The Day of the Roses

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  • Season 1
    • Part 2
      Part 2
      Episode 2
      In the second and final part of this compelling mini-series, we see that the pressure is mounting on all the key players in the unfolding drama. Boris Osman knows that he is aqbsolutely correct in his assertion that the locomotive itself as well as the appalling condition of the railway tracks in New South Wales are what contributed to the de-railing of the train on that fateful day. He is determined to prove that the Granville disaster was not "just an unfortunate accident" but was, in fact, something which could have been entirely prevented if the trains, the tracks and the correct speed had all been maintained. Coroner Tom Weir also knows that if his decision goes against the railways and the government that his career will be over. As others urge him to find a more "realistic" cause for the tragedy of Granville, he, along with Boris Osman, is determined that the real culprits will be named, no matter what the cost. The victims, their families and the rescuers deserve that much and justice WILL be delivered in his courtroom.moreless
    • Part 1
      Part 1
      Episode 1
      On January 18th, 1977, a passenger train travelling on its daily run from the Blue Mountains into the city of Sydney, New South Wales, came off the rails leaving 83 people dead and many others seriously injured. This magnificent two-part Mini-Series tells the true story of those who died, the heroes who rescued the survivors and the pressure put on the police, the witnesses and other key participants to make staements which cleared the railways of any culpability. In this first part, we see the events in flashback from the point of view of the cornoner and his staff as well as many others involved, and follow the tragic journey of the doomed locomotive and its passengers and how this event still haunts the people of Sydney today.moreless