The Dave Thomas Comedy Show

CBS (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Episode Five - Catherine O'Hara / John Roarke
      Dave does an impersonation of Jack Palance in his own sitcom. Catherine O'Hara guest stars in a sketch about the ultimate couch-potato couple. Also, we see how not to succeed in business, and we see Dave play the last man on earth, among thousands of women. John Roarke also guest stars.moreless
    • Episode Four - Martin Short
      Dave Thomas plays country star "Johnny J. Fulsom", who sings a song from about his mother. A parody of actor Michael Caine in an action film. Also, a visit to the dentist raises hairs for the character "Leon Frightened". Martin Short guest stars.
    • Episode Three - Chevy Chase / Martin Short
      Martin Short and Chevy Chase join Dave in a sketch called "The Frightened Brothers". Also a skit about a school of great white sharks, and "Dad Rap", a father's complaints put to music.
    • Episode Two - Dan Aykroyd
      Dan Aykroyd performs some of his favorite impressions. Also, we see an all-beef cooking show, a solution to the problem of bugs on a windshield and we see a man who has a remote that controls more than his VCR.
    • Episode One - John Candy
      Dave Thomas is joined by John Candy who plays a doctor that prescribes a heavy dose of practical jokes. Also, a priest is in a hurry to get an execution over with, and a businessman who loves to bully a nerdy colleague.