The Day of the Triffids

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Dec 29, 2009 on BBC

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  • A surprising end to a great 2 parter

    The second part certainly doesn't fail in the visual department the whole thing looks beautiful and the soundtrack underscores the story perfectly. Part 2 managed to answer many worries in the plot on part 1m what was left comes down to the point made in my review for part 1, it needed more time. This begged for a mini series. The story moves fast in this 2 part series and it's easy to fall behind. Torrence as Eddie Izzard is sadly under expoited even though they obviously give as much of him as time can allow. I won't let that effect my score however, most of the time (like with Lost)I just wish they could get to the point, and this version of Day of the Triffids steam rolls through, as such there a second viewing is well worth it. It can seem disjointed and unexplained first time round, but that isn't the case.

    The story succeds in creating tension, excitement, intrigue and a sense of urgency. he cast are well chosen. Scott has surprised me, he made the role very much his own and led the story well. Izzard as already hinted at was superb, I didn't know he was that good of an actor. He was by far the highlight of the whole thing. That's not to be harsh on anyone, because I can't complain about an of the actors.

    The rest of this review contains considerable spoilers...

    So on the direction of the story. I was shocked by the end, even perhaps a little disapointed, but on reflection I thought, well at least I didn't see it coming! It was a rather mute ending, just abandoning Britain saying its too late blah blah blah, but then he isn't the Doctor! He gave it a shot he failed so he decided survival had come first. But basically Fail! In how many show do you get a fail? So good on the writers for being different!

    This doesn somewhat leave it open to a sequel, but having killed Torrence that doesn't excite me as much. I really wished this had been an 10 parter mini series with more time to tell the story and explore the charecters. Oddly the Triffids were perhaps the less intriguign side to the story. The whole blind element is a really good idea that could have been explored more. More time would have allowed to see the Triifid triumphs as Britian falls more throughly. They made great use of their 3 hours, but I wanted more. With having gave it 10/10 I still frickin loved it!