The Danny Kaye Show - Season 3

CBS (ended 1967)




Episode Guide

  • April 20, 1966
    April 20, 1966
    Episode 31
    Danny's guests are John Gary and Judi Armstrong. With regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Danny & Joyce do a sketch about a missing English husband. Danny & Joyce also do a sketch about changes in courtship from Italians, Eskimos, British and Civil War couples. Canada's Judi Armstrong sings "Sometimes I'm Happy" and "The Sound of Music". Danny plays a husband who returns home after an 8-year-long case of amnesia. John Gary sings "Georgia On My Mind". Joyce & Danny improvise the scenes in the finale.moreless
  • April 13, 1966
    April 13, 1966
    Episode 30
    Danny's guests are Edie Adams, Fred Gwynne and Glenn Yarbrough. Also regular Harvey Korman. Highlights: In a spoof of "The Munsters" Danny dresses up as David Dracula, Edie Adams is Lily and Fred Gwynne is Chet Munster who are busy every night giving the "Munster-Dracula" Report. Edie joins the boys in a song about parents watching a Little League baseball game. Fred joins Danny in a sketch which depicts the former as an over-bearing skipper and Danny as a melon-headed tag-along buddy (reminiscent of the Skipper and Gilligan of "Gilligan's Island"). Danny & Edie duet on "Looking at You". Glenn Yarbrough plays some folk ditties. The show's musical director Paul Weston, leads a group called The Weston Brothers in a song spoof. Edie sings "Wonderful Day" and "Soon It's Gonna Rain".moreless
  • April 6, 1966
    April 6, 1966
    Episode 29
    Danny's guests are Vincent Price, John Gary and Stan Worth. With regular Harvey Korman. Highlights: Danny plays a drunk in a silent routine. Danny & Vincent talk about movie villains and work together in a gangster sketch. John sings "Once Upon a Time". Pianist Stan Worth performs two numbers. Danny renders a Gilbert and Sullivan song medley.moreless
  • March 30, 1966
    March 30, 1966
    Episode 28
    Danny's guests are Vikki Carr and John Gary. With regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Danny and Vikki duet to "A Simple Melody". John Gary sings some pop tunes. Danny as Jerome the shy shoe clerk asks for a raise. Danny plays a concert violinist in love with his valuable hands, he has had them insured for $1 million and he won't even let his wife (Joyce Van Patten) touch them. Danny sings about William Tell and his son in one musical segment.moreless
  • March 23, 1966
    March 23, 1966
    Episode 27
    Danny's guests are Senta Berger, Chaim Topel, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. Plus regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: "A Time For Singing" is sung by Danny Kaye and Earl Brown Singers and danced by Tony Charmoli Dancers. "A Taste of Honey" is performed by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. "Zorba the Greek" is performed by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass "Comes Once in a Lifetime" and "Love Me Tender" are sung by John Gary. "Men of Sheik Ech Mech" is performed by Harvey Korman and Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. Danny sings "Duty of a Sheik". "Marry Me Fatima" is sung by Chaim Topol and Senta Berger. The Challenge Dance and Bahklava is performed by Kaye and Topol. "Hora" is danced by Kaye, Berger, and Topol "To Life" is sung in Hebrew by Danny Kaye and Chaim Topol. Danny sings "Matchmaker, Matchmaker".moreless
  • March 16, 1966
    March 16, 1966
    Episode 26
    Giovanni's Wedding. An hour-long musical about Danny Kaye's lovable character, the Italian tailor, Giovanni who comes to live with his son. The plot has the widow Mrs. Betty Simpson (Amzie Strickland) hovering about, intent on tapping Giovanni into marriage and Marco (Harold Gould) Giovanni's friend. Great moments come in the variety of sentimental and happy times sung by Kaye and company. Bill Barnes' original tunes include "What She Mean by That?" and "I'm Jealous" (Danny) and "Too Old to Be Young" (Danny and Amzie).moreless
  • March 9, 1966
    March 9, 1966
    Episode 25
    Danny's guests are Nancy Wilson and John Gary. Also regular Harvey Korman. Highlights: Nancy Wilson sings "Don't Take Your Love From Me" and "Gee, Baby". Nancy & John duet on sings "Memphis Blues". Danny does another takeoff on the tv show "Batman". John Gary sings "Lonesome Me" and "The Green Leaves of Summer". John plays Parakeet aide to super-hero Chickenman (Danny) in a skit. Danny joins Harvey Korman in a pantomime bit of horseplay in a public library.moreless
  • March 2, 1966
    March 2, 1966
    Episode 24
    Danny's guests are Joanne Woodward and Robert Goulet. Also regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Danny portrays Richard Thimble in a spoof of "The Fugitive". Danny plays Shenadopey in a Wild West but. And "Run For Your Life" Danny plays a man with 18 months to live, with Joanne playing his wife and Goulet his best friend, who is madly in love with Joanne. Robert Goulet sings "She Touched Me". Danny sings "Company's Coming" and "Wee Hughie". Joanne Woodward makes fun of actresses on TV commercials in a sketch. And the trio appear in the final comedy sketch of life on a Southern Plantation.moreless
  • February 23, 1966
    February 23, 1966
    Episode 23
    Danny's guests are Inger Stevens, Woody Herman and his Band, The Clinger Sisters and Brother Aaron. Also regular Harvey Korman. Highlights: Inger Stevens sings the wistful folk ballad "A Lass From the Low Country" Inger dances with Danny. Inger is a school teacher visiting Italian widower Giovanni (Danny). Woody Herman and the Clinger Sisters perform some big band music. Harvey Korman as Walter Klunkite interviews George Washington (Danny).moreless
  • Ferbruary 16, 1966
    Ferbruary 16, 1966
    Episode 22
    Danny's guests are Tim Conway, John Gary and Japanese musician Kimio Eto. Plus regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Danny & Tim play construction workers on a skyscrapper. Danny & Tim play secret agents meeting at a restaurant. Musician Kimio Eto plays a stringed instrument called the koto.
  • February 9, 1966
    February 9, 1966
    Episode 21
    Danny's guests are Cyril Ritchard and Eddy Arnold. Also with Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Eddy sings "Make the World Go Away" and "Just a Little Lovin'". Eddy & Danny perform a 'Broken-Hearts' medley. Cyril stars as the head of an English diction class with Danny as his obtuse shy Jerome character being the student trying to overcome his bashfulness and Brooklyn accent. Danny & Cyril appear in another sketch about noble British flyers who crash in the desert. Arnold, Cyril & Danny perform in the finale "Where I Come From".moreless
  • February 2, 1966
    February 2, 1966
    Episode 20
    Danny's guests are Eddie Albert and Morgana King. Plus regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Eddie Albert reads Stephen Vincent Benet's "Ballad of William Sycamore". Danny & Eddie play poker playing husbands lying to their wives. Danny pretends he's Napoleon in a bit. Danny Kaye, Paul West, Earl Brown and composer Billy Barnes do a barbershop rendition of "Indiana". Morgana King sings "Lazy Afternoon" and "Mountain Valley".moreless
  • January 26, 1966
    January 26, 1966
    Episode 19
    Danny's guests are Robert Vaughn, French composer Michel Le Grand and twelve year old ballerina Joyce Cuoco will also appear. Plus regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Danny & Robert spoof the well-dressed secret agent and tackle a broad takeoff on "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" film. Joyce Cuoco performs a show-stopping number dancing to Michel LeGrand's music from the film "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg". Michel LeGrand performs "Valse des Lilas".moreless
  • January 19, 1966
    January 19, 1966
    Episode 18
    Danny's guests are Tammy Grimes and Bob Crane. Plus regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Tammy sings "Limehouse Blues". In a sketch Tammy demonstrates how a pampered, spoiled movie star acts. Bob Crane re-enacts his days as a radio interviewer. Danny turns up as composer Beethoven for another comedy interview.moreless
  • January 12, 1966
    January 12, 1966
    Episode 17
    Danny's guests are Bill Dana, Caterina Valente and D'Aldo Romano. Plus regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Bill Dana as Jose Jimenez that expert on languages and phonetics. In a sketch with Danny, Caterina and Joyce, Bill plays an English Lord, Joyce plays Lady Daphne Hyde-Jekyll who insistes the two men vying for her have a race around the World. Caterina sings a foreign language medley with Danny Caterina sings "Do I Hear a Waltz".moreless
  • January 5, 1966
    January 5, 1966
    Episode 16
    Danny's guests are Liza Minelli, Alan Young and John Gary. Also regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: A comedy sketch about the dangers and romance of the Grand Prix race. Danny and Alan portray husbands gathering around a laundromat to get away from their nagging wives. Liza Minelli sings a song medley. John Gary sings two songs.moreless
  • December 29, 1965
    December 29, 1965
    Episode 15
    Danny's guests are Eddie Albert and Wayne Newton. Plus regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Danny's opening number has him playing Father Time and preparing for the Baby 1966. Eddie Albert turns up here to play his guitar, sing a folk song and join Danny in a sketch about two men with hangovers after a New Year's Eve Party. Wayne Newton sings "What Kind of Fool Am I?". All join in for "Auld Ang Syne".moreless
  • December 22, 1965
    December 22, 1965
    Episode 14
    Danny's guests are Jean Simmons, Laurence Harvey and John Gary. Also regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Laurence and Jean team up in a British murder sketch hoping to polish off a rich Cockney (Danny) called "Fop at the Top". Danny as shy Jerome is caught in a storm at a ski resort and huddles together with Miss Simmons to keep warm during the blizzard. John Gary performs "A Christmas Wish". Laurence Harvey reads. For the closing Danny and the Children's Choir sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth".moreless
  • December 15, 1965
    December 15, 1965
    Episode 13
    Danny's guests are Vincent Price, Vikki Carr and John Gary. Also appearing are Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Danny opens the show with six tykes singing "All I Need Now" and "Little Girls". Danny plays a monster in a Dr. Frankenstein sketch with Vincent. In another sketch he is a window washer looking in on a supposed murder.moreless
  • December 8, 1965
    December 8, 1965
    Episode 12
    Danny's guests are Diahann Carroll and George Hamilton. With regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Diahann sings "I'm in the Mood for Love". Danny plays an old lighthouse keeper and a German movie director in comedy sketches. Actor/singer George Hamilton sings Danny portrays the director of the film "Nanny Romain" in a sketch with a movie star called Rock Pile (George Hamilton). Danny keeps changing the script in an effort to keep his love Nanny (Joyce Van Patten) away from Rock. Diahann sings a medley and is joined by Danny for the song "Friendship".moreless
  • December 1, 1965
    December 1, 1965
    Episode 11
    Danny's guests are John Astin, Gwen Verdon and D'Aldo Romano. Also with Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: John plays an oddball character with verve in a sketch. Danny does his shy Jerome bit in "Howdy, Neighbor Dude Ranch" sketch with John. Gwen returns for a western folk dance number and imitates an "emancipated woman" in a skit with Danny. D'Aldo Romano is back again to sing "Mexico".moreless
  • November 24, 1965
    November 24, 1965
    Episode 10
    Danny's guests are Tennessee Ernie Ford and Lainie Kazan. Plus regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Lainie sings "The Blues in the Night" and "Feeling Good". Danny appears as a turkey who is interviewed by Harvey Korman on his opinion of Thanksgiving Day. Tennessee Ernie Ford sings "The Work Song" and "Today". Harvey plays a broken down king of Blumberg and his servant ex-general Pilaf (Danny) trying to survive in a cold water New York flat. Danny & Tennessee sing "Bless This House" and "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You". The closing features a film clip of a child discovering nature while Danny delivers a Thanksgiving prayer.moreless
  • November 17, 1965
    November 17, 1965
    Episode 9
    Danny's guests are Ray Walston and Vikki Carr. Also appearing are Laurie Ichino and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Ray appears as a super agent chasing after master criminal Danny Kaye in a "Goldfinger" takeoff. Danny, Ray and Vikki do a skit about a husband and friend baby-sitting while the wife takes the evening off. Vikki sings with little Laurie Ichino.moreless
  • November 10, 1965
    November 10, 1965
    Episode 8
    Danny's guests are Marguerite Piazza, Freddie and the Dreamers. Also with Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Highlights: Danny is as funny as ever in a sketch about TV doctor Ben Casey and a confidence building school. Danny narrates the "Three Little Pigs" in a German accent. Danny portrays Jerome the shoe clerk. Danny and the dancers do a splashy version of "The Watusi".moreless
  • November 3, 1965
    November 3, 1965
    Episode 7
    Danny's guests are Pat Boone and Carolyn Jones. Also with Harvey Korman. Highlights: Carolyn sings "Those Ghoulish Things" with Danny. Harvey portrays a TV interviewer who talks to Christopher Columbus (Danny). In a skit called "Samson and Delilah" Danny plays Samson Swinger and Carolyn plays Delilah Hipp, his secretary in the London music business.moreless
  • October 27, 1965
    October 27, 1965
    Episode 6
    Danny's guests are Dinah Shore, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. Highlights: Dinah sings "The Mood I'm In". Danny Kaye & Dinah Shore duet with "Once Upon a Summertime". Dinah Shore sings "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore with a male ensemble and chorus perform "Winds of Barcelona". Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass perform "A Taste of Honey". Danny Kaye & Dinah Shore duet with "Happiness Is". Danny Kaye and the Earl Brown Singers perform a medley.moreless
  • October 13, 1965
    October 13, 1965
    Episode 5
    Danny's guests are Benny Goodman and Caterina Valente. Also with regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Danny & Caterina open the show with "I Hear Music", backed by the Earl Brown Singers. Caterina, Benny, Joyce and Harvey join Danny on a tour through the 1920's, the depression 1930's and the swing-and-radio 1940's. In a sketch called "Class of 1922" Danny plays Walter Murray, Joyce plays Mary Jane and Harvey plays Leonard, graduates of Mapleton U. It is in the depths of the depression and Walter is a drunk, Leonard is lucky to have a piece of pie at an automat where Mary Jane works at filling the little door trays. Leonard and Mary Jane try to reform Walter, once a brilliant law prospect. The "King of Swing" Benny Goodman performs with Danny, Tony Charmoili Dancers and Earl Brown Singers in musical numbers. Caterina sings "Hindustan". Benny Goodman plays the clarinet in "Poor Butterfly" and "The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise". Appearing with Goodman are Lou Levy on piano, Colin Bailey at drums, Max Bennett on String Bass and Al Hendrickson on guitar. Benny and his clarinet join Caterina and Danny in "Hi Ya, Sophia". Caterina plays guitar and sings bossa-nova nursey rhymes with Danny Kaye in the sit-down segment closing the show.moreless
  • October 6, 1965
    October 6, 1965
    Episode 4
    Danny's guests are Buddy Ebsen, Clint Eastwood, Fess Parker and Charo. Plus regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman. Highlights: Danny is taught how to order a drink by Rowdy Yates star Clint Eastwood as Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen put in their two cents worth in the Saloon sketch. Another Western sketch with Clint and Fess as a pair of brothers just out of jail who are out to get the Sheriff (Danny) who put them there. Harvey Korman plays the station agent. Danny & Fess do a song-and-dance routine to "Doodlin'". Charo sings "La Cucaracha" and "La Bamba". Cartoonist George Feyer turns up to draw for Danny for the sit-down segment at the end of the show.moreless
  • September 29, 1965
    September 29, 1965
    Episode 3
    Danny's guests are Shirley Jones and The Righteous Brothers. Plus regular Harvey Korman. Highlights: Shirley and Danny consider the man-woman conflict in song-and-dance production title "Man versus Woman". In a sketch Danny and Shirley play Adam and Eve. Danny & Shirley duet on "The Begat" and "Love Walked In". Shirley sings "Blame It on Love". The Righteous Brothers sing "You've Lost That Loving Feelin'".moreless
  • September 22, 1965
    September 22, 1965
    Episode 2
    Danny's guests are Richard Crenna, Nana Mouskouri and the Herman's Hermits. Also with regular Harvey Korman. Highlights: Danny plays an Olympic runner being interviewed by a TV Sports reporter played by Richard. Nana Mouskouri returns from last week's show and sings Greek songs. Richard, Danny and Harvey are in a sketch about jaunty RAF wing commanders in World War II ribbing of 12 O'Clock High called "Thirty Seconds Over Schnitzel". Herman's Hermits perform "Henry the Eighth".moreless
  • September 15, 1965
    September 15, 1965
    Episode 1
    Danny's guests are Harry Belafonte and Nana Mouskouri. Highlights: Harry teaches Danny how to do a calypso number and get the "ethnic" feel. Danny & Harry duet with "Mama Look a Booboo". Danny & Harry perform a number called "The Breaks". Danny and Harry show how those baseball pitchers' conferences might appear in the U.S., England, Germany and Japan. Harry Belafonte sings "Girls in Their Summer Dresses", "Rain Drop" and "Walk On". Nana Mouskouri sings "Telalis". Danny, Harry and Nana perform "Opa Neena Neena Naee".moreless