The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • Season 5
    • Here's a little touch of Harry in the night
      Molly recalls her days in The Fred Dodd Quintet, and at a grocery store recognizes her old guitarist, Harry, of whom she was fond; Florence and Arthur leave on a cross-country trip.
    • Here's when life begins at
      Molly celebrates her 40th birthday with her best friend, Nina. On her way back home, Molly unexpectedly meets Nick Donatello, the garbage man, who reveals the true nature of their "chance" meetings over the years. Ramona and a new date visit Molly's apartment to wish her a happy birthday and run into Ron, who was babysitting. Florence, away with Arthur, checks in with Molly but forgets her birthday. Fred comes over to give Molly a birthday present and say good-bye.moreless
    • Here's why you shouldn't talk to strangers in the park
      Florence and Arthur have some surprising news for Molly about their relationship. Later that day, as Molly takes her baby for a stroll through the park, they unexpectedly run into an old, familiar friend, who stirs up old feelings. After this encounter, Molly strikes up a conversation with a mysterious woman, Vanise, who makes some predictions about the baby and leaves Molly a little disconcerted.moreless
    • Here's how to put an egg in your shoe and beat it
      Molly is caught in the middle of her feuding neighbors, Ron and Ramona, who have separated but for economic reasons continue to share an apartment. Florence and Arthur stop by Molly's apartment to check on Fred, who is trying to conduct business over the phone while babysitting. Molly returns home to find Davey depressed, Florence and Arthur about to depart on a trip to an undisclosed location and Fred musing about his blossoming music career ... in Los Angeles.moreless
    • Here's how to break the other leg
      Molly and Fred join Arthur and Florence for the opening night of the play Arthur is producing. At a gathering in Sardi's after the play, everyone is excited about Arthur's work--and keeping their fingers crossed for good reviews. Later at Molly's apartment, Fred volunteers to be a regular baby-sitter and a part of the baby's upbringing.moreless
    • Here's a high dive into a shallow pool
      Molly returns to work and learns she has been "promoted" to a human resources position, the first assignment of which is to fire her friend Bernie because of an "economic decision." At home that evening she finds Bernie both in her hallway and on her answering machine, pleading for his job back. On seeing the fee her new baby-sitter Dora has charged for a day's work, Molly makes a second "economic decision."moreless
    • Here's one way to fill every waking moment
      Davey and his son Jimmy disagree about their work styles, with Jimmy looking for change and Davey hanging on to tradition. Molly, home from the hospital, spends the first few days alone with her baby. Arthur and Florence drop by Molly's apartment on their way to the Rainbow Room, leaving Molly to ponder the increasing demands of motherhood.moreless
    • Here's a good excuse for missing the party
      While friends and family are gathering at Ron and Ramona's apartment for Molly's baby shower, Molly goes into labor. Only one person, having seen Molly on the street hurriedly making her way to the hospital, is present for the birth.
    • Here's a pregnant pause
      Molly breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the camera, indulging her every whim: For the duration of this episide, Molly is not pregnant, is the star employee at work and is in control of her life.
    • Here are some overnight lows
      Molly goes through tough times as she tries to cope with an unexpected tragedy, as the birth of her baby approaches and as she experiences jitters about her impending motherhood.
    • Here's when the fat lady sings
      Molly and Florence go to Ramona's beauty salon to get ready for a night at the opera. Later, in Molly's apartment, her fiance gives her a wedding ring. That evening, Molly grows anxious when her fiance does not pick her up in time for the opera. The eventual knock at Molly's door brings bad news.moreless
    • Here's a new way of looking at Cappucino
      At work Molly discovers she has not been credited as the author of her book. Florence and Arthur go to Molly's apartment to deliver an engagement present, with unexpected results. Molly and Ron, her neighbor, discuss childbearing with another couple in a cappuccino cafe. Back at Ron and Ramona's apartment, Fred is waiting to give Molly a baby present.moreless
    • Here's a neat way to tie up loose ends
      Over dinner in a restaurant, Molly confronts the father of her baby, who proposes marriage. Molly, caught off guard, accepts and subsequently arranges a dinner meeting between her fiance and Florence, her apprehensive mother. What begins as an awkward evening ends pleasantly for Florence and her soon-to-be Son-in-law, leaving Molly feeling strangely alone.moreless
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