danny's guests are Julie Newmar, Howard Morris and The Ruffinos (the South American answer to the Trapp Family). Highlights: Howard & Danny appear in a comedy skit about Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Danny opens with "The Great Come-And-Get-It-Day". Danny & Julie do a special number with the dancers on "Simon Says".moreless
  • December 4, 1963
    December 4, 1963
    Episode 11
    Danny's guests are Glynis Johns, Jo Stafford, Mama Cass Elliot, Jimi Hendricks and Tim Rose. Also with Harvey Korman. Highlights: Jo Stafford (wife of Danny's musical director) sings "Tomorrow Mountain" and "Yesterdays". Danny & Jo duet on "Temptation". The Big Three (Tim Rose, Cass Elliot and Jimi Hendricks) perform "Rider". Danny & Glynis perform a song-and-dance routine.moreless
  • November 27, 1963
    November 27, 1963
    Episode 10
    Danny's guests are Nancy Walker and Mahalia Jackson. Also appearing are Harvey Korman, Sig Rumann, Marni Nixon, Dodo Denney. Highlights: Nancy Walker and Danny Kaye appear in three musical sketches: the comparison of a possible Old Globe Theatre production with the contemporary "angry young man" British theatrical approach, both on the subject of love ("Love - Then and Now"); a 'Cliché Light Opera Company' production with the last-minute substitution of chorus girl Walker for the star ("Magnolia Blossoms of 1932"); and a Svengali spoof where the great vocal teacher and hypnotist discovers his maid can sing - but only with her mop in hand (also appearing - Harvey Korman, Sig Rumann, Marni Nixon, Dodo Denney). Danny sings "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street" and "Gypsy in My Soul". Mahalia Jackson performs "Deep River" and "Just a Closer Walk with Thee".moreless
  • November 20, 1963
    November 20, 1963
    Episode 9
    Danny's guests are Gwen Verdon, Don Penny, Zeme North and the Clinger Sisters. Also appearing are Joyce Jameson and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Gwen Verdon & Dancers in a trio of dances set to nursery rhymes with "Pop! Goes the Weasel," jazz version of "Three Blind Mice" and lullaby ballet. "Comedy Tonight" sketch about the attempts - through jestering and square, flamenco, ballet & vaudeville dance - of a band of strolling players who must help the Prince of a mythical kingdom remember how to laugh (Danny, Gwen, Harvey). "The Drive-in" sketch about a couple celebrating their anniversary with a newlywed couple at a drive-in restaurant (Danny, Gwen Verdon, Don Penny, Zeme North, Joyce Jameson). Danny Kaye sings "Alouette" Danny & Gwen duet with "Two of a Kind". "What Is a Woman" is spoken by Danny and danced by Gwen. The Clinger Sisters sing "High Hopes". Danny & the Clinger Sisters do "I Get So Lonely".moreless
  • November 13, 1963
    November 13, 1963
    Episode 8
    Danny's guests are Louis Jourdan, Eileen Farrell, Nita Talbot and Carl Ballantine. Highlights: Danny Kaye, Louis Jourdan & Dancers appear in two numbers - the song & dance "Walk Right In" and an opera parody that presents a game of football as a dance. Also Carl Ballantine's comedy magic act as 'The Great Ballantine.' Trio of sketches on the theme of jealousy as it might appear in movies from the U.S.; "Dial J for Jealousy," Italy; "Jealousy, Italian-style" and Turkey; "Quick Bernice, My Burnoose" (with Danny, Louis Jourdan and Nita Talbot). Danny sings "Gypsy in My Soul". Eileen Farrell sings "Danny Boy". Danny & Eileen Farrell perform "Birth of the Blues". Danny & Louis duet with "Walk Right In". Louis Jourdan sings "Honey".moreless
  • November 6, 1963
    November 6, 1963
    Episode 7
    Danny's guests are Art Carney and Joanie Sommers. Also appearing are Harvey Korman and Jamie Farr. Highlights: Danny does "South Rampart Street Parade". Joanie sings "Where Are You?" and "When Your Lover Has Gone". Kaye & Sommers duet with "Romeo and Juliet". Danny & the Clinger Sisters perform "The Story of Alice".moreless
  • October 30, 1963
    October 30, 1963
    Episode 6
    Danny's guests are Juliet Prowse, Howard Morris, Jamie Farr and the Levee Singers. Highlights: "Cowboys of the World" sketches parody Westerns - including the stereotypical villain, hero, sidekick and woman in need of rescue - set in the U.S. "My Son the Gunslinger;" Scotland "Restless Kilts" and Russia "Frontier Cossack" (with Kaye, Morris, Prowse, Korman and Jamie Farr). Also "Dr. Yes" parody of the James Bond film (Kaye, Prowse, Morris, Korman). Kaye discusses his memories of Scottish entertainer Sir Harry Lauder. Danny Kaye sings "Breezin' Along with the Breeze" and "Will Ye No Come Back Again?" Juliet Prowse performs "Love Makes the World Go 'round" (with male dancers). The Levee Singers do "I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'". Danny Kaye & the Levee Singers perform "Everybody Clap Your Hands".moreless
  • October 23, 1963
    October 23, 1963
    Episode 5
    Danny's guests are Gene Kelly and Michele Lee. Also appearing are Jackie Joseph, Henry Beckman, Myrna Ross and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Features Kaye and Kelly in a song & dance tribute to Kelly's dancing career on Broadway and in the movies, including Kelly's tap dance to Kaye's linguini recipe and closing with both dancers' versions of "Ballin' the Jack." Other dance numbers are Charmoli's legs-only choreography to "Days of Wine and Roses" and a quartet of girls engaging Kaye in playground-style dance while he sings "You Make Me Feel So Young." "Business Lunch" sketch about a distracting restaurant fashion show at an important business meeting (Kaye, Harvey Korman, Henry Beckman). "Beauty Expert" sketch about a visit with Viennese beauty entrepreneur Miss Schmeckenvasser on the fictional TV show 'Wonderful World of Women' (Kaye, Korman, Jackie Joseph, Myrna Ross). Michele Lee sings "I Could Write a Book" and "By Myself". Danny & Michele duet with "You'll Never Get Away". Danny Kaye & the Clinger Sisters do "Side By Side".moreless
  • October 16, 1963
    October 16, 1963
    Episode 4
    Danny's guests are Mary Tyler Moore, Eddie Foy Jr. and Dino Natali. Highlights: Parodies of three TV domestic comedies set in the U.S. - "Father Knows Nothing," France - "Father Knows Plenty" and Japan - "Osaka Hillbillies." [also appearing Harvey Korman, Dino Natali] Danny Kaye performs a song and soft shoe dance to "S'posin'". Danny does a song medley bemoaning the switch from telephone exchanges to area codes, such as "As I Walked Out on the Streets of 512" Mary Tyler Moore does a song-and-dance with "Hard-Hearted Hannah". Eddie Foy Jr. sings and dances to "Delightful is the Word". Danny, Mary & Eddie perform a vaudeville song-and-dance with "When the Song and Dance Man Came to Town".moreless
  • October 9, 1963
    October 9, 1963
    Episode 3
    Danny's guests are Carol Lawrence, Don Knotts and Joe & Eddie. Highlights: A "Dancing Pagodas" sketch about an Indian trio (Kaye, Knotts & Lawrence) who let their fingers 'do the talking'. "The Diner" sketch is about a dramatic triangle between a meek diner owner (Knotts), his sultry and unsatisfied wife (Lawrence) and black leather trucker (Kaye) who is willing to murder to win her. "Toothache" is sketch on a suffering dental patient whose rest is interrupted (Kaye & Knotts). Danny Kaye performs "Together Wherever We Go" and "Turn Around" (dedicated to his daughter). Carol Lawrence sings "Fools Rush In". (song & ballet) Joe & Eddie perform "They Call the Wind Maria". Danny, Joe & Eddie perform "I Laid Around".moreless
  • October 2, 1963
    October 2, 1963
    Episode 2
    Danny's guests are Jose Ferrer, Red Norvo and Henry Beckman. Highlights: A musical revue is featured that might have resulted had Shakespeare written Hamlet for television, including song & dance numbers by Hamlet (Ferrer) and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern (Kaye). Also, Tony Charmoli Dancers in a jazz number to march music with a swing influence. "Gemini" sketch about two astronauts in space and "The German Officer" sketch about a private being asked to impersonate a German general captured by British Intelligence (both sketches with Kaye, Ferrer and Henry Beckman). Danny sings "Brotherhood of Man". Danny Kaye & Jose Ferrer" perform a parody with Shakespeare's, 'To Be or Not To Be' with "Macbeth the Knife". Red Norvo & His Quintet perform "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea". Danny Kaye, The Red Norvo Quintet & the Johnny Mann Singers perform "Three Blind Mice". Danny & Jose play two spacemen who try to prove that they can get along with each other while in a space capsule. Jose plays a British intelligence officer and Danny plays both a Nazi General and a British soldier.moreless
  • September 25, 1963
    September 25, 1963
    Episode 1
    Danny's guests are Jackie Cooper, Lovelady Powell and Joe & Eddie, with a cameo appearance by Jack Benny. Also appearing are Sam D'Andrea Highlights: The show opens with the pseudo-Egyptian and Roman "Cleopatra's procession," featuring dance ensemble number of classical Egyptian and African tribal movements and including a surprise appearance by Jack Benny. Featured parody sketches on how three Broadway composers might have written music on Baseball: "My Fair Umpire," a sports satire of Lerner & Loewe's 'My Fair Lady' in which Higgins (Kaye) and Eliza (Powell) sing songs such as "The aim of the game is mainly to complain". "Horsehide Story," a choreographed parody of Leonard Bernstein's 'West Side Story' set on the baseball diamond. "Baseball Man," is set to the tune of Meredith Wilson's 'Music Man.' Also, sketch "The Victim" about a first-time airline passenger(Kaye & Cooper). "The Bandstand" sketch about a cheap clup trio (Kaye, Cooper and Sam D'Andrea) trying to perform as well as impersonating another act on a revolving bandstand. Danny Kaye sings "Consider Yourself", "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", and a Russian song "May There Always Be Sunshine". Lovelady Powell sings "Bye, Bye Blackbird" and "Love Me Lady". Kaye & Powell sing a Blues medley and "Cherry Pies Ought to be You". Joe & Eddie perform "Children Go" and "Elijah Rock".moreless