The Day Today

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1994 on BBC Two
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Police eating suspects. Alan looking forward to the World CUp. Dogs in new bombing campaign. The Bureau spreads accros Europe and near death experiences in mice.

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    Rebecca Front

    Rebecca Front

    Valerie Sinatra, Barbara Wintergreen, Rosy May & various

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    Doon MacKichan


    Chris Morris

    Chris Morris

    Himself & various

    Steve Coogan

    Steve Coogan

    Alan Partridge & various

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    David Schneider

    Brant, Sylvester Stewart & various

    Patrick Marber

    Patrick Marber

    Peter O'Hanarha-hanrahan / Jaques-"Jaques" Liverot / Chapman Baxter & various

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      • Morris: The only way police can neutralise bombdogs is to spray them with a resin coating which hardens instantly to contain any explosion. The inside of the bombdog is obviously destroyed, but the outside stays the same shape. However, if the underside is not covered, a highly directional blast launches the animal vertically to a height of over a thousand feet.

      • Morris: Coming up - new explosive suss laws mean any domestic dog is now a potential hazard-

      • May: Enviromation from me, Rosie May. An international ban on the hunting of waves has finally been introduced. Waves have been used for centuries to pull cars in small countries, but are now facing extinction. Over a million specially farmed waves are to be released into the wild this winter. Man has finally harnessed the cooling power of worms to drive a fridge. The worms inhabit an internal piping system, cooling everything as they go. Putting in more worms lowers the temperature. Worms. I'm Rosie May. My milk is green - come drink me.

      • Morris: And we've just heard- [he waves for the camera to zoom in; it does so] -that areas in three of Britain's cities are being evacuated due to suspect dogs. Police belive this could be the start of a mainland campaign of dogbombs threatened by the IRA last month. This report from Eugene Fraxby who's got the story with him reports.
        Fraxby: Oxford Street in London with three policemen and a knotted tape barrier. A stray dog was spotted here an hour ago and everybody ran out.
        [Shot of an empty street, the camera waving about wildly and people shouting on the soundtrack. A caption says 'Reconstruction'.]
        Fraxby: Police then isolated the area containing the dog and told the public to clear off. Later they located it, and conducted a controlled explosion.
        [There is an explosion in a shop doorway. Bits of dog and fur fly out. Policemen then emerge holding bags of guts.]
        Fraxby: But as the remains were being taken for laboratory tests, a second dog ran out from the crowd. It could have been a bomb - the police had no choice.
        [An armed policeman starts blasting wildly into the crowd after the dog.]
        Fraxby: It was over in seconds - a dog and three people dead from guns. Being old, they would have died soon anyway, but the dog, which contained no explosives at all, was shot to ribbons in its prime.
        [Shot of Fraxby standing next to a memorial to 'Spider', with a brass dog's head on a pole.]
        Fraxby: By six o'clock this evening a monument had been built, marking the end perhaps of the relationship between man and dog which today went from this [he holds up a toy dog and strokes it] to this [he pulls out a gun and shoots the dog in the head].

      • Voiceover: The Day Today - because fact into doubt won't go.

      • Ted Maul: Unexplained disappearances from police cells have doubled in the past year. Records show suspects are regularly weighed and smeared in oil. But police say this is just standard practice for young offenders. Campaigners are calling for immediate action. Without it, they say, thousands of suspects across the country could be eaten tonight by panicking policemen.

      • Morris: The headlines tonight - NATO annulled after delegate swallows treaty, "I'm so sorry" yells exploding cleaner, and bearded cleric in oily chin insertion. Those are the headlines - god I wish they weren't.

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