The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd - Season 4

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • Here's a good reason to check your answering machine on a regular basis
    It's the morning after Thanksgiving, but Molly's got work to do on her book. After a strange visit from her neighbor, Ron Luchesse, Molly heads for the office in search of some peace and quiet, only to find an unusually chatty Brice there. She decides to return home, but is intercepted in the lobby by Fred, who has some important things on his mind. Alone at last, she discovers a message from her doctor on her answering machine and finally learns who the father of her baby is.moreless
  • Here's a quick and easy recipe for leftovers
    Molly invites Florence and Arthur over for Thanksgiving dinner and, at long last, to meet Nate, but Florence arrives feeling a bit "under the weather" and immediately retires to the bedroom. When Nate arrives, Molly is disappointed to see that he is accompanied by his partner, Uribe. What, was supposed to be an intimate family dinner turns to chaos when several other unexpected guests arrive and Molly's oven chooses this night to malfunction.moreless
  • Here are some things that go bump in the night
    It's Halloween morning and Molly returns home from a long night out to discover a strange woman in her apartment. At work, the guest of honor is missing from her own party. After getting some relieving news from the doctor, Molly goes home to find Florence dressed as a pirate with a tray full of candied apples. But the only trick-or-treater who comes to the door is a mysterious transvestite.moreless
  • Here's an expensive item with no returns, refunds or exchanges
    Scrambling for the down payment right down to the last minute, Molly finally settles on her apartment. At the office, Molly's boss, Sara, is agitated and her assistant, Brice, seems to know more than he's telling. At day's end, Molly and Ramona bump into Fred on their way out to dinner. Fred's got the money he promised Molly, but finds out he's too more ways than one.moreless
  • Here's a rare photo opportunity
    Arthur comes to visit Molly to re-extend his loan offer, but Molly senses there's something about him and Florence that he's not telling her. Nate takes Molly out for a very special dinner, but Molly is plagued by indecision. The next day, the excitement of seeing her baby for the first time on the sonagram is dampened because she has no one to share it with. But just when she's feeling most alone, Molly has an unexpected visitor.moreless
  • Here are a couple of games you've probably played
    Molly may be in trouble at the office when she incurs the wrath of her boss, Sara. Later, over dinner and a game of "Twist of Fate," Molly learns more about her new neighbors, Ron and Ramona, and winds up with a bag full of maternity clothes. Then, a nostalgic visit with Fred ends with a surprising gift for Molly.moreless
  • Here's another lost weekend
    Molly visits Nina and her baby, Ruby, at their new home in the country, but the weekend doesn't turn out to be quite as idyllic as she had expected. Instead of heart-to-heart talks and hikes in the woods, Molly winds up babysitting for Ruby on a stormy night while a preoccupied Nina goes out on a date. When the power fails and the basement begins to flood and the baby to cry, Molly doesn't know where to turn for help. A phone call to the city brings Davey to the rescue.moreless
  • Here's why restaurants have a minimum
  • Here's something i forgot to mention
    Molly invites Florence over for breakfast and a talk, but doesn't feel like doing much of either. Later, while browsing in the pregnancy and childbirth section of a bookstore, she's surprised to find Moss Goodman assembling a pregnancy book display and makes a date with him for dinner. That night, on their way to a police awards banquet, Molly breaks the news of her pregnancy to Hawthorne, who doesn't know quite how to react when he learns he may not be the father.moreless
  • Here's a perilous research project
    As part of her research for her book, Molly spends the day at the courthouse with Hawthorne and his partner, Uribe. As the hours tick away, Molly fantasizes about her first day on the beat, but the real thing doesn't turn out to be nearly as glamorous or exciting. On a coffee run for Hawthorne and Uribe, though, she gets more excitement than she bargained for.moreless
  • Here's why you can never have too much petty cash
    Molly's unstable employment history comes back to haunt her when she applies for a loan for the down payment on her apartment. A few rejections later, she reluctantly takes her mother's advice and asks Arthur Feldman to lend her the $7,000 she needs. After a brief encounter with her chatty new neighbors, Ron and Ramona Luchesse, Molly meets her ex-husband, Fred, for dinner and lets him in on her little secret.moreless
  • Here are just a few things that could possibly go wrong
    While Molly waits in the doctor's office, she agonizes over who the father of her child might be—Nathaniel Hawthorne or Moss Goodman—and tries to imagine what the child will be like. When she finally gets to see the doctor, she learns that she'll have to wait another five months before they'll be able to identify the father.moreless
  • Here's why pink isn't necessarily a girl's favorite color
    The results of a home pregnancy test send Molly into a panic, but things pick up at work when she gets the go-ahead on her proposal for a book on the life of a real cop, which is to be based on Nathaniel Hawthorne. At the end of the day, however, Molly's worst fears are confirmed by the doctor, and then, upon arriving home, she learns from Davey that her apartment building is really going co-op.moreless