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The Days

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Welcome to The Days guide at The Days is a smart and true take on a modern American family with two ambitious parents and three strong-minded kids, as they grapple with sobering and often humorous change-of-life issues. Each episode of The Days chronicles a 24-hour period in the life of the family, as seen through the witty but cynical eyes of fifteen year-old son Cooper. Jack Day is the prototypical attorney -- except that he hates practicing law. His wife, Abby (Marguerite MacIntyre, The Shield), has recently reentered the workforce and been promoted to creative director of a major Philadelphia ad agency. Jack (David Newsom, Talk to Me) and Abby have three kids: Natalie (Laura Ramsey), a straight-A student, soccer star and prom queen, Cooper (Evan Peters, Sleepover), a sometimes dark and insightful teenager who takes the family's pulse on a daily basis from his edgy perspective, and Nathan (Zach Maurer), an nine-year-old genius who suffers panic attacks. The challenges the Days face as a family are at once unique and universal, among them -- the stress of job change or of jobs that never change; the uncomfortable newness of additions to family, and the equally uncomfortable sameness of family; the issues of true identity faced by kids racing towards adulthood, and on the other extreme of adults longing for childhood. Executive producers for the series are Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola, Peter Tortorici, and John Scott Shepherd (Life or Something Like It), who also wrote and created it. The Days is from Mindshare North America and Tollin/Robbins Productions. Broadcast History on ABC July 2004 - August 2004 -Sundays at 10/9cmoreless
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  • i miss this show what happened to it?

    the days takes is really like many families in ways and is a good show i remember watching this show back in 2004 when it first came out the cast was a great cast and has drama in it but has some laughs in it too why abc why did you quit airing it it was an awesome show i hope maybe later they come out with a show similar to this i miss it cus i just saw it on a old tape it really relates to a lot of families

    i give this show a ten which it flat out earnedmoreless
  • this show is so awesome.

    I think that the days was an awesome show and should most definelty be brought back. Also Evan peters was looking so so cute as pubk rock goth type dude. He was an awesome rebellion character. Evan looks ok in invasion but he needs to grow his hair back and become punk rock goth type dude again that was awesome and so so hott. Ok i think this show rocked because it had to deal with teen delemas like pregnacy and not fitting in. See i really dont fit it so i thought it was kewl that they talked about that type of crap. The days was awesome i they should really reconsider bringing it back or at least put evan peters in more role which include him having long hair and being the punk rocker goth type of dude again.i will def like to see that.moreless
  • it was a good show for tyhe 3 episodes that were on

    I really liked that show, but I guess it would be hard to bring it back since the one kid is on Invasion now. It seems ABC is good about that at least, even though they cancel good shows, they at least re-cast some of the people. The girl from Drew Carey is on Lost now, there is another example. I wish they would put that really hot chick from the Days in another show. I'm suprised it didn't do well it's in the same spot Gray's anatomy is in now, maybe they should have shown it earlier since it was more of a family oriented show.moreless
  • what a fantastic show... very cutting edge, about the lives of a typical family

    this was one of my fave shows.. it brought some comedic ties to a very realistic situations in life. i have no idea why the took it off the air. i watched it every time it was on. plus the acting was great not to mention the realness to all the situations
  • I loved this show!...i miss it sooo much...

    I was so upset when they cancelled this show. It was very thoughtful and fun to watch. I miss it alot. The characters were great and the story line was amazing. It was actually fun to watch. Parents didnt't get mad about us watching because nothing completely innapropriate was going on. I definitly think that they made a mistake ending this show. So many people I knew watched this show. As soon as we all started getting hooked, it left the air. I hate when things go wrong on my tv shows. LoL Big mistake cancelling this, thats all i have to say!moreless
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