The Day of the Triffids (1981)

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  • I remember watching this BBC version of "The Day of the Triffids" when it was first shown.

    This is definitely a must-see for fans of classic science fiction, but it leans heavily on the social and sociological aspects of apocalypse rather than scientific speculation, so it's equally entertaining for those interested in a thriller. This also aides in the picture's timelessness; even viewed in the 21st century, it rings true. The few special effects can be forgiven their 1981 hokeyness, as the meat of the work is in the incredible story and acting.

    If you are not able to see repeated re-runs of this series then go and either beg borrow or steal the DVD.

    ( Sorry i don't condone stealing... buy it, you wont be wasting your money )
  • After an awful movie we finally got something on film that was true to the book.

    I was a big John Wyndham fan after a teacher at my high school introduced me to his works. She learnt I was a big science fiction fan after a school project and suggested I read the book the Chrysalids (which deserves to be mad into a show too), after that I was hooked.

    I then read the more popular Triffids which led to seeing the awful movie. Not too long after the BBC show started and I was happy too see something that stayed roughly too the book. The acting was pretty good, the triffids whilst not matching my vision of them where pretty darn good for the day (I'd love a remake with CGI triffids someday).

    Recently watched the show again and still enjoyed it. Stands up pretty well even today.
  • Day Of the Triffids really scares you...

    The Day Of The Triffids is the story of the human race blinded by a mysterious metor shower in the sky. Everyone is blinded, except very few people. Bill Mansen and his girlfreind Jo are not blinded, but they can see the world it is turning into.Man eating plants called Triffids were created by the Russians, but the Triffids over took them and populate alot of the world, but are kept locked up in Triffid farms. But with the world in dispare,Triffids are escaping and feasting on the blind humans who are like sitting ducks. A mysterious Disease is wide spread killing the blinded, thats if they are not killed by Triffids. London is falling to pieces, and the human conflict still reigns with street gangs and millitary personel. Its a very dark tales of human reaction to the devastating situation, although the Triffids are kept in the background for most of the story, it can still give you chills down the spine.
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