The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd - Season 3

NBC (ended 1991)


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Episode Guide

  • Here's a leisurely stroll through the park
    intro: Molly is looking out the window, her mom is narrating about spring rains Molly arrives at Arthur's apartment drenched from rain. The two chat while waiting for her mother to arrive. Molly apologizes for not having been accepting of Arthur dating her mother. Her mother arrives. Molly says her stomach is feeling funny. Molly meets Fred and his female band member at a cafe. The food arrives and she runs to throw up. Molly runs into Davey and they talk about the toaster oven she just bought. They take a walk in the park. Molly runs into Bing Shalmar, who almost hired her as a girl friday. Molly admits to herself that she might be pregnant. She pictures herself in a "mom" dress, very pregnant, singing "It could happen to you." She and Davey resume their stroll.moreless
  • Here's an unexpected twist on the old biological clock
    Two weeks into her new job, Molly worries about her frequent nausea and what it might mean. Molly attempts to clarify her relationship with Moss but ends up more confused. Then, when she cooks a special dinner for Hawthorne, he becomes violently ill just as he's about to ask her a very important question.moreless
  • Here's a shot in the dark
    intro: Molly's mother narrates as Molly works New York Times crossword Molly orders Chinese food. She looks through a box that her mother sent. The Chinese delivery boy arrives by "astral projection". Molly's mother and Arthur arrive to invite Molly to dinner. They eat Chinese food with her. In the middle of the night, Molly hears clattering in her kitchen. It's her father's ghost, washing the dishes and making cocoa. They chat. He tells Molly to cut her mother slack about dating Arthur. The next morning as she's leaving for her new job at the publishing house she finds the 2 cups of cocoa on the counter. She and her new boss, Sara Redick, talk about what her job will be like. Molly might help write a biography of the tango czar of Buenos Aires. She gets home and talks with Davey, who prods her to read his manuscript. Moss shows up at the elevator. He's written her a note and left it on the door. They ride upstairs and get stuck in the elevator. Moss grabs her and kisses her. He starts to tell her what was in the note. He tells her that she smells like cinnamon and chocolate. The lights zap out. They make out.moreless
  • Here's a major organ interlude
    While Molly anticipates her arrival into the 9 to 5 world, her friend Nina announces that Molly will be her Lamaze coach. It that weren't enough responsibility, she is called to jury duty and misses her first days of work. However, Nick Donatello, her former garbageman, begins popping in and out of Molly's life and often becomes a welcome alternative to the situation at hand.moreless
  • Here's some ducks all in a row
    Molly and Davey try to help the police find her assailant, although Davey comes close to being arrested himself. Against her better judgment, Molly becomes involved with Goodman's Bookstore again, though she finally gets a commitment too, by moving in with Arthur Feldman.
  • Here's a rough way to learn a foreign language
    With the reappearance of Moss Goodman, Molly tries to sort out her feelings with the help of a fortune teller. Unfortunately, the psychic's warnings of danger go unheeded by Molly, who is about to become another New York City crime statistic.
  • Here's why you should always make your bed in the morning
    Molly finishes Davey's book and in doing so learns many surprising facts about its author. When Nathaniel takes Molly home for dinner, her nerves are put to the test. But just when she thinks all's well with the world, two ex-flames reappear in her life, causing her confusion and concern.
  • Here's a clever yet practical gift idea
    The future looks bright for Fred, who has just released an album and hired Molly as office manager for the band. Molly's future also holds great promise, as she begins to fall in love with black detective Nathaniel Hawthorne. And perhaps for the first time in their lives, Molly's life parallels that of her mother's, who has fallen in love with Arthur Feldman.moreless
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